Chapter 1: Waking Up Naked
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“Ungh…” A moan that was neither too deep nor too high caressed the air as two rough hands pulled me close. A strong body pushes me against silken sheets and the weight of his body on mine elicited another pleased moan from my parted lips and something long and hard grinded against me in response. Wait… why were there two hard things? 

My lust filled mind tried to fight against the pleasurable haze to understand what was going on but that effort was made futile when a pair of scorching hot lips descended upon me. There was no kindness in this kiss. It was a carnal indulgence of greedy consumption. I was being devoured, but it felt so good that I didn’t care. Instinctively, my hands roamed along the path of sculpted muscles that were the man’s arms all the way up to his neck, where I bound the man to me with my feeble strength. My fingers dug into his silky hair and the man let out the sexiest groan I had ever heard--which might not be saying much since I was a virgin, but still… 

Wait. I’m a virgin. I am so much a virgin that I barely talk to men let alone would have reason to be in bed with one. What in the hell was going on? My internal panic struggled against the intoxicatingly forein sensation of a heated body rubbing against my own and for a moment I think I will be able to fight it off. That is, until a large, warm hand grabs me by the crotch. 

“Ahh, nn.. No!” My breath comes out strange, deeper and husky with a need that contradicted my words--which my bed partner seemed to realize as a breathy chuckle tickled my ear. 

“Master, why are you acting shy after all the things we have done together?” The baritone of the man’s voice was so deep that I felt like it vibrated against my skin, making my body tremble and my legs rub together. Wait? Again, my muddled mind found that something felt off. I was definitely wet down there (I mean, who wouldn’t be after being touched like this?) but why did it feel so different? 

I try to open my eyes to assess the situation I’m in but my heavy lids won’t budge! Now, my heart is racing a mile a minute for a whole new reason. I am afraid and turned on at the same time which was proving to be a killer combination for rational thinking. A hot, wet tongue drags itself along the shell of my ear and I have to bite my lip from responding. Another sinful chuckle penetrates my ears. 

“Oh, now you’re even playing hard to get? Well isn’t this a change of pace.” The hand not massaging my lower region suddenly grasps my chin and I can taste his hot breath on my open lips. “If that is the game you wish to play, I am all too willing.” My lower lip is captured by sharp teeth. Are those fangs? Really, what in the hell is going on???

As my mind panics, my body writhes as the pain of those teeth digging into my sensitive skin makes a fire descend into the pit of my stomach. No matter what I try, I can’t reclaim my lips as my captor licks and sucks the abused flesh, pulling it into his own mouth. Soon, I am left panting and desperate for more. More of what, I don’t really know, but I wanted to find out. 

My hips rock against my anonymous assailant and a needy cry interrupts the symphony of sucking and slurping. I moved again but this time with more force as the friction felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. I could only guess as to what the heavy pipe-like object was as I pushed my hips against it greedily. 

“Mhmm,” The man groans from deep within his throat. “Now, now, is our cat and mouse game over so quickly? You should learn some restraint,” A swift kiss against my open mouth and the man leans back to grip my naked thighs. I still can’t see but it felt like I could sense every movement of the man, like we were already connected. Still, a whine built in my throat as the heat of his body left me. Nails dig into the supple skin of my upper thighs and I wince at the sudden pain, yet for some reason it also made me shiver.  

“As I was saying,” Those claws rake down the sides of my legs and I begin to twist and turn from the tingling sensation left in their wake. “Restraint, is what I should request of you as your retainer. However…” I did not need to see to know that a devilish smile was gracing the face of my mystery man, it was in his voice as was a sense of mischief. A thrust of his hips and I understood why the man sounded so playful. He was teasing me. My head lulled back involuntarily at the sweet contact, but it wasn’t enough. More. More. I need more! 

“More.” I panted my plea as my own hips jerked up, trying to initiate contact but the damn sadist held my hips down with his large hands. I could literally hear him shaking his head at me in a patronizing way.

“However,” He began again as he yanked my legs up, roughly throwing my knees over his shoulder and spreading myself before him. “I much prefer you unrestrained and panting beneath me, my future king.” A cool puff of air strikes me between my legs and I squeal and try to reach down and cover myself. It is a race between my reaching hands and the slowly approaching mouth to see who will reach their destination first. Unfortunately, the outcome of that race will never be known…

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The obnoxious sound of my alarm goes off and I open my eyes to find myself staring at the same mundane apartment that I had been living in for the past 5 years. Grey carpet with white walls and ceiling paired well with the black furniture of my room and made the melancholy monochrome mess look not as depressing if you thought of it as an artistic style rather than a poor attempt at decorating. 

The harsh ringing of the alarm fills my ears once again and my face scrunches up in pain. My fist pounds down on the annoying clock on my bedside table and I decided there was no point trying to go back to sleep. Oh no, I am wide awake after that dream. 

I groan as my body pops like an eldery person when standing up but that was just because my body was used to being hunched over a desk nearly 24/7 and I had terrible posture on top of that. Oh well, it didn’t really bother me. I make quick work of my morning business and soon all I have to do before heading out is to brush my teeth.

As I stand before the mirror and begin the daily necessity, my eyes can’t help but catch the pathetic sight that was in the mirror. Mousy brown hair was frizzy and failed to maintain itself in the librarian style bun I so desperately tried to tame it in. Really, can’t it just decide whether it wants to be curly or straight? If that wasn’t enough, the pale and ordinary face did nothing to compensate for my untamable hair. It wasn’t ugly, just plain. A flat nose and thin lips accompanied small, unremarkable brown eyes. It was a face that would never catch someone’s immediate attention and even with makeup the reaction from others never changed. As such, I’ve stopped trying. 

I glance down at my nearly flat chest and I wonder if I had bigger boobs if that would make a difference? I mean, for a woman to be so flat was practically a cruel joke by the gods, right? I mean, when I was in my teens and made the mistake of getting a bob I was mistaken for a boy on nearly a daily basis. It was just unfair, or at least that was what I used to think. Now, I’m just over all the drama. I just want to work, eat, and sleep. 

With that goal in mind, I give myself one last fleeting glance in the mirror before heading out of my apartment. It is a beautiful day and the morning sun is already high in the sky, which makes me flinch as I battle the desire to go back into my dark dwelling and hide. You see, I’m a writer. I write novels for a book publishing company and despite my mediocre appearance, my books are actually quite popular. I was the most shocked when my first novel became a number one seller in record time and ever since then I have not needed to worry about money or work in the slightest. Which was nice, but the main reason I decided to be a writer was because I. Don’t. Like. People. 

I do everything in my power to avoid anything and anyone that is not fictional. I have been betrayed one too many times, bullied far too often, and ostracized by others my entire life simply because I am plain and introverted. It’s not my fault that I have a hard time connecting with people, and it wasn’t like the younger me didn’t try to fit in. She did and her effort was commendable, but it always ended with me getting hurt. So, eventually, I stopped trying. That was why I was so relieved when I became a successful writer but even now I have the occasional meeting or function I have to attend. Like today. 

“Lucy!” I hear my name being called as I get out of the cab and I already know what’s coming. Two thin yet undeniably strong arms are thrown around me and I become stiff on contact. 

“Oh, how I’ve missed my favorite author!” Sherry is smiling widely as she loops her arms through mine and begins to drag my unwilling feet towards the gathering hall. She rambles on and on about how I have won another award and how she is so proud of me. A small smile pulls at my naked lips as she genuinely looks happy for me. It even looked like Sherry had more pride in the award than I did. It was funny when I thought about it because I knew Sherry probably was the more enthusiastic one out of the two of us. I don’t like people but I am okay with Sherry. She is a small little burst of energy with bouncy curls of blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. She looked like a doll and the way she always greeted me with a smile actually made leaving the house not a total nightmare. 

“So all I have to do is go up and accept the award, right? No speech?” I can hear my own nervousness seep into my question but Sherry just pats the back of my hand and gives me a soft, encouraging smile with her pretty, pink painted lips. 

“Yes, dear. I assure you that you won’t have to be on that stage for more than two minutes.” The reassurance helps calm some of my nerves as I follow Sherry through the crowd of people to our table. 

This is bad. The award show had only just begun but my anxiety was already sky high. I hated being surrounded by people and despite being told that we would have a corner table Sherry ushered me over to the center most table. When I whispered my objection my editor and possibly only friend assured me that it would be ok as this was the table for the ‘elite’ writers. Why the hell does that even matter? I don’t know these people and they surely don’t know me so why do I have to sit with them?

I try to calm my racing mind and my breathing slowly comes under my control, but it was only a moment later that my name was being called to receive my award. Are you serious? Can’t a girl have a moment to herself? I grumble within my own mind as I stand from my chair. I am shaking. Literally, I am a mini earthquake on legs as I try to weave through the crowded room I didn’t want to be in, to walk up the stupid stage I didn’t want to stand on, all to recieve a useless award that I didn’t need. 

“Ok, deep breaths Lucy.” I whisper to myself. I’m almost there, I notice in relief, but as soon as my eyes leave the floor to glance up at the stage something blocked my once clear path and I could only let out a breathy squeal as my thin body plummeted to the floor. I hit my knee hard on the ground and tears are stinging my eyes as I try to find the energy, or the will, to get back up. I can already hear the people snickering around me and some were even out right laughing. My anger simmers below my skin and as I use the nearest table to pull myself up I glance to where my so called ‘obstacle’ still brazenly laid in my path. It was a long leg attached to the face of a stupidly handsome man I had never met. 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The man sneers once our eyes meet. “I hope your fall wasn’t too bad. It seems my legs are just too long.” The man smiles a perfectly charming smile but his green eyes are cold and filled with disdain as he pushes back his wavy black hair. How could I have offended someone to such a degree when I didn’t even know them? I turned to walk away without responding but that seemed to irritate the jerk even more. In a louder voice than before, the man once again takes a jab at me with his obviously fake remorse. 

“Wait, don’t leave without accepting my heartfelt apology. I couldn’t stand it if a beauty such as yourself were to hate me.” The laughter following the sarcastic remark made my heart tighten in my chest. Couldn’t they at least try and act like adults? What was this, fucking kindergarten? I grit my teeth and bear it as I speed up my pace, careful not to trip on anything. 

Finally, I am standing by the podium and the host casts me a professional smile while trying to hide the distaste in his eyes. He was an older author and was quite well known for his adventure stories as well as his intolerance for anyone that wasn’t in their 20s and a size D cup. It was disgusting but this was a man’s world and even though he was as ugly as a pig he could easily be recognized for his talent where as I, who have just as many awards as him at half his age, am regarded as less simply because I don’t have talent AND looks. Such a joke. It would have been so much easier if I had only been born a boy. 

 Without showing any of the nasty feelings I was harboring inside, I took the trophy with a bow. My sweaty palms make me fumble with the oddly shaped design before getting a good grip. That’s it. I’m done. My heart and lungs sensed the end was near and stopped trying to race each other to an early grave. I, too, am about to sigh in relief as I turn to head off the stage. However, fate was not my friend today. 

“What about a speech?” A loud voice shouts from the crowd and I don’t even have to look to know who it was. What is this prick’s problem? I shook my head and decided to ignore him but this time the asshole wasn’t going to let me escape. “Come on! I want to know your secrets as the most distinguished author of our generation. Just a few words won’t kill you.” The mocking tone of his voice was only a cover for the blatant hostility that laid underneath. It seemed the man was antagonistic towards me because of my success?   

“Yeah, speech!” The man sitting next to my bully chimed in and soon the whole room was chanting. Speech. Speech. Speech! The sound is deafening and feels like an attack against my senses. My heart begins to pound against my chest like a battle drum that beats within my head. My throat clenches and dries out like the desert and tears try to spring to my eyes. I am teetering on the edge of an anxiety attack as I clutch the worthless trophy to my non-existent chest. I want to run. I need to run, so I run.  

 My feet pound against the wooden stage as I try to run behind the curtain. I am almost there and the possibility of escape allows me to ignore the condemning chant that was rallying behind me. Yes, yes! Right there!

I pushed through the heavy curtain and the backstage revealed to me an open door to the outside. This must be fate! An ecstatic smile blooms across my face for the first time in years, but as I take my first step towards freedom I hear a loud CRACK. I turn my head towards the sound but I am too late, a thick and heavy metal bar falls from the rafters and crashes against the side of my head. I died.

Or, so I thought. 

Pain. Wave after wave of pain filled my head as I tried to open my eyes. A pool of blood laid under me as I struggled to push myself up off the floor and into a kneeling position. It was hard but I managed to do it after some failed attempts (5 to be exact). I can see a crimson pool of blood blanketing a black, marble floor. Marble? Wasn’t I on a wooden stage? My head spins as I reach up to delicately probe at the side of my skull I remember being hit. Oddly enough, there was no wound there, the pain I was feeling was actually radiating out from the center of my forehead. A thin, white finger reaches up hesitantly to touch the wound. This proved to be a big mistake. 

“Ahh!” I cry as fresh tears spring to my eyes. That hurt like a bitch! I whine as I try to see through the pain that was blurring my vision. If it wasn’t for the sheer shock of my surroundings, I doubt I would be able to forget the pain so soon. However, who could think about something like a little boo boo when they realize they are sitting in the equivalent of a freaking palace bedroom?

A high vaulted ceiling in black marble that matched the floor was outlined in ivory crown molding that glimmered faintly with intricate designs of delicate gold. The walls were also gold and decorated with precious gems of various sizes to emphasize the grandeur of the space. It was extremely...gaudy. That was the only word that came to mind, that and superfluous. My opinion and confusion were only reinforced when I managed to stand up and realized that the monstrous piece of furniture that was blocking my view while kneeling was actually a bed. The behemoth bolstered mountains of decorative pillows ranging in all sizes and colors while a fluffy, white fur comforter covered the room-sized mattress. It was huge and luxurious and despite it being ridiculously big it also appeared extremely inviting.

I take a step forward without thinking and my clumsy self slides right into the slippery liquid at my feet. 

“God dammit!” I shout as my ass hit the floor with a wet SMACK. The blood made me lose my footing and before I knew it I was right back where I started, sprawled out on the floor and covered in blood. Great. I grumble as I raise my hand to rub my sore bottom only to receive another surprise. I am naked. Completely and utterly naked. I am too scared to look down immediately to see what state I am in so I scramble back up to my feet to stand before a mirror that wasn’t too far away. The long body mirror was surrounded in an obsidian frame that holds my attention for a moment too long before I shake my head and realize this was no time to be getting distracted by shiny things. What I find has me reeling. 

The first thing I notice is the face. My plain, nothing-to-look-at face was nowhere to be found in the mirror. Instead, an ethereal beauty gazed back at me. Long, luscious black hair fell like a river of ink against pale skin. Two large and doe-like eyes of violet glittered like amethyst crystals within a small face. Their color matching that of the three upside down teardrop stones that decorated the now smooth skin of her forehead like a blooming, purple flower. Wait, wasn’t I bleeding earlier? 

A small hand reaches up to once again touch the the place which just previously was causing a head-splitting pain, but all I find is the three stones surrounded by unblemished skin that was painted red by blood. Upon realizing this, I realize that it is not only my forehead that is covered in blood, but my entire face, neck, chest…

Well, wait just a goddamn minute. My perusal of this strange body stops short when I notice something. A truly cruel joke, this time I’m sure of it. I mean, it’s one thing for a woman with a face like mine to be flat chested but for a woman with a face like this  to have absolutely no chest was down right sinful. My heart bleeds for you my fellow pancake comrade, I pat my flat chest reassuringly (secretly giddy that I at least had a little more chest than this beauty). However, when my hand makes contact with my own chest I realize that it was flatter than ever before. Scared shitless, I look down only to get the shock of a lifetime. My naked chest was flat as a board with only two slightly puffy breasts and two rosy tipped peaks that stood erect from the cold. This was a small matter (literally). I had always been flat so being flatter made little to no difference, but what drained the blood from my head and made my new, enchanting eyes bug out was what lurked below my two small peaks. There, hanging limp but undeniably present, was what I could only guess was a male sex organ. A penis. 

I screamed and everything went black.