Lies, plots, separation and a new living quarters
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On his way back to the arena Lurker had come up with a plan of planning ignorance in regards to whom had informed his mother and just go with that nothing gets by Lady Shadow’s observation. Hoping that having one of his healers go to heal Inferno’s son would possibly give him some more leeway to avoid Inferno’s wrath. 
Lurker arrives as his healer has already made incredible progress in healing the young fledgling, with crimson bone bracers firmly holding the broken and fractured bones in place so that they would mend properly and the places where the fledgling had been stabbed and pierced had been closed as if they were an remnant of of an older and lesser wound, the new flesh still reddened but slowly mending and matching itself with Chance’s naturally pale flesh as if the wounds were not but the fledglings own mental fright.
Chance is still held by his father Inferno as he is being healed, he is still unconscious yet he has yet to cease his feeding frenzy. Chance has his tiny fangs burrowed into Inferno’s wrist, as he continues gulping his blood like a starved beast. 
all the while Inferno is casually drinking a large glass of humans blood, provided by a small group of humans that are standing off on the side of the room only darning to move whenever Inferno beckons for another refill of his glass of blood in which case the whichever human he beckons over will rush to his side and slit their wrists over his glass until he is satisfied with the amount in the glass before sending them back to the side of the room where they would patch their wrist so as not to continue bleeding out. 
Lurker cautiously approaches and finalizing his decided actions, calls out not to Inferno but to his healer, “ Rimanance, how much healing is left to be done for the fledgling? Time is almost up, Lady Shadow has already found out about the little ones possible immortality and has her eye on him!” 
The healer, Rimanance, has long black spins that reach as far as the back of her knees with a few more spines to the left side of her face somewhat like bangs that come down well to her chest, the black glossiness of her spines contrast her pale skin but complements her black eyes that gleam reflectivity. She has several guards in black metallic armor most of them have large husky builds while two have slender yet sturdy physiques, all of them have seven tails.
Rimanance is clearly rattled by this news and replies hastily, “My lord, I have stopped the blood loss and have set his bones so that they will mend properly, most of the damage has been healed and I have increased the healing rate of his bones but it will take a few days before he will be back to full health since I can’t seem to increase his healing rate any further even with his constant intake of blood; there’s nothing more I can do for now aside from keeping his healing rate maxed out till it’s done.”
Lurker turns to Inferno and continues his conversation with him, “Lord Inferno, I wish that there was more I could do for you and your son, but my mother, Lady Shadow has sent orders for your son to be moved to one of her personal rooms for her convenience; Since you will be separated I have taken the liberty to have a feeding partner provided for his use, and I have made sure to pick out a female with somewhat higher quality blood, but I am afraid my mother has made demands that prevent me from doing more. Occasionally I might be able to have one of my healers provided after his death matches but it would be time limited, this may be the only time that we would get away with continuing to heal him on the way to his new living quarters. I can’t stall for any more time least I put my life and the lives of all the demons serving me in danger for helping your son.” 
After his one sided conversation with Inferno he bows to him elegantly using his wings and tails for further emphasis. Inferno almost glaring daggers into Lurker’s bowing form, stands up, knowing how Lady Shadow is he understands how Lurker would have practically no leeway without consequences and death might be very likely; Chances are he is trying to gain favors and has decided to take some risk after calculating what he might be able to get away with or find some excuse that his mother might except, quite the dangerous game to play but it might be worth it.
Inferno speaks with an acceptable level of dominance, “I understand that you are taking a risk and sense I know that you would be stupid to do so without reason I can assume that you seek favor. I will be blunt that until the agreed time that Lady Shadow and I had made, the types of favors I am able to do for you will be severely limited; but after that can change, which is what you seek from me?” 
Lurker signals for the healer and others to follow them to their designated location and to continue the healing while walking, Lurker smiles mischievously as he stands straight and boldly looks upon Inferno to whom he speaks, “You see through me. Yes I seek your favor, I know that there’s little power to any male within the Shadow clan, but you, as someone of great influence, could give me a better window than most, I have a few sisters who will be sent to make their own shadow domain as all females that have a right to challenge the throne must before they are able to confront the throne. I want to be among those that my sisters take as forces for their start, as you well know that it would be the best conditions for me to be free from mother’s domain. Given this information I assume you can come up with whatever you want.” 
Inferno looks at Lurker with a side glance as they continue walking through the maze of hall like tunnels, speaking sternly he throws out his offer, “As you know the risk, I will make contact with those sisters of yours and will attempt to whisper in their ears, but I will need whatever information you can gather. Also if you are chosen and are able to get the freedom you seek you may find welcome with my clan once the territory has been established. But since you know the risk I will have you will have understanding of my request for resources and information to be provided.” 
Lurker exhales noticeably, “The deal is set with me, I will provide within my limits. And I am willing to carry the full price of the pact so that only those present would know with whom I have made a pact with, after all the fewer that know the better and evidence that might make light of our agreement must be reduced as much as possible.” 
Inferno responds dryly, “Just make sure that the expended life force doesn’t hinder your performance, if you need to conceal your drained state than it would be best to lay low till you recover your life force, you can get to work afterwards so as to reduce the risk of getting caught. After all if anyone finds out that you made a blood pact then they will wonder who the pact was made with, and that will be bad for the both of us.” 
Lurker takes Inferno’s hand saying, “I will be staying in my own living quarters after I’m done with my task, and since I can use those who serve me to take care of the majority of of tasks that extend outside of my living quarters I shouldn’t have much of a problem. So, I hear by accept the aforementioned pact and it’s content and I swear by it and offer my life to it!” 
Inferno having taken Lurker’s hand during his declaration now has their promises secured and the evidence is in the sudden draining of Lurker’s life energy, easily mistaken for sudden exhaustion that lingers for much longer than one would even if they had physically exerted themselves till they collapsed or if they had expended all of their powers to the limit; in fact using ones life force is harder to recover than both of those combined and repeated multiple times, and in the worse case it cuts the persons life short wether by a few days or even years permanently! 
Although with the exceptionally long lives of demons they are usually able to recover their lost life force so Inferno is only concerned about the possibly of being found out.
Chance finally starts to stir into wakefulness, and Lurker informs them, “You should start saying farewell since you will not be allowed to go into the area that your son will be kept. You will be able to visit with him after successful death matches that is; and it will be time limited.”
With Chance’s eyes just barely open and a pitiful wimpier in his voice questioning what is going on, “everything hurts, what happened, where are we?” 
Inferno partly irked by the obvious weakness of his offspring, only suppressing his instinctive desire to be rid of the failure due to the imprinting on the fledglings mother and her incessant concern over both of her children despite having been separated from Chance since his birth. The only other thing that picquet his interest enough to avoid eliminating the frail fledgling is the interest in his immortality and if it could be used to forcibly make the fledgling work and improve until satisfactory and then pushed into becoming even better than others. After all to what consequence would pushing him forward till he breaks be if he can just come back to life each time? 
Inferno response to Chance’s plea and questions is stern and forceful, “Son, you failed your death match. Luckily you seem to have immortality which is why you’re alive right now. Thankfully I will not have to bring your corpse back to your mother; but now you will have to improve enough that you can win your death matches to a satisfying level consecutively if you want to see your mother and it will only be after a successful match, if you fail at anytime that I have brought your mother than you will not be able to see her again!!! Do you understand what that means!?”
A frightened Chance trembles at the thought of never getting to see the mother that he has been longing to see for so long, as well as fear of repeating such as terrifying and painful ordeal again, even more so knowing that it’s going to be an unknown number of multiple times! 
Small fiery tears streak down the pale face of Chance who is trembling so bad that he almost looks like he is convulsing, he chokes as he responds to his father, “I un under- stand, b-but wh-why c-can’t I, see her n-now?” 
Inferno looks down on his pitiful son as he puts his feet onto the ground to make Chance stand on his own. Inferno still speaks loud and somewhat arrogant but not quite as harsh as before, “As a hybrid demon with a human mother, you will face more hardships than most and will be treated harshly by humans and demons alike. To demons your blood is a delicacy while at the same time they will regard your existence as a dilution of the blood lines which will lead to most demons being hostile towards you. To humans you are a blood thirsty monster that will kill them and anyone else you can if they let you live, out of fear and hatred they will fight to kill you even if they die in the process it’s in that way that they are different from demons who fight to feed, survive, or flee for their life; that’s not to say that demons are better rather they are naturally more aggressive and violent even on good terms but they will follow their instincts when their life is on the line, where as humans will ignore their personal survival if they think that they are fighting for human kind. I have already explained this to your mother, knowing this it would be difficult on her to rest at ease if she sees her child so weak, like you would be helpless against the future before you, but if you can get stronger, strong enough to show her that you would be able to survive wouldn’t that make her happy? So until you can be presented to her as a strong son that would live I don’t want her to see the weak fledgling that will cower and die with every obstacle in your life!”
Chance finding his father’s reasoning continues shaking and crying but he simply nodding, knowing that it would be impossible to to change the mind of any of the demons around him much less his father’s stubbornly conditioned demon reasoning. Unable to go against the multiple powerful demons Chance has no choice but to obey them and bend to their demands, his fiery tears and trembling form showing that he does so against his will. 
He is now being separated from his father and sent down tunnels that have been vacant for years, the many twists and turns causing anyone to get lost until coming to one final hall leading to the largest doors Chance has ever seen in his life even larger than the ones at the fighting arenas entrance. The door is covered with both raised reliefs and deep carvings that depict a great and powerful shadow beast made from pitch black onyx, black marble, and black granite as well as touches of black crystals.
The shadow beast at first glance is occasionally mistaken for a black dragon at a distance but once one gets closer they will notice multiple tails nine for the most powerful while two tails for the weaker ones as they would kill any offspring with only one tail. this one also has two sets of wings instead of just one, which declares it to be the matriarch, as only the most powerful female shadow beast inherits a second set of wings, and for the successor to inherit them they must be the one who kills the current ruler, in short the daughters who are to become the next queen must kill their mother who is the current one. 
Getting closer still and notice that the scales that are on most of the body is breached by feathers on the wings that cover the leathery membrane that would usually have been plenty to allow flight, while the shadow beast has a fur covered under belly that had the image been able to convey more of a soft texture with the stoney materials one might be tempted to run fingers through it. 
Closer still and the snake like fangs, and ebony claws that could rend steal like a knife through paper and the claw like bone spikes that tip the wings and the pitch black eyes that stare through you as the fire in the brasiers illuminates the image, the flickering fires light makes the eyes almost look alive and moving as they approach, the air feels several times heavier here due to the intimidating aura that the image gives off. 
Lurker looks down on Chance and states in a cold tone, “This will be your new living quarters from now until you and your family are set free as per Lady Shadow’s and Inferno’s agreements.” 
Six powerful demons then open the doors three per door yet anyone with eyes could see that even then it was no easy task just seeing how their muscles strained by doing so. 
Chance is guided in and meet with a massive room with a bed big enough for a couple of dragonic demons to have plenty of wing and tail space, and a large chest at the end of it off to the side there’s a couple demons holding onto a human girl wearing a sack with holes cut for her head and arms to go through and a small rope tied at her waist. Her hair is a tussled mess of long brown, and her blue-green eyes were reddened from crying, her skin still has a little bit of a tan from when she was once a free human living with her family above ground. 
There are two doorways to the right of the room and one on the left. A side table on both sides of the bed. There is a large desk, chair and empty book shelf on the left side of the room and there are torches that go all around the walls lighting it up while fire crystals from the ceiling allow even the center of the room to be illuminated.
Lurker again looks down on Chance and declares, “The human is your feeding partner as well as whatever else you need her to be, the room to the left has armor and weapons as well as clothes for now until you get set free. The small room to the right is for the human and their needs so that they don’t cause the place to stink, and the large room on the right is a hot spring of dragons water that you can use to heal your wounds and or relax in; don’t worry about trying to feed the human as we will have someone bring her food allotment every day. Good luck little hybrid.” 
Lurker and all the other demons leave and as the massive doors shut leaving Chance and the human girl both crying and trembling over own dilemmas, their isolation has only just begun.