The Threat Of Ringdrex
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We waited around 6 minutes before Arcana & Daera returned. When they arrived, we told them to store the ingredients they gathered and prepare for battle. Thanks to the Mobile Fortress, we could overhear the two hostiles planning to ambush us while we were gearing up for war. They stated that their plan was to ambush the "Paladin Hero" and to bring Artemis to the Head Demon Lord. He was also called the Supreme Demon to draw comparisons to the Supreme God. I personally thought the name was generic as hell though. I decided to call him Head Demon instead.

"Yuck! Like I would ever go out with that misogynistic prick! I would rather go to hell than touch that asshole!" Daera shouted, as she slammed her fist on the table.

I could feel the anger coming from Daera but I wasn't surprised by the revelation. I mean, he IS a Demon Lord who wields enough power to command 2 other Demon Lords. It's expected that his personality is immoral to some degree. As we finally packed our things and left the mobile fortress, I checked to make sure that we didn't leave anything behind. Once I realized that the house was good to go, I proceeded to store it in Void Space by clicking the house icon in my Inventory. The house began to glow purple before teleporting in an instant. I picked up Titan and we began to walk towards the Head Demon's encampment.

Looking at my party, I felt that we had a pretty good team. We discussed our roles since this would be our first time fighting together as a group.

To start, we had Arcana, who was our pure offense in battle. With her strength, magic, and aptitude for combat, it was clear that she would be our main damage dealer. She wielded specially crafted dual-blades that housed a great dragon's soul.

Next was Shobe, who was our primary healer and secondary attacker. His job was to support us in battle by buffs, debuffs, and healing. He had a short demonic staff that he used to amplify his healing and damage dealing.

Daera was The Goddess Of The Hunt so it was obvious that she would have a bow. Her bow of choice was the custom golden "Failnaught", which had an accuracy rate of 100%. Central said it was a legendary Bow that never missed its mark.

Titan was another attack/support ally that we had in battle. He could attack the enemy with his void-based attacks or inflict status effects upon them. His weapon was either his magic-infused claws or his projectile-based attacks/debuffs. He could conveniently make his size 10 feet for real battles.

Finally, there was me, who was a Paladin. My job was to be our perfect defense. Wielding the Paladin God and Calamity Paladin classes, my job was to be our force of nature on the battlefield. I may not be the strongest person in our party offensively, but I was the one who had the highest armor/defense ratio of us all. I also had defense and shield based powers that I could use to buff my allies. As long as I was still standing, we absolutely had a chance of winning.

With our battlefield roles figured out, we walked towards the Head Demon's men. As we got closer, we could feel a plethora of eyes watching us. The mini-map only showed 2 hostiles thanks to enemy tracking but it was a system currently at level one. Thus, it would not be hard to wonder if a certain amount of concealment magic would be strong enough to evade it.

"Oi. Watch your back guys. We got company." I said, sensing killing intent from the woods.

When we crossed the forest pack, we were greeted with a large, open area. The area had tents, campfires, sideways logs, and a crest stitched on what looked to be their main tent. It was accompanied by a flag near its entrance.

"Welcome to Associate Demon Lord Ringdrex's Camp!" he said, smiling sadistically.

"Ew. What kind of name is Ringdrex? Haha. Does his mother hate him or what?" I said, while our party began to laugh.

"YOU DARE DISRESPECT DEMON LORD RINGDREX? IN HIS NAME, WE WILL KILL YOU!" he shouted, as he readied a battle stance. His friend next to him held him back, who seems to be a more sophisticated demon but was curiously more human-looking.

It was obvious that these two were our bait as they didn't really seem like fighters to me. The sophisticated demon was currently quiet, though he gave a mysterious vibe. He was wearing glasses and carrying a book. They were both wearing uniforms with similar crests, with the sophisticated demon having a higher ranking emblem.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am lieutenant Belvath and this is my Staff Seargent, codenamed Q. We are in charge of Lord Ringdrex's army, also serving under Supreme Lord Trirron and Associate Lord Onnaron. We are pleased to meet the Paladin God and the Goddess Of The Hunt" he said, bowing politely.

"Oi. Aren't you forgetting the bloody Dragon Queen Of Yggdrasil, Arcana herself??" Arcana shouted, vexed.

"Unfortunately, you are not on Ringdrex's agenda for today. Our job is to take this Paladin and Artemis to Lord Trirron by order of Associate Demon Lord Ringdrex. If you come calmly, we promise not to harm you. He said he wanted you in the best condition we could "manage" he stated.

As we stared at each other, ready to fight at a moment's notice, I realized a variety of things. For one, the situation in Yggdrasil was worse than I thought. The Yggdrasil that I had pictured in my mind was wrong and a new picture was being painted as we spoke. It seems that the Demon Lords, despite not being here 24 hours, have already tracked me down. More specifically, they tracked Daera and happened to find me at the same time. I'm thinking this may be part of the reason the Supreme God summoned me to his daughter's side but I couldn't confirm yet.

"So if I were to say no...what would you do Seargent? I wonder, you know?" I said, smiling arrogantly.

The lieutenant snapped his fingers, revealing around 1,000 of Ringdrex's subjugation troops. Surprisingly, the army was not only made up of demons. Human mages, demonic beasts, titans, giants, dragons, centaurs, goblins, and more were surrounding us. Beings from friendly races had joined the Demon Lord's army, most likely for profit. Even though mercenary work was primarily a demon occupation, it was not strange to see mercenaries from other races. Similar to humans, some people are just gifted at killing other people effectively. Those people have the option of joining the military and doing the right thing or the opposite. It was clear what path Ringdrex's troops chose.

"You know, I came to this world with the intention of leaving you all alone. Do you know that? I was going to go about my days relaxing and enjoying my time in Yggdrasil." I said, walking slowly towards the sergeant.

"However, there are two things that have come to my realization at this moment."

"Hmph. And that is?"

"If anyone tries to disturb my peace, then I'll just have to kill them. Simple as that."

"Ha! Aren't you a confident shit. And what's the other one Paladin? Doing the right thing?" he stated.

"No. I don't care about doing the right thing. It's too much work for a lazy paladin like me. I'm not your regular hero I'm afraid..."

But if Trirron thinks he will lay a hand on my companions then he shall witness all 9 hells that I have for him!

If Demon Lord Trirron wants a war, then pray for salvation as I rip your army apart one general at a time...

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