Chapter 4: Gift Box
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Okami felt the soft, moisty snout of Vulpix nudging his face, trying to wake him up from his sleep. He ignored it, rolled to the other side, and peacefully lied on the bed. Thinking that he was free from the Pokemon's disturbance, he continued his nap when Caterpie crawled on his legs up to his thigh. "Hey, ha ha ha! Stop it! I'm very ticklish."

The worm-like creature looked displeased and crawled away. Okami hurriedly grabbed the Pokemon and patted her head while making some weird sounds, and said, "Sorry, Caterpie. Just don't crawl on my legs next time. Everything else is fine."

Caterpie wiggled her antenna as she bobbed her circular head as if in agreement. Pleased, Okami stood up and set her on the floor. He walked towards the mirror and looked at his reflection. "What a great blessing it is to have such a handsome face."

Okami stared at the clock and grumbled. "It's still 8 am. I think it's better if I don't open the store today. There are many things that happened yesterday and I should contemplate on what I should do from now on."

Okami went on to do his morning rituals and wore a white shirt, black shorts, and white shoes. He wanted to have the 'clean look' and chuckled when he saw that the attire made him look younger. He carried Vulpix on his arms while Caterpie was on his shoulders and went downstairs. This time, he had to know the Pokemon's favorite food to increase their experience. He went outside and brought them to the Sushi store just beside his house.

The spiky-haired middle-aged man who was behind the counter gasped when he saw Okami carrying weird animals inside his store. "Good morning, Okami-kun."

"Good morning Baki-san." Okami chose the nearest empty table and sat down as he placed Vulpix and Caterpie on the other vacant chairs. There were a few customers who were eating and looked at him with mystified expressions.

Baki approached him and looked at the creatures who were standing still as if waiting to be served. He could not help it anymore and directly ask Okami to satisfy his curiosity. "Since when did you start having pets, Okami-kun? And what are they, anyway?"

"They're cute, right?" Okami replied with a proud voice and patted both of the Pokemon's head. "They are Pokemon, a summoning Jutsu."

"Huh? I did not know that you are a ninja, Okami-kun. It's my first time seeing such summons." Baki stared at Vulpix's fluffy tail and Caterpie's head. "Can I touch them?"

As soon as Baki uttered these words, Vulpix glared at him and snorted as he snubbed the old man. Caterpie turned around and wiggled its butt.

Baki laughed heartily as he saw how the Pokemon reacted. "Shy, huh? Anyway, what do you want to order, Okami-kun?"

"A little bit of everything for breakfast, Baki-san. I'm still trying to find out what they love to eat."

"Okay." Baki proceeded to the kitchen area and placed the order slip.

After fifteen minutes of waiting, the food arrived and was set on the table. Okami looked at the feast and chuckled. "Okay, Caterpie and Vulpix. Eat what appealed to you the most."

Caterpie had a look-over and wiggled its antenna as she saw the leafy veggies and crawled on the table. She happily took a bite as soon as she reached the delicacy.

Vulpix stared at the food and sniffed around. His ears twitched as soon as he saw the cupcake and ate with gusto.

Okami smiled when he saw his Pokemon eating their breakfast. He was about to partake as well when the Pokemon App appeared on his right hand. Curious, he checked the screen.

Congratulations on finding Caterpie's favorite food in Naruto world - Leafy Veggies. Since this is Caterpie's first time, its level will increase by one.

Congratulations on finding Vulpix's favorite food in Naruto world - Chocolate Cupcake. Since this is Vulpix's first time, its level will increase by one.

You have fulfilled one of the hidden missions: Find the right food for your Pokemon. You are rewarded with 50 PP.

Total PP: 50

As soon as they leveled up, Okami felt something increased inside him. He suspected that his Chakra reserve became larger and wanted to confirm his thoughts. Okami was happy to see the rewards and remembered the Gift Box that he had yet to open. After breakfast, he had ordered the same food for take-out and went back to his store. He set the Pokemon on the floor and place the bag on the table. Excited, he took out the Pokemon App and chose the Poke Reward.

Pidgey (50 PP), Rattata (50 PP)

Okami weighed both of his options and decided on the flying type. As soon as he made the decision, a warmth feeling entered his body and the transaction was completed. Without hesitation, he exclaimed, "Summon: Pidgey."

A small, plump-bodied avian Pokemon appeared. It was primarily brown with a cream-colored face, underside, and flight feathers. On top of its head was a short crest of three tufts. Angular black marking extended from behind its brown eyes down its cheeks. It had a short, stubby beak and feet with two toes in front and one in the back while its short, brown tail was made of three feathers. "Caaaaw!"

As soon as she saw Okami, she flapped her wings, flew towards him, and perched on his head. Disgruntled, Okami focused his attention back to his Pokemon App.

Pokedex Entry: Pidgey (Female)
Level: 1
Type: Normal, Flying
Skill: Tackle (lvl 1)
Ability: Keen Eye (lvl 1) - This ability prevents the Pokemon from losing accuracy.
Requirement for Evolution:
Level 18 (Pidgeotto), Level 36 (Pidgeot)
How to Level Up:
By fighting; By eating their favorite food (each Pokemon have their corresponding favorite foods in every world)
Other Stats: (Locked), must avail Pokemon App upgrade
EV: (Locked)
IV: (Locked)

"This ability is heaven-sent for Bukijutsu practitioners," Okami snickered as he grabbed Pidgey on his head. Staring at the bird who was also looking back at him, he rubbed his face onto her face and set her on the table. "Eat your breakfast."

Okami took out all the food and let Pidgey choose and at once, she picked the green beans. Suddenly, Pidgey increased her level by one, and the familiar sensation happened once again. He stored all the food inside the fridge after Pidgey was done eating.

"Now, I think it is time to open my Gift Box."

Okami summoned the Pokemon App and opened the Poke Rewards Tab.

Congratulations! This is the First Gift Box for your hard work.
Opening Gift Box...
You received the following:

Pokemon Duplicator (1) - you can duplicate any Pokemon you own every week. The number of possible duplication per week is the same as your number of owned Pokemon. Only duplicated Pokemon can be released into the wilds, be given as gifts to Pokemon Trainers, be captured with pokeballs, and be bred.

Pokemon Breeding Machine (1) - you can breed duplicated Pokemon.

Pokemon Telepathy (1) - you can now communicate with your Pokemon via your mind. Every Pokemon trainer under your banner will also receive this skill.

Abra (1)

Next Reward Gift Box: Own ten different Pokemon
Will receive the following: HM CUT (1), Random Pokemon (1), ?, ?

"First things first, gotta check on my Abra. Summon: Abra."

A bipedal, yellow Pokemon with a kite-shaped face appeared. His wide eyes blink as Abra stared at him. His yellow body was segmented with black skin between the joints and along its neck. His limbs, each having three digits, were moving as its long and thick tail swayed. They just looked at each other when all of a sudden, Abra vanished and reappeared just beside him.

Pokedex Entry: Abra (Male)
Level: 1
Type: Psychic (Psi Pokemon)
Skill: Teleport (lvl 1)
Ability: Magic Guard (lvl 1) - This ability protects the Pokemon from indirect damages, including poison, burn, weather damage, recoil and crash damage, HP loss from held items, damages from Stealth Rock, damage from continuous attacks like leech seed. Struggle, trap damages, and confusion are not prevented.
Requirement for Evolution:
Level 16 (Kadabra), Trade - Need the Trading Machine (Alakazam)
How to Level Up:
By fighting; By eating their favorite food (each Pokemon have their corresponding favorite foods in every world)
Other Stats: (Locked), must avail Pokemon App upgrade
EV: (Locked)
IV: (Locked)

"Let me see...hello Abra, how are you?" Okami greeted the Pokemon.


Okami forgot that this Pokemon almost always slept for many hours every day. He just nodded his head and Abra closed his eyes.

Disappointed, Okami then shifted his attention towards Caterpie and asked, "How are you, Caterpie?"


Okami took a plate of leafy veggies and set it just in front of Caterpie, to which she gladly ate. He then turned around and hoped that the other two Pokemon would play with him. "Wanna play with me, Vulpix?"


"How about you, Pidgey?"


Okami blinked stupidly when he heard their reply. Without a thought, his body immediately went towards the fridge, took out the green beans and chocolate cupcakes, and gave it to the Pokemon. They all looked at him and happily gobbled up the food.

{Thank you...}
{Thank you...}

Okami consoled himself and remembered that they were just weak and young and needed all the energy they could get. Since he had nothing to do, he just went towards the counter and checked his finances.


The pokemon looked at the door simultaneously, their eyes all vigilant and ready. Okami calmed them all and went towards the entrance. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Naruto who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Hello, Okami-kun." Naruto scratched his head and peeked inside the house. "Is it okay to visit you this time? I thought you were sick because the store is closed."

"I've already told you that you can visit me anytime. Don't you have classes, Naruto?"

"It is past 4 pm already. We had just finished class."

Okami gestured him to enter as he sat on one of the chairs. "Take a seat. And drop the honorifics if you want to treat me as your friend, Naruto."

"Yes, Okami." Naruto laughed as he followed him when he saw the animals staring at him intently. He stepped backward as he gulped and looked at Okami. "Eh, are they dangerous, Okami?"

"They are dangerous towards their enemies and good on their friends, Naruto." Okami talked to all of them inside his mind, saying that Naruto was a friend and must be treated nicely.

Naruto stood still as he scrutinized each Pokemon, who was now busy eating their food. "This is my first time seeing such animals. Are they your pet?"

"They are summons, Naruto. They are called Pokemon and they play a big part in our clan's power."

"Can I pet one?"

"Sure. Which one would you like to pet?"

"The fox with six tails."

Okami raised his brows when he heard his answers. He remembered Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox who was sealed inside Naruto and thought that his interest with foxes was not an accident. He called Vulpix and he complied.

Vulpix eyed Naruto like he was inspecting some goods and slowly approached him. He then rubbed his face against Naruto's legs as it uttered, "Vulpix."

Naruto picked the Pokemon up and hugged him. His fur was silky smooth, which comforted Naruto and giggled. "How I wish I can have one."

Okami knew that this was a great time to introduce Pokemon to Naruto. He could let a Pokemon accompany Naruto and let him become a Pokemon trainer and earn Pokemon Points along the way.

"Do you want to have your own Pokemon, Naruto?"

"Can I?" Naruto looked at him like a puppy.

Okami smirked. "Yes, it's possible. But you have to become a Pokemon trainer to own one."

"But I'm a ninja. Can I still become a Pokemon trainer?"

"Of course. Think of it like a Ninken."

"What's a Ninken?"

"Uh...they're like animals whom a ninja has made a contract with. In return, they help you fight, and they can get stronger as you get stronger as well."

Naruto nodded as if he understood it all and agreed. "Then how can I become a Pokemon trainer?"

"Wait a minute." Okami pulled out his Pokemon App and searched for his answer.

How to make a Pokemon Trainer official:

1) The chosen duplicated Pokemon must agree to become a Pokemon starter.
2) Place your right hand on his head and say, 'By the power of Arceus, I hereby give you the power to summon Pokemon.
3) You can only create Pokemon trainers twice a week.
4) Each process earns you 50 PP.
5) Pokemon Trainer can only get one Duplicated Pokemon from a Pokemon Emissary. If the trainer wants to collect more, he should then catch Pokemon in the wild with a Pokeball.

Okami could already imagine the veins bulging on his neck due to cringe when he read number two. He wished he could scold the one who made the Pokemon App and gave him a harsh beating. Grumbling, he faced Naruto and asked, "Do you want to become a Pokemon Trainer? I can make you one and enjoy their powers."

Naruto nodded.

"Then what Pokemon do you want?"

Naruto rubbed his face against Vulpix's body. "I want this Pokemon."