Chapter 1: Into the New World
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"It's almost time to open the shop!"

Okami Okaya hurried downstairs and began sweeping the floor. He was still tired because he slept late last night but he still had to arrange all the cakes and pastries that he prepared to sell for today. The chatters of people were getting louder outside as he opened the window. Smiling, he ran upstairs and dressed himself up in a nice blue shirt, black pants and a white hat. Seeing his reflection in the mirror, he was happy that he still looked exactly like that of his body when he was on Earth, minus his height.

Okami had straight, brown hair that reached his shoulders. With brown eyes, almond-shaped face and brown complexion, he was someone whom people called exotic back in his country. He was always proud of how he looked, and with a height of 4'7, he definitely was a towering heartthrob for a ten-year-old kid. And due to him being a successful model and actor at the peak of his career, he was never shy of people and had always flaunted his goods.

It was about three years ago when he arrived in this new world after he met a road mishap. He didn't know how it happened but he was transmigrated into this strange land after several seconds of tumbling and rocking inside the wrecked car. After he woke up, he found out that he was in the middle of a lush forest, and the only comfort that he had was his knapsack and cellphone that remained intact. He could still remember how scared and confused he was, with nowhere to go to and no means to survive. His phone could not be turned on and all his money was gone. To make matters worse, he found out that he changed back into his three-year-old body. Gone was his 30-year-old stature and all his glory and splendor.

Even though he was scared, he still gathered his strength to find his way out of the forest and followed the river. He walked for about an hour until he saw a cabin and ran as fast as he could, his hopes went up as he knocked at the door. That was when he met Okaya Ren, whom he later found out to be a woodsman. At first, the man did not understand him because he spoke in English, and he was all the more confused since the man began asking him in Japanese. Fortunately, he perfectly understood what he was saying since he studied Japanese language and culture because one of the films he was involved in required him to do so. He had lived in Japan for about three years.

He told him that he could not remember anything, and since he was a great actor, the woodsman believed his story. Okaya took pity on him and decided to adopt him since he had no child. He took her back home and that was when he had met his wife, Okaya Hinagi. They named him Okami, the reason why they called him that way he never knew until now, and he did not bother to ask them why. Since then, he lived together with the family and later found out that they currently lived at the Hidden Leaf Village in the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Shinobis in the Ninja World. Both of his adoptive parents were civilians and they had a son who was a Chunin but had died in one of the missions.

Thoroughly shocked, he could not believe that the Elemental Nations was real, and he was now living inside the fictional world. He had always loved mangas and animes since the time he was exposed to Japanese culture, and he had hoped to see real ninjas or meet some of the characters to confirm if he was actually inside the Naruto world he was familiar with. He did not know if he was just unlucky, but for seven years, he never encountered any ninja whatsoever until both his adoptive parents died due to sickness a year ago. He felt devastated, yet he carried on with his life since it was not his style to sulk for a long time. Luckily, they own a pastry shop, and this was now his source of income.

Okami went downstairs. He looked at the clock and it was almost 9 am and opened the door as he readied himself to face the customers. The road was now crowded with busy merchants and kids playing along the street. With a sigh, he approached the counter and took a seat.

The day went on normally with a few customers, mostly young kids and wives, buying their favorite cakes and sweets. He happily entertained them since he believed that customers were always right and he did not want to lose his money source. It continued for about two hours and he began to feel hungry. He was about to close the shop to have his early lunch when he heard someone asking her.

"How much is that strawberry cake?"

Okami turned around and his eyes widened when he saw the man in front of him. He was a man of average height and build, his dark brown hair was kept in a ponytail, dark eyes and a scar that ran across the bridge of his nose. He wore the standard Konoha shinobi outfit he was familiar with, complete with a forehead protector, sandals, and flak jacket. His sleeves were also rolled up about ¼ way. "Iruka?!"

Iruka narrowed his eyes as he looked at Okami. With a stern gaze, he asked, "How did you know me? This is my first time coming here in this shop."

'Crap!' Okami regretted that he blurted out right away due to excitement, and he thought of several reasons as to how he should answer his query and was about to answer him when all of a sudden, he fainted.



Wake up, child.

Okami massaged his temple as soon as he became conscious. He stood up and turned around, flustered because he could not see a single thing for he was surrounded by white mists. He was about to shout for help when he heard the booming voice once again.

Child, it's time you wake up.

Scratching his head, he looked around but failed to locate the source of the voice. "Who are you?"

I am one of the Gods who wanted to give you a chance, the partner of the one who had given you the blessing.

"The blessing? I don't know what you are talking about," he exclaimed.

Ah, So this is what Arceus was saying earlier to me! It seems that you indeed forgot the deal you made with God...not that it matters, anyway.

"Wait! What in the heck are you talking about?!"

I'll just get to the point. Listen, well, Okami, an emissary from the Pokemon world...

"Wait, emissary?! Pokemon?! Who the hell are you?!" Okami widened his eyes when he remembered what the God had mentioned a while ago, and continued, "Hey, you were talking about Arceus a while ago..."

My name is not important. But yes, I do owe you an explanation. I am one of the small Gods who is in charge of helping the chosen Emissary to safely prepare himself while developing inside the worlds you are sent into. I think it is mode or newbie protection...according to your memory...

"But why? I can't remember about the deal that you are referring to."

For now, it is your job to help us in spreading faith power to a series of worlds you will be transferred to. Since you've forgotten everything about your previous encounter with Arceus, I'll give you a briefing. Arceus was the one who had allowed you to lived inside the Naruto world, and Arceus was the one who had given you the ability to summon pokemon.

"Arceus? Like the Pokemon?!"

Yes, Arceus, the source of origin in the Pokemon mini-world. Arceus had seen your dedication in your craft back on Earth, and since Arceus was the only one who had an available slot, Arceus had given you that blessing, the power to summon Pokemon inside the series of worlds, and one of which is the Elemental Nations, which you are currently in right now.

"How in the world should I do that?! Should I just gotta catch all the ninjas inside a pokeball and they become Pokemon in return?!"

No, silly! Create your foothold in this world using your ability to summon Pokemon. Breed them and make them become a source of power for the natives. Your cellphone, that's what you call it back on Earth, will be used as your magic weapon and will serve as your pokedex as well.

"Do I have any starter Pokemon, to begin with? After all, I am just a helpless strapping lad while living inside this dangerous world."

Arceus said yes, you may have a starter Pokemon - a Caterpie.

"Eh! Could I have a different one? Maybe a Mega Rayquaza or some legendary Pokemon?!"

No, child. Arceus said if you wanted a stronger one, then you better gain PP or Pokemon points to avail more.

"And how should I do that?"

Make an impact on the natives of the world. Whatever the means, you must introduce Pokemon, for instance, to the ninjas in this world. Whatever it takes.

"Whatever it takes, huh?! You know that line from Avengers. And making an impact, like making them become Pokemon trainers?"


"And you've given me Caterpie to do just that?!"

Well, do you want to change it with Weedle?

"Nah, Caterpie's good. Anyway, what if I fail?"

Death. Remember, you are now dead and your soul became an emissary.

"Hey, don't be too ominous about it," Okami grumbled as he sat down on the floor. "Whatever, can you help me create my life background here in this world? What if some ninjas will read my memories and found out my true identity?"

Do not worry, just tell them what you want them to know about you and I will protect your identity by creating those fake memories you've told them inside your mind. The time has come. Now, go back. Don't forget to contact me via the Pokemon App if you want to create your memories.