The beginning of cohabitation – the girl
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Both the fledgling Chance and the human girl were left trapped together in this new living quarters, both trembling and crying neither understand what is going on, and both fearing for their own safety. 
Chance having recently experienced death by the hands of a human and now being trapped with one, even if this girl is a different gender and even if she is smaller than the man who had killed him she is still bigger than Chance, obviously causing him to be distressed in an extreme way. 
The girl has experienced nothing but tragedy, pain and hardships because of demons; from losing not only her family but her entire village at the hands of demons who than proceeded to sell off the humans that were captured alive, she herself being sold to the worst clan possible, since being here she has experienced living as human livestock trapped in a room with several other humans sleeping on straw or bare stone and having to huddle with the other humans for warmth, only being fed randomly harvested vegetation some of which is not edible or worse poisonous and when they get meat it is tossed to them as a bloodless carcass that if they are lucky it isn’t too badly maimed and isn’t of a demonic lineage and then hopefully it wasn’t sick or rotten so that maybe they could tear off strips of the meat and cook it over the torches that was used to provide light. 
Another thing that has brought her to fear demons is that some of the demons that come into the room for the humans will suddenly snatch up a human and will feed off them right there and then she has already been a victim of that herself and no matter what she did scream or cry, beg or plead no one will help, she has even seen a few humans bled dry and some of the humans are dragged out of the room some never returning but the ones who do have bite marks and bruises all over as well as broken bones, they all come back hollow or hysterical and nothing can be done to help them. And now she has been taken away and locked in a room with a little demon!
She can only hope that she isn’t in the same situation, granted she isn’t that hopeful, after all she was just informed that she was now this little demons feeding partner; his food and whatever else he wanted her to be, and there is nothing she can do about it, after all the demon that seemed to be in charge made it clear that if the fledgling dies then so would she. The very thought terrified her and now that it’s just her and the demon that would eventually eat her are alone without the pressure of the more frightening adult demons her suppressed cries break free of her control unleashed into the room only to echo off the walls amplified with each new wave and causing the little demon to also raise his own squalling making it all the louder. 
Both Chance and the human girl continue to wail until the both of them have sore throats, cracking voices and swollen red eyes; neither one is still standing because both are worn out and both have scooted away from each other. On opposite sides of the entry segment of the vast room both are haggard from their earlier outburst and neither one wanting to be close but also not wanting to loose sight of the other due to fear. 
Chance is laying on the ground on his side still sniffling but trying to keep an eye on the human as he is on the verge of passing out from exhaustion, it doesn’t help that a few of his wounds have started weeping and his bandages are in need of being changed, there is plenty of bandages provided in the room but he doesn’t know how to change them by himself. Chance has become so weak now that he doesn’t have the strength to sit himself up much less to be able to get the new bandages and change the old ones even if he knew how to.  Despite his effort to stay awake he ends up nodding as his vision blurs and fades away until he passes out completely, his body going limp.
The human girl who had been wailing much the same as Chance noticed that the little demon had stopped he had collapsed over onto his side a while ago but had continued crying and sniffling up until just recently, she watches tensely for any movement as she quiets herself down. Several seconds becomes several minutes then after what felt like an hour or so of no signs of movement aside from breathing she decided to work up her courage and go over to the fledgling. At the very least she has to make sure that he doesn’t die otherwise she is sure that those demons from earlier will definitely make good on killing her like they had said after all she wouldn’t put it past them to just look for a reason to kill her since it seems that all demons enjoy killing.
She cautious tiptoes across the room towards the fledgling as she tries to be as quiet as possible hoping not to wake him up so she can get a closer look at him while he is unconscious and there for not as dangerous to be near. Now close enough that she could touch him she notices the bandages covering a majority of his body and some spots seem to be bled through and looks quite nasty just looking at the bandages that are visible under his cloak which has been stained in some spots from the blood seeping through that as well. Noticing that he is already seriously injured confusion and panic starts to rise up in her as she recalls that if he dies than so will she only difference would be how she would be killed. Desperate for her own survival she rallies all the courage and wits she can and tries to save the demon whose life will determine her own. 
First she touches his hands and face that are cooler than she thinks they should be, his chest is still somewhat warm and he is still breathing, dragging him over to the oversized bed she used the chest to climb up and dragging a huge pillow down next to him she hops down and puts him on it, just the right size to act like an actual bed as it is, she finds bandaging in the side table and despite not really knowing how to do bandages. 
 she does her best undoing the old bandages as she tries not to gag or vomit at the horrific wounds that are revealed underneath many of the wounds seem to have gone all the way through, lucky for them both it seems that someone very skilled had already sewn them up. The worst she had to take care of was cleaning up the weeping fluids and replacing the bandages. so she starts dabbing with a dry piece of cloth trying to clean him up a little bit before she starts wrapping him up with the new bandages. 
Another thing that she discovered was strange rods that seem to be splinting broken bones. Some were simply braced around holding them in place but a few were a rod placed up against his skin with branching portions that pierce the flesh probably going around the bones to hold them in place, surprisingly little to no blood wept from where the strange rods pierced his flesh. 
These rods were made of a substance that the girl has never seen before, having a slightly reddish black color and looking like crystal or glass but having almost a metallic sound when she had tapped her nails across one of the larger rods that was splitting his arm. It looks similar to the spines on his head only the problem is that his spines don’t have a metallic sound when tapped and they have a slight warmth to them and they have a brighter more vibrant shade of red that is more closely the color of flames, hot metal, or the brighter red of fresh blood.
His wings were wrapped in a separate set of bandages, which she worked on next. The wings were wrapped up into a folded position and as she unwrapped them small sections of cloth that were wrapped up against the folded sections, keeping cloth between the folded sections so that the folds of wing membrane isn’t up against itself. Again she finds several of those rods splinting the broken bones in his wings. 
His wings are quite frail looking, the membrane is thin enough to see the veins easily and with light on the other side she could see though it too! There are many places where the bones in his wings were clearly broken and now held together by the strange splits on both sides of his wings almost matching the bones layout on either side and connected to each other by crystalline ringlets that pierce through the thin membrane of his wings in order to hold them together. Fascinating enough none of the rings hit vains that would cause more blood loss rather they are all located where the capillaries are the smallest ensuring that there would be as little blood loss as possible. 
There are places where the membrane of his wings were stabbed through but they were all expertly sewn up and aside from dabbing up the minute amounts of blood that had managed to weep from between the stitches there was very little that she could do for his wings. 
It’s surprising enough that this little demon is even alive at all and yet it is vexing that her survival is now dependent upon keeping him alive, she is still a child herself and although she is smart for her age she has a severe lack of knowledge and resources to be playing nurse! 
The most that she knows is that you have to stop the bleeding and change bandages from time to time the only time she had ever seen stitches was when the neighbors oldest boy had messed up his first week at the woodmill and had to get his arm stitched up and that took months to heal and they had healing salves and all sorts of herbs that  prevent infection and to speed up the healing process.
By the time she is done her complexion is a touch green from nausea and she is experiencing a new internal conflict; why was this little demon in such an injured state? And why would those demons leave such an injured fledgling alone with her? Surely someone had already treated him and had stitched him up and bandaged him but why haven’t they come back to change the bandages yet? Was it some sort of test to see if she would change the bandages and take care of him or let him die? Is he disposable enough that it wouldn’t really matter if he had died!? She did notice that all the other demons here have black eyes and spines as well as multiple tails while this fledgling has red eyes and spines and only one tail,,,,, could it be because he is different!? If that’s the case then aren’t they in somewhat of the same situation? Is it possible that they could become allies to get through their hardship of surviving in this awful place or at least provide each other with comfort as they endure their tormentors? 
Time seems to creep by miserably, the girl has gotten another one of the massive pillows down and one of the thinner blankets to act as another child sized bed next to the fledgling and sharing the oversized blanket across them both. She had noticed that the little demon had gotten colder and so she thought covering him up and using some of her body heat would help him warm up. 
Several supposed hours pass, enough for the girl to wake up from what felt like a long and deep sleep but there’s still no signs of other demons entering or leaving this place, wherever this place is supposed to be. Taking notice of her surroundings she realized that the little demon had scooted closer to her though still having his back to her like when she had gone to sleep, he is just barely touching her almost as if afraid to have woken her but cold enough that he wanted to get even a little of her warmth.
Startled she shuffles out from under the blanket and away from him. The sudden withdrawal from her body heat escaping from under the blanket cause the little demon to raise a wimpier like a puppy that just had something taken from them; the girl grimaces at the sound. 
She wonders around and discover the other rooms in more detail looking to find something to help her handle the current situation; after a more thorough investigation the only things that might be of use was some clean clothes of all sorts and sizes and a room that practically has its own lake that is filled with warmth even the coolest spots in the water was warm while some were too hot for her with steam steadily rising from its surface, the stone all around the room is similar in there range of temperatures ranging from warm and soothing to scalding hot. 
Her discoveries give her the idea to move the little demon and the make shift bed into the warm room and to change him into clean clothes when she changes his bandages again; as she gathers what remains of the clean bandages she plan’s on using some of the warm water to clean the wounds more effectively than before when she was in more of a panic in trying to stop the bleeding.
It took her what felt like an hour to drag the pillow with the small demon on it to the room that practically radiates heat. But she managed to do so before tiring herself out and resting next to him, as she is unsure what else to do she prepares some more cloth to use as bandaging and watches over the little demon so that she can change the bandages promptly as needed.
Not long after having finished her preparations and waiting she hears the massive stone doors opening and a couple of demons enter; and head in her and the little demons direction. Upon seeing her and the little demon the black clocked demon growls under his breath and approaches while aggressively lashing seven thin whip like tails. He sets down a stuffed hide sack and snatched the girl up by the arm raising her off the ground with a startled, fearful and pained cry. 
With a growling and deep voice he shouts at the helpless girl, “What in the depths is wrong with you, you foolish girl why haven’t you fed him!!!!!” Dragging her to the little demon whose limp form is using the massive pillow as a bed and covered with an oversized sheet. He uses his claws to slice the girl’s wrist and then forces the freshly bleeding wound into the fledglings mouth and forcing his fangs into the girl’s wrist, as she cries out from the pain of her wounded wrist and the little fangs that were forced into it.
The demon holding her wrist in the little demons mouth and with his free hand he grabs the girl’s face by her jawline and brings his face closer to hers, he stairs at her with black eyes that reflects her image off the surface, he speaks to her in a lower voice than before, “When a demon is injured they will need blood to recover, the worse the injury and the more blood they loose the more blood they will need. I see that you have taken care of his bandages and it looks like you were trying to get him warmed up so I will take it as you were trying to help him but was ignorant of what you needed to do. Another demon would have just slit your throat to feed the fledgling and just get him a new feeding partner, be grateful for your luck that I was the one to bring you your rations.”
The girl pales not just from her blood loss but also from the fact that her life is held by a thread. She musters her measly amount of courage and speaks back with a trembling and meek voice, “but I don’t have enough blood to replace all that he keeps bleeding and although I have tried my best to stop the bleeding it just won’t stop, I don’t know what else to do.”
The demon lets go of the girl and looks at her solemnly and sighing with exasperation the informs her, “demons blood is of much lower quality than humans blood so if he losses five glasses of blood then you would give him about one glass worth of blood, also since he is a fledgling his blood consumption rate is much lower than those who are of age that you had feed off of you when you were kept with the other humans. He will need to be fed daily, and if he can get his fill from the death matches then you won’t have to feed him at that time unless he gets injured like he is now.”
The girl looks horrified, “what do you mean? Death matches? That’s how he got so hurt, why would you do that to him!?! He’s so young and small yet you are just going to kill him!?! Why?!!!”
The demon looks down at her as he stands back up and almost growling, “The first death match is more of a test of courage than anything, as long as you try to fight then the arena guards will assist and prevent the fledgling from dying; on the other hand if the fledgling cowers down or runs away in fear then they will do nothing to prevent the fledgling from harm, like what happened with this one. So if anything it is his own fault for being a coward that he is suffering like now. Granted he should be glad for being alive and that he will be given another chance to prove that he is worth the life he has.”
The girl looking down after the harsh information given to her tears running down her cheek the stinging pain from the demons fangs piercing her wrists only adding to her reasoning for crying in silence.
A whimper rises beside the two from the little demon, even as he started to gulp small mouthfuls of blood, the pitiful whimpering transitioning into sobbing as firery tears spilled from barely parted eyes that are a blurry crimson that matches the blood spilling from the corners of his little childlike mouth. 
The older shadow demon looks and nods approvingly at this sight, “that’s a good sign, looks like he should recover soon, now that his survival instincts seem to have kicked in. Night will fall soon so he won’t be able to sleep till sunrise; but he needs to sleep as much as possible to increase his healing rate also when he is awake try getting him to use his saliva on his wounds the antibodies in it will close up wounds and will slow down his blood loss. Only change his bandages if it has bleed through, too avoid him losing more blood than necessary. Now I have to go, can’t stay too long or I will be in trouble make sure to eat the food I delivered before it goes bad you are going to need the nutrients to restore your blood and hopefully I will see you again.”
The demon having spoken the last bit over his shoulder as he was walking away the girl suddenly panicked again raised a strained voice, “Wait!!! What do I do to prevent him from drinking too much! I can’t take care of him if I pass out or die!!!” 
The demon paused for a moment and sighed in exasperation lightly pinching the bridge of his nose with his black claws he speaks bluntly, “avoid letting him bite your neck and if you need to force him to let go either press into the jaws joint to pry it open and escape or use something with a strong scent to shock his sensory organs the overwhelming taste and smell combination should cause a recoiling response where he will let go and back off, but be careful he is young so it is still effective but it will lose effectiveness as he gets older and used to increasing amounts of stimuli.” 
The demon finished his final sentence just as he exited the room and soon after she hears the massive stone doors shut, indicating that they were locked in alone again to fend for themselves.
The little demon has slowed down significantly simply letting her blood fill his little mouth at its own pace and swallowing to prevent it from spilling, she can feel that he has only his upper fangs pierced into her and the rest of the wound seems to have closed; proving that demons saliva does have healing properties just as that other demon had said. 
The little demon is now fully awake and finally lets go after licking her wound shut. He turns away from her and mumbled his thanks much like a like a pouty child, “thanks..... for helping me......with everything.......and ummm......also... you, your’s thanks.” His attempt to hide his embarrassment fails as the redness of his turned head had spread to his ears and the back of his neck, even if his mumbling hadn’t given him away already.