Lady Shadow’s new toy
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One of Lady Shadow’s sons, Lurker, had been present for Chance’s death match with the human man and was able to witness Chance resurrecting from death and going into a blood starved feeding frenzy, feeding off of his father Inferno. Recognizing the signs of Chance’s immortality and desiring to gain some of his mothers favor he reports it immediately.
 Lurker enters one of his mother’s chambers where he finds her tormenting one of her “toys” her nine tails cruelly binding a two tailed shadow demon with one white eye and one inverted black and white eye with a cream colored streak across his left wing that trailed down one of his tails ending a third of the way down. Lady Shadow is standing upon his back in a slightly kneeling position the sharp claws upon her feet digging in between his wings and the base of his tails, causing blood to trickle from the wounds as she grinds her claws in deeper at a painfully slow pace in order to maximize the agitation caused. Many small lacerations cover the male demons body, which the multitude of weapons and devices that were the cause of, are scattered all around the two demons, fresh blood still upon the many sharp blades, some with obvious signs of toxic substances or other irritants that would increase the pain and torment of the victim. 
Lady Shadow has a psychotic grin upon her face and is carving a new laceration along the edge of the male demons wing creating a bleeding design with a sharp serrated edged needle about eight inches long, held much like one might hold a paint brush in an elegant fashion. 
Lady Shadow slices through the demons flesh as easily as a painter makes bush strokes across canvas, she slows the stroke to a stop as she tilts her head slightly and has her eyes locked on to her son, Lurker, and her grin spreads giving an extra glint in her black eyes, further enhanced by the flickering torch light that just barely illuminates the the room, her voice practically dripping with venom as she addresses her son’s presence, “Now for what reason could a son of mine possibly have for interrupting me while I am having fun with one of my toys!” Her anger in her voice clearly rises near the end of her questioning her tails tightened around the demon beneath her the barbs upon eight of them digging into and dragged across the demons flesh a few more inches, forcing an exhausted groan of pain from the demons mouth and it’s vacant eyes widened slightly in reaction, the paleness and lack of further response an indicator of how blood loss and paralytic poisoning has been done over Who knows how much time. 
Lurker sensing the danger radiating from his mother as she stares him down like a predator does to their prey, he quickly kneels as lowly as he can manage and he speaks in a frantic and desperate way as his voice tremors with fear, “Mother, I have news about a possibly immortal toy for you!” 
Lady Shadow’s eyes widen in excitement the diamond shaped irises widened to almost the shape of an oval before drastically sharpening into just a sliver with such intensity that it makes her son stumble back even from his kneeling position. She straightens up as she unfurls her four black wings and releasing her coiled tails in a whip like fashion, creating a loud cracking sound that echos throughout the room. 
Swiftly and like the shadow of death she glides over to her son and snatched him off his feet grasping him by his arms and lifting him off the ground as she shakes him aloft while she demands in a shrill voice, “Who is it! Tell me NOW! Tell me everything that you know immediately!” 
With terror Lurker desperately cries out, “Chance, Inferno’s son. I found out about it just now because I had gone to watch the fledglings first death-match because I was interested in the hybrid that was placed in the upper classed group, the pitiful thing was quite pathetic and died trying to run away; but after Inferno collected the fledglings corpse it had resurrected a started feeding from his father in an unconscious blood starved state. He is being treated as we speak, I had one of my healers appointed to him while I was on my way here to inform you!”
Elated at this news she releases her son with a upward flick of her wrist, practically tossing him without effort, “Wonderful, wonderful news indeed, I had just about forgotten about Inferno’s son since I didn’t think it would survive with how sickly it had been when he had been when it was born. Go inform them that I want that fledgling to be confined in the lower shadow beast room the one with the dragons water hot spring in it, prepare it for him to stay there until the appointed time of Inferno’s families freeing; make sure that a female feeding partner is provided, see about one that is freshly captured, its fine if it’s already been fed off of before just make sure that it hasn’t come of age yet, I want her to come of age close to when he will, as long as she comes of age slightly before him I will be able to use that for my purposes. Supply the room with weapons and equipment but leave most of it barren of other amusements I want it to have an empty feeling aside from the minor amount of furnishings, don’t adjust the size for him since what better way to make one feel small than to leave the large furniture that my last berserker had in there; ah how I miss making such a powerful toy to break!” 
For a moment Lady Shadow reminisces over the last demon that she had kept in that room, then sighing with almost a feeling of regret before she continues, “Well he was still so much fun to break and had kept me amused for almost fifty years, so I guess it was worth it!” She exclaimed with joy. 
“Well I should be able to get at least thirteen years to play with him if he truly is immortal, and if I can make him become a shadow demon before then than I will be able to keep him just like I had mentioned in my deal with Inferno. Hahaha to think that might pay off more than I had originally planned! Now you had better make sure everything is prepared properly! After all some toys need to be prepared in certain ways to bring out their maximum potential, and I plan to have a lot of fun with this one, so I hope that you understand that if you mess up that you will be taking his place! Now have this one here retuned to its room and send a healer to fix it before I decide to play with him again, I have something to go do in the meantime.” 
Lady Shadow walks out of the room without making any further sound, just like a shadow she disappears leaving her son to clean up her mess. Lurker calls for a couple of his attendance setting one to the task of cleaning up this room and sending the damaged demon to it room, or more accurately it’s prison, and ensuring that a healer patches it up before his fickle mother decides to play with him again. Another attendant was put to the task of preparing the room that Lady Shadow had decided on, making it abundantly clear that any deviation from what his mother requested would not be tolerated. And another set to fetch a human feeding partner matching his mother’s specifications approving whatever amount of blood credits that it would cost and for it to be delivered to the room immediately. 
Finally Lurker himself goes to escort Chance to his new living quarters, the remaining attendants split between going with him and running ahead to open the doors to the room that his mother had chosen for her new toy to live in, since the doors require multiple strong demons just to open, after all it had been made to keep an S classed berserker shadow demon within, meaning that it would need a minimum of six to eight upper classed demons just to open it up! 
Lurker dreading what his mother might do if he fails to meet her demands, he races to get everything done. He returns to the arena’s healing room to see what progress has been made for Chance’s recovery and to inform Inferno and others of Lady Shadow’s orders and demands pertaining to Chance. Dreading the possible confrontation between himself and the demon who was one of the candidates to rule over one of the great clans, the dragonic fire demon Inferno the Decimator, his title given to him after completely decimating multiple minor clans under the Fire Clan after they had attempted a revolt, and he had done so just because the noise had woken him up from a leisure nap while he was sunning on a volcanic field. 
And the very same demon that had eloped with a human and it is the child between said demon and human that he is being sent to retrieve as his mother’s new toy; the realization that he had fucked up much worse than he had thought finally hits him, like a prisoner being walked to an executioners block, he realized that he in his stupidity had just sentenced himself to his own death or to his mother’s whims.
He paused only for a moment before deciding his mother’s wrath to be the worse option for him to choose now, he increases his pace to a sprint towards his possible death.