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{Spirit POV}

As the emblem formed, signifying the completion of the contract, I noticed that my mana was regenerating at a slower rate.

Looking around, the mana in the air doesn't have the silver sheen of the wind element. It was as white as snow, unattached to any element. If I had to guess, it was just pure mana meaning that I wouldn't be able to absorb it.

So in the name of preserving mana, I sat on Henry's shoulder. The sudden act startled him out of his daze and as he looked at me I smiled at him to try and soothe him.

But then,

"Just what is the meaning of this?!?!"

A tall blonde-haired man yelled at Henry, causing him to flinch.

"This can't be true!"

"The archmage's son summoned a lesser wind spirit."





'Is all of this,... my fault?'

The surrounding whispers start to grow with blatant disdain.

Henry faced the blonde man and stuttered out,

"F-Father... I"



Wait a second, that blonde man was his father!?!

The priest clears his throat in an attempt to alleviate the awkward atmosphere.

"I don’t mean to interrupt but it is now the next participant’s turn. I’d appreciate it if you could please move to the side."

"Y-yes, I'm sorry..."

Henry moved out of the magic circle, his voice trembling, his eyes shimmering with sadness and his tears threatening to leak.

The next participant looks to be an orphan.

People who seem to have been from the same orphanage are holding their breaths in anticipation of the orphan’s spirit summoning.

He must have grown up as well from a difficult environment. But a split second after the priest finished chanting and the magic circle shone a bright light, the scent of ozone could be sensed spreading through the room as electricity sparked through the air. 

I saw it coiled around itself but even then it was still gigantic. It was a snake with yellow scales and its eyes were glowing crimson. streams of electricity formed an emblem in the shape of a yellow snake on the orphan's right hand.

The atmosphere has changed in an opposite direction from earlier with my summoning. Cheers and shouts have erupted.

"Waaaa! A lightning element spirit beast!"

"So badass! It looks like it's ranked A or higher!"

"come to think of it, isn’t that boy quite handsome?"

"You’re right! He seems like someone who’s successfully survived against powerful adversaries!!"

"I couldn't agree more! Quite unlike a certain spoiled brat!!"




What the…

Just what…

Just what in the names of the 101 Dalmatians is going on?!

Around that time, I thought that it couldn't get any worse for Henry. Boy was I wrong.

"Marvelous!!!" Henry's father shouted. He walks towards the orphan’s direction with his head up high.

"You will probably be the one who will succeed me in the future with such a high-ranked spirit beast! Boy, what is your name!?"

"Huh…? My name is Ainsley."

"I am Robert. The archmage Robert Lockhart."

"What!? That's incredible !?"

"Now listen, if you want to, why don’t you stay by my side? You’ll be able to become a world-renowned archmage!"

"Me? become an archmage…? Is that possible!?"

"Of course it is. I am sure that what allowed you to grow strong even in such a challenging and shoddy environment will become a great source of power!"




For some reason, I felt like something was straining at the back of my heart. Like something that couldn't be fixed is about to break.


Henry's eyes were wide in disbelief. His body was trembling like a fawn and cold sweat poured from his skin.

"Oh Henry, you're still here?"

Robert said with clear disinterest.

"I'll let it slide. Perhaps you can at least be useful as Ainsley’s target. You will serve him and complete his errands from now on."


I felt like I heard the sound of a structure made of glass breaking in the back of my mind. Henry is hyperventilating and I can hear his heart rapidly beating again and again.

"If you're not satisfied then you should leave immediately. You have been a completely worthless waste of my time. The time has come for you to stand alone."

With those parting words, he threw us out of the church.

'did all of this happen to him because I responded to his summons?'

As I was wallowing in my regrets Henry quickly ran as fast as he could. The sudden acceleration caught me off guard and I fell off his shoulder losing him in the crowd.

Instead of looking around, I tried to sense the emblem on Henry's hand. With that, I found him in a broken-down shed in the middle of the woods.

As I entered through the window I saw him holding his knees while silently crying. I felt the sadness in my heart and my guilt for ruining his life increased.

So instead of running away, I decided to take responsibility for my actions. I sat down next to him and hugged him. A hug that only barely covers his arm but a hug nonetheless.

After a while, he started calming down, and his breathing and heartbeat started to normalize.

He looked at me with eyes red from crying. I closed my eyes in preparation for if he hit me, I wouldn't be hurt by it but I was still terrified of the prospect. But instead of that, I felt his fingers pat my head. I opened my eyes and looked at him in his now empty eyes which were once bright with joy.

And then,

"Thank you."






'Why do you thank me?'

'I ruined your life didn't I?!'

'so why are you thanking me?!?!?'

I cried out, uncaring of the fact that whatever I said he wouldn't be able to hear.

The next thing I knew he already picked me up and carried me in his embrace.

 He then chuckled and said,

"I thought I'm supposed to be the one crying and you're supposed to be the one comforting me."

We giggled a little and the atmosphere felt lighter. I made a gentle breeze to wipe away his tears.

"Oh right, I haven't checked my status yet."

He then opened his status screen while I sat on his lap and took a peek, I already knew his status but I wanted to see if anything had changed.


Name: Henry

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Level: 1

Health: 100%

Mana: [4/4]

Strength: 50


Agility: 30

Wisdom: 50






Name: (none)

Gender: Female

Species: lesser wind spirit

Mana: [1945/2000]

Mana generation: [0.04/sec]


[lesser wind authority]

[wind’s manifestation]



Henry read through the status screen and then stopped for a bit for some reason. I looked up at him in confusion when he asked me.

"You don't have a name?"

I nodded to his question. I might have had a name in my previous life, but I forgot. Besides, this is a new life, I should probably get a new name.

"A name, ... What about Windy?"

'Windy is awesome. sure, why not!'

I smiled and nodded vigorously.


Name: Windy

Gender: Female

Species: lesser wind spirit

Mana: [1947/2000]

Mana generation: [0.04/sec]


[lesser wind authority]

[wind’s manifestation]