Chapter 6: Under Investigation (1)
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The alarm went off for the 10th time and the ringing sound reverberated across the room when Okami woke up. He looked at the clock and it was almost noon.

"The heck!" Okami cursed as he hurriedly ran for the bathroom, barely avoiding Vulpix who slept on the floor and did his morning rituals. After a short ten minutes, he was finally done as his white jeans and light blue shirt adorned his body. He decided to eat lunch just beside his shop because it was already late to personally prepare his food, and he had to open the shop at 1 pm.

As soon as Okami entered the Sushi Restaurant, he was greeted by Baki who was wearing an odd white shirt and jeans. "Hey, Okami-kun. Your shop is closed for two days straight. Are you okay?"

"Hello, Baki-san. I was just busy with other things that I had to close the business to make time." Okami confirmed as he sat on the vacant chair. "I was really tired and I slept late, and now this is the price."

"Well, la-dee-dah. This is the first time it happened, what gives?"

"I've just practiced some stuff."

Baki gave him a wistful look before returning to the counter. "Don't be glum. Here, let me make your day by giving you free lunch."

"Are you serious, Baki-san?"

"Yes, of course. Since when did I lie to you?" Baki snickered as he took out a piece of paper from the drawer. "So, tell me what you want. Bill's on me."

"You're the best," Okami giggled as he cheered. "Could I choose anything I want?"

"Yes, Okami-kun. As long as the price does not exceed 1000 Ryo."

Okami scanned the menu. "Hmm, then I'd like to have some sushi and dim sum, and a bottle of lemon juice. And a slice of lettuce sandwich."

"Okay. Let me give your order to the chef." Baki took the ticket and posted it on the board as he pressed the buzzer. He then approached him after giving his order. "I'll be right back. Got to serve other customers."

"No problem, Baki-san." Okami looked at Baki as he went towards the other side of the counter.

After ten minutes, his food arrived and he ate with gusto. Okami burped in satisfaction, his belly bulging from the number of food he ate for lunch. He gave his thanks to Baki for his magnanimous act and went outside. He was surprised when he saw Iruka standing in front of his store.

"Hey, Okami-kun, are you okay? I've visited your shop this morning and it was close." Iruka smiled at him as he greeted enthusiastically.

Okami shrugged his shoulders as he went towards the door. "I slept late, Iruka-san. I never expected that I'd be that exhausted. I just woke up around noon time."

"That late?" Iruka chuckled. "Are you planning to open your shop this afternoon?"

"Yes." Okami entered his shop and Iruka followed after him. "Why are you here, Iruka-san? Don't you have class today?"

"In fact, I do. But class will resume later at 2 pm, I've still got an hour of break time."

Okami unlocked the door upon reaching the shop and entered. "That's nice of you to visit me, Iruka-san. Or do you have a request for me?"

"The truth is, the Hokage asked me to come to you and find out if you are available to meet him today," Iruka explained as he sat on a vacant chair.

"May I ask what is this all about?"

Iruka looked at the counter where the cake was displayed. "Hokage is interested to see your summons, Okami. I hope you're not angry when I informed Hokage about it."

"It's okay." Okami perused through his notebook first and continued, "I can still afford to slack for one day. Since Hokage-sama wished for it, then I'll be glad to comply."

"That's good to hear," Iruka said, his lips now smiling. "Just tell me when you are ready to go."

"Just let me prepare some things. I'd be back in a jiffy." Okami walked upstairs, entered his room, and closed it. "Now what should I do?"

Okami sat still and recounted every single thing he said yesterday. He started to practice what he would say later when he meets the Hokage, not knowing if this would be a trap of some sort. After he brought his knapsack, he then went downstairs and walked towards Iruka and asked, "Iruka-san, where is the Hokage's office?"

"It's within the Academy's vicinity."

"Could I enter the Academy?" Okami asked him while his eyes were intently fixed on Iruka's face.

Iruka stopped walking for a bit, looking disconcerted and moved once again. "Why do you want to study at the Academy?"

Okami gazed at the sky longingly, his eyes misty and red. "I remembered my dad saying that the Academy was the best training ground for aspiring ninjas. To protect what I have and what I love, and to survive this crazy world."

"You're not alone in this world, Okami-chan," Iruka reassured him. "No man is an island. Everyone needs someone to support them. Do you know the Will of Fire?"

Okami shook his head despite clearly knowing what Iruka was referring to. "What is it?"

"How should I start? Anyway, we believe that the entire village is like a large family unit and every Konoha shinobi with the Will of Fire loves, believes, cherishes, and fights to protect the village, as previous generations had done before them. This can also mean anything or anyone you want to protect. It is the core of our belief that love is the key to peace. That is the core of the Will of Fire."


Iruka smiled. "Yes, it might seem so to any people who do not have the will of fire. But the Hokage always believed in this, and the fuel that sustained him to go on despite his old age is his love for his people. In Konoha, there is a sculpture of a flame in the cemetery representing this will, it has the kanji for "Hokage", literally meaning, Fire Shadow, inscribed below it. Hashirama was also depicted sitting on a throne-like chair with a similar sculpture in the background."

Okami remembered something from his life back on Earth. "My father used to tell me which had a similar meaning to the Will of Fire."

"What is it?" Iruka asked.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

"That's a nice adage."

"My Father used to encourage me with that when I was young."

"But you're still a kid, Okami-kun."

"That I am greatly aware, Iruka-san," Okami rolled his eyes as he scolded himself in his thought due to his carelessness. "Uhm, I really want to make a difference in my life. That is the reason why I wanted to become a full-fledged ninja."

Iruka hurried his pace as they were nearing their destination. "I could ask the Hokage. After all, it's just three weeks since school started. If you're talented, you can even graduate at an earlier date."

"Thank you, Iruka-san. Am I too old to enter the Academy?"

"Most students enter the Academy at the age of eight. There are only three things that one must agree so they can be accepted."

"What are they, Iruka-san?"

Iruka grinned when he saw Okami's sincere look. "First, Love the village and hope to help preserve peace and prosperity. Then, have a mind that will not yield, able to endure hard training and work. Lastly, be healthy in mind and body."

Okami realized that they were just like the way it was in Naruto manga and Anime. Nodding, he pretended to be in daze and replied after a few minutes. "Indeed, good stuff. I am all the more interested to enroll in the Academy. And no problem with the school expenses, I can pay them."

"That you can, Okami-kun. That you can." Iruka gave him a wide smile.

Okami asked Iruka about the Academy and his students as they walked towards the Hokage's office. After passing several blocks and buildings, they arrived at a very prominent structure which Okami was very familiar with. They climbed the stairs and reached the dead end.

"So here we are. Are you ready?" Iruka looked at him with a concerned gaze.

Okami nodded. They both entered the Hokage's office. He was surprised to see a number of figures standing beside the Hokage.

"Iruka-san, I was never informed that there would be many spectators today." Okami gave him an inquisitive stare. "Am I being investigated?"

Iruka tapped his right shoulder. "No, Okami-kun. All of them are just part of Hokage-sama's defense force."

"Are you sure?" Okami looked around and saw some people wearing masks. "They looked intimidating."

"Please be assured that all of us present here are friendly. They would not be allowed by the great Hokage if they aren't."

Okami was still unconvinced, yet he did not insist on asking Iruka since he was just following the orders of his higher-ups. Without a choice, he gathered his strength and moved to the center of the room.

"Hello, Hokage-sama. And everyone else, hello," Okami greeted with his friendliest voice, eliciting a light chuckle from the Hokage.

Hizuren smiled as he touched his goatee mustache. "Are you feeling alright, Okami-kun? Don't mind them. I hope you are not intimidated."

"I'm fine, Hokage-sama," Okami declared, his eyes looking around, noticing the serious look of people. "Do I have to introduce myself?"

"It's not required, Okami-kun. But it would be deeply appreciated if you introduced yourself."

Okami took a deep breath and started, "I am Okaya Okami, and I'm 10 years old," Okami said, stopping a bit before continuing, "and I own a pastry shop just at the end corner of the village. I hope you make time and buy something from me. I need all the Ryo I can have to cover my expenses."

Some of them laughed while the others replied with a "Sure, will do," statement.

Hiruzen chuckled and nodded at him. "Maybe you are wondering why I have called you, Okami-kun. The truth is I am interested with your summons. Can you show it to us?"

Okami knew that he had to make an impression so that he could get Hiruzen's attention and show to him that he was worth nurturing or protecting. After all, he needed all the help he could get to develop slowly and the Hokage's help could make everything easier. He took out the Pokemon App from his pocket.

Hiruzen, Inoichi, and Iruka were surprised as they saw the gadget since they knew it had just disappeared yesterday. Curious, Hiruzen coughed lightly and asked, "Okami-chan, how did you find Huawei?"

Okami followed their gaze and knew instantly that they were referring to his cellphone-turned-Pokemon App. "Are you referring to this, Hokage-sama?"


"This is a memento of our clan, the Pokemon App. We, the Ketchum Clan, are very reclusive, and we like to call ourselves the Summon specialist. Although not necessary, we often times used this magic weapon as a tool to fight, enhancing our powers, just like how other ninjas used shuriken, kunai, and scrolls in their arsenal. A Pokemon App is bound to a Pokemon Summoner, so it could never be taken away from him as long as the person is alive. As soon as the owner is dead, this Pokemon App will also be destroyed."

"Can you show us your summons, Okami-kun? Do we need to transfer to another place?" Hiruzen urged him.

Okami nodded and touched the ground with his right palm as he shouted, "Summon: Caterpie" and "Summon: Vulpix". Two Pokemon appeared right at each other's side: a green worm and a brown fox. "Meet two of my summons: Caterpie and Vulpix."

Everyone looked at the creatures intently, not making any sound as if waiting for Okami to continue his demonstration.

"They are called Pokemon and they have the ability to get stronger irrespective of their summoner. There are eight Pokemon generations and eighteen Pokemon types. But from what the records in our clan say, there are still new generations that are yet undiscovered, and only powerful ninjas can access them."

"Pokemon Generations? Types? Can you explain what they mean?" Hiruzen asked.

"I can't tell you what Pokemon Generation means since it involves our clan secret. However, Pokemon types could be easily compared to chakra natures. If the chakra has wind, lightning, water, fire, and earth as its basic nature, Pokemon possesses eighteen types in existence."

"That's a great number. How many Pokemon are there in existence?" Hiruzen asked.

"As far as I know, there are more than 800 kinds of Pokemon. Too bad, I can only summon five."

Hiruzen remembered what Iruka told him and asked, "Why are there no chakra present inside the Pokemon? All living things should have one..."

"Because they are not from this world. In fact, they are from the Summons World and they do not have chakra like how we do."

Hiruzen stopped for a while before asking, "Then how do they fight?"

"I can show it to you, Hokage-sama. But it would be much easier to understand if one becomes a Pokemon Trainer."

"Pokemon Trainer?"

Okami smiled. "Yes, Hokage-sama. As long as one of the Ketchum Clan allows it, one can be a Ninja and a Pokemon trainer at the same time."

"Then one last thing. You have said that your clan has the power of prophecy. Could you show it to us, or does it involve your clan secrets as well?"

Okami was about to answer him when he saw someone whom he wished did not exist.