Chapter 2: The First Meeting
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Iruka climbed up the stairs, which led to the Hokage's office, while he held the document the Hokage requested from the hospital. Surprised by the fact that the young boy knew his name, he was expecting some clues that would enlighten his mind by the time the Analysis Team of the Intelligence Division had given their report. As soon as he reached the door, he called out with a loud voice, "Hokage-sama, requesting permission to enter."

"You may come in."

Iruka saw Inoichi Yamanaka, the leader of the Analysis Team, talking with the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. As soon as they saw him approaching, they stopped their conversation.

"Iruka. Have you gathered the things I've requested from the hospital?" Hiruzen asked as he sat down on his chair.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. Every single thing about his medical records was included in the report," Iruka answered, giving the paper to Hiruzen.

Hiruzen unfurled the document and his eyes narrowed a bit after reading its content. "Interesting."

"Indeed, Hokage-sama. And the more curious thing is the fact that he knows me," Iruka affirmed.

Hiruzen looked at him as he tilted his head. "In what way does he know you?"

"It's because of how he reacted when he saw me."

"And that is?"

"He was very pleasantly surprised, like seeing someone you know after missing someone for a long time," Iruka said. "And the fact that he called out my name even though that was the first time I have visited his shop."

"Maybe he is one of your secret admirers," Hiruzen chuckled.


"Ha, ha, ha! Look at you getting flustered." Hiruzen laughed lightly as he tapped his finger on the desk. "Inoichi, continue with your report."

"Yes, Hokage-sama," Inoichi replied. "Okaya Okami, a ten-year-old boy, was adopted by Okaya Hinagi and Okaya Ren seven years ago. Unfortunately, both of them died due to sickness a year ago. According to the report, Okami had amnesia and his real name and the previous family record are unknown. He currently owns a pastry shop and is living alone. Medical finding, perfectly healthy and reason for fainting unknown."

"And what about the 'thing' Iruka found inside his house?" Hiruzen asked.

Inoichi took out a rectangular, black gadget and set it on the table. "After several investigations, the best answer that we can come up with is that this 'thing' is some kind of a relic. I've found traces of chakra on it as soon as I've touched it. The books have no records on it whatsoever and we are afraid to tinker with it since its materials were of unknown origin. The only clue is the word 'Huawei' engraved on it."

Hiruzen was silent for a moment before turning his attention towards the medical records. "Huawei...rather otherworldly. And this is the first time I have ever seen such a thing. And the only person who can satisfy our curiosity is Okaya Okami."

"Yes, Hokage-sama. It is just like what you say, he definitely knows what this thing is."

"A boy who knows Iruka whom he had never met, even once. An unknown relic being in his possession. Amnesiac and has no family or ancestry records. And, based on this record, despite being a civilian, his chakra reserve is quite...robust," Hiruzen summarized. "Interesting."

Iruka moved forward. "What action do we have to do when the boy wakes up?"

Hiruzen was about to answer when someone appeared just beside him and whispered in his ear. "Looks like our boy is finally awake. Iruka, bring the 'thing' to Okami."

Iruka looked at the table and noticed that the gadget was missing. "Uhm, Hokage-sama. The 'thing', I saw you placed it at the table. I can't find it."

"Huawei disappeared?" Hiruzen grabbed a pipe inside his pocket and lit it with fire. "Another mystery."




"Ugh!" Okami kneaded his temple as soon as he woke up. "Where the heck am I?"

He looked around and noticed that he was inside a hospital. The IV drip was attached on his wrist and the oxygen tank was just beside the bed.

He remembered that he was talking to Iruka at his shop when he suddenly fainted. The reason he lost his consciousness was very clear to him: the meeting with the unknown God. He recalled everything the God said earlier and wanted to try experimenting to confirm several of his suspicions. His eyes lit when he remembered something about his phone being his magical weapon.

"Wished I could get my phone right now. I bet it's still on the table." Okami sighed as he raised up his body and sat down on the bed. Suddenly, he felt something solid appearing on his right hand. "What the fart?! How did my phone magically appear?! Whatever, now how do I get you started, my magical weapon?"

Okami pressed the 'on' button for about ten seconds and released it, yet his cellphone did not turn on. He wondered if he had to recharge the phone just like how it was normally done, but his charger was lost when he arrived in this world. With nothing to lose, he tried random things like chanting 'Pokedex' but to no avail. He was about to lose hope when he heard a beeping sound and the screen flashed.

Pokemon App 1.0

Welcome to your own Pokemon App, issued by the great Arceus.

Available Features:

Pokemap - A map of the world. Updated every time you visit a new place.

Pokedex - lists of Pokemon you own and see. Includes statistics, attributes, techniques.

Poke Offering - Grants you the ability to exchange Pokemon Points with rewards. Lists of available redeemable Pokemon will be dependent on how you have earned your Pokemon Points. It can also be exchanged for other things like HM, TM, hold items, and special event items (Bicycles and Pokeflute).

How to Earn Pokemon Points (PP):

1) Every time someone becomes a Pokemon trainer. A random amount of PP will be given as reward.
2) Every time your influence will increase. Fame and combat power will also affect your influence.

How do Pokemon Operates:

1) There are two ways you can order the Pokemon - you can let them fight as your partner or you can temporarily absorb them and possess the skills they know. You can do both at the same time, provided you have the necessary energy/chakra/power/stamina to support the skill.

2) You can summon at most six Pokemon while in battle. They do not need energy/chakra/power/stamina.

3) You can absorb at most three Pokemon, as long as they are compatible with each other. It also needs energy/chakra/power/stamina to sustain the effect. Once your energy/chakra/power/stamina is depleted, the effect will be released.

4) Just call them and they will appear. The key for summoning them is by saying 'Summon' then the name of the Pokemon either verbally or mentally. You can command your Pokemon just by issuing them inside your mind. Same process when you want to absorb a Pokemon, this time by saying, 'Absorb' then the name of the Pokemon.

5) Absorption and summoning will be undone if the user desires so by saying 'Release' then the name of the Pokemon, or by fainting.

6) Summon Pokemon, when not absorbed, has their own energy/chakra/power/stamina/magic source to fight.

Pokedex Entry: Caterpie (Female)
Level: 1
Type: Bug
Skill: String Shot (lvl 1), Tackle (lvl 1)
Ability: Run Away (lvl 1) - A Pokémon with this Ability can always flee from Pokemon enemies. Increases the probability of escaping illusions, traps and hindering abilities. This Ability has no effect on switching out.
Requirement for Evolution:
Level 7 (Metapod), Level 10 (Butterfree)
How to Level Up:
By fighting; By eating their favorite food (each Pokemon have their corresponding favorite foods in every world)
Other Stats: (Locked), must avail Pokemon App upgrade
EV: (Locked)
IV: (Locked)

Okami chuckled as he saw the information listed inside the Cellphone-turned-Pokemon App. He thought that it was best for him to try it right now because he might not have the time to practice due to his blunder back then when he met Iruka. He fixed his mind and said in a firm voice, "Summon: Caterpie".

Swirling mass of light appeared just in front of him, and true to what the Pokedex said, a Pokémon that resembled a green caterpillar materialized. There were yellow ring-shaped markings down the sides of its body, which resembled its eyes. Its most notable characteristic was the bright red antenna on its head. It looked around and saw Okami lying on the bed and started crawling towards him.

"Hah! So cute," Okami said, his hands holding the ecstatic worm. Its antenna wiggled as it stared at him while staying on his right hand. "Well, I've got to try one more thing. Absorb: Caterpie!"

Caterpie disintegrated and what's left of it became a light beam that zoomed towards his right and left hand. Curious, he then extended his hand and said, "String Shot."

As soon as he said this, web-like adhesive beamed out of his hand, hitting the vase that was placed atop the cabinet. He was about to pull it when he heard footsteps from the outside. Panicked, he hurriedly released the absorption and unsummoned Caterpie. Luckily, the web detached from the vase, and he hid the web under the bedding and pretended to sleep.

"Okami-kun. Wake up, Hokage-sama wants to meet you," the female nurse patted Okami's head.

Okami opened his eyes slowly and rubbed his face. "Sure."

The door opened and three figures entered the room. The first one was an old man wearing the customary hat and haori with a red, full-length kimono that was tied using a white sash. His skin was light tan, and his face had wrinkles and liver spots of old age. The next one at his back had long ash blond, spiky hair tied in a ponytail that reached his lower back, and he wore the standard flak jacket over a black outfit, complete with hand-guards, forehead protector and a sleeveless red haori. The last one was Iruka.

"How are you, Okami-kun?"

"I'm, I am fine, Ojisan," Okami replied, his eyes squinted as he tried standing up, his mind disorganized due to the sudden visit of the Hokage.

"You don't have to stand up, Okami-kun. I'm Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. This is Inoichi Yamanaka, and the other one is Iruka Umino, whom I presumed you already met."

"Eh, it's nice to meet you all, Hokage-sama, Inoichi-ojisan, Iruka-san."

All of them smiled as they heard his greeting.

Hiruzen approached him and took a seat beside his bed. "Now, Okami-kun, is it alright to ask you some questions?"

Okami shuddered at the thought, carefully organizing his thoughts, and asked, "Am I in trouble?"

"Nothing of that sort, rest assured. We just wanted to know more about you so that we can help you more," Hiruzen assured him as he smiled kindly.

"Sure." Okami gave him a weak glance and asked sheepishly, "What do you want to know?"

"Iruka told me what happened at your shop and I am curious of one thing, and I hope you can be honest about it."

"And that is?" Okami asked in a feeble voice.

"How did you know about Iruka? Have you met somewhere?"

Okami scratched his head and frowned, as if in deep thinking, before replying, "Would you believe me when I say that somehow, I just know him."

Hiruzen looked at him intently before nodding as he gestured him to continue.

With no way out, Okami took a deep breath and said, "Maybe I have to start explaining with how my powers have returned to me. It was a year ago when my memories came back, and knew that I have the power to see a glimpse of someone's future and past, along with his identity. It' is because of our clan's power. You see, I also came from a reclusive clan, the Ketchum clan, to be exact."

Hiruzen raised his hand, signaling him to stop talking, and asked, "How does your power works? Does it work every time you see someone?"

Okami shook his head. "No. I don't know how it works but it happens from time to time. And it usually makes me faint after this happens."

"I see. Well, since your memories came back, can you now tell us where you are from, Okami-kun?"

"I remembered him, my skills, how they died...everything," Okami recounted as his tears fell from his cheeks. "As far as I can remember, I am the last of my kind. We...we specialized in the arts of summoning and prophecy. My father, said it was the reason why those bad guys killed all my kin, my cousin, everyone."

Inoichi and Hiruzen looked at each other. With a low voice, Hiruzen then asked him, "Ketchum Clan? We've never heard of one. Where did you originally come from?"


Hiruzen was taken aback when he heard Okami did not speak for a long time, waiting for Okami to calm down. When he noticed that he was calm again, he then asked, "What happened to your family?"

"The world knows what happened to Uzushiogakure. And somehow, after the war, my parents along with some survivors, escaped. Since then, they decided to stay hidden until someone appeared at our village...and then...Please...I don't want to talk about it."

"I understand. We can assure you that you will be protected here inside Konoha," Hiruzen replied as he stood up. "Just rest, for now, Okami-kun. We can talk again if you are ready."

"Thank you, ojisan. I feel...tired."

"Sleep well."

Okami lay on the bed to sleep, waiting for the three people to get out. When he was sure that they were gone, he took out his Pokedex and pressed the 'Talk to God' icon and said, "It's time to fulfill your promise, God. Please create those memories inside my mind the way I told them. Uzushiogakure's destruction and my family's death..."