Chapter 01
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- "So you plan to... to go back and reject the letter?"

- "Yes. All our problems started with that letter."

- "They go back a long way, and you know it Harry" - Alessa looked at her brother taking another sip of her firewhiskey, and then sprawled dejectedly on the couch - "If we go along with your plan... what would we do?"

Alessa decided to play along with her brother as they finished their 4th bottle of whiskey in the dark in the living room of Potter Manor.

No doubt the manor saw better days, and the brothers decided to repair it a year after the war, like all their other properties; for the first time, they saw everything related to their inheritance and learned about many things, mainly the things Dumbledore did, manipulated and lied, and not only to them.... all for their "greater good", the death of their parents, the imprisonment and death of Sirius, the miserable life of Severus, the terrible fate of their friend Neville's parents and the lack of real action for their treatment, the extremist confrontation between houses, the constant decadence in education, the obscurantism in-laws, magic and information along with the holidays and traditions, among many more things... the worst of them the creation of Voldemort.

Harry's tired sigh brought Alessa back to reality.

- "I would save Sirius.... all of them" - He replied, his voice breaking.

- "You can't save them all. Even if you go back in time, it doesn't guarantee their salvation" -Alessa's voice came out tired and mechanical, as if this discussion had taken place several times before.

- "I could try" - The tears were already running down his face.

Alessa sighed as she put her glass on the table and approached with great difficulty to the armchair where her brother was.

- "Harry, none of their deaths are your fault" - She said slowly, so the alcohol wouldn't interfere with what she wanted to say - "Their lives, their decisions, and their actions, none of that was your... our responsibility, much less their deaths. If there is anyone truly responsible for their death, for the creation of such a situation, it was Dumbledore."

The mention of their former mentor, who betrayed them in the worst way, caused Harry to break down and cry, for the first time in years Harry cried.

He cried for the betrayal of the one he loved like a grandfather; he cried for the death of Sirius, the death of Remus, of Fred and many friends and schoolmates, the death of Dobby, the death of Hedwig; he cried for the injustice of his childhood, for the mistreatment, for the lies; he cried for his ignorance, for his lack of control in his own life; He wept for the same misery, pain and loss that his sister suffered; he wept for his impossibility of a normal and peaceful life; he wept for his godson and his future life without his parents and the injustice of this; and finally he wept for the weariness and heaviness that burdened his soul. He cried himself to sleep in the arms of his sister, who also cried silently, trying to be strong to be her brother's support at that moment.

The next morning surprised the Potter siblings with an uncomfortable backache from falling asleep on the couch, coupled with a heavy hangover; they woke up tired, uncomfortable, and sore.

They quietly got up and went to their rooms, took their eternities under the hot water of their showers, and then changed and went downstairs for breakfast, although because of the time, it would be lunch.

The house elves belonging to the Potter family, who survived so many years without a Head of the Family, served them their meal in silence, along with a hangover potion, and then withdrew to continue with their duties, usually, they would stay and talk to their masters, but knowing the amount of alcohol they consumed the night before they decided not to talk if it wasn't necessary.

Without much desire to face the world the brothers managed to join their friends, those who survived, at the Ministry of Magic to present themselves at the ceremony where they would receive their medals, they had to delay the delivery of the Order of Merlin for a year because they refused to receive them until they gave it to Remus, as if they gave it to those who died in the battle of Hogwarts, just because he was a werewolf.

Once at the ministry they only talked and hung out with their friends and acquaintances, they didn't feel like putting up with the hypocrisy of the others, much less with the reporters with everything they had to live through because of them, they could barely tolerate their presence in the same room.

Throughout the ceremony and the rest of the day, Alessa kept thinking about the idea that came up in the drunkenness of the night before, and not just thinking about it as a cluster of the typical "what if" thought, but as a real possibility... what they would need, how they would do it and what consequences it would bring, especially for those they left behind.

- "I'll get it" - She said out of the blue to her brother once they were in the privacy of their home.

- "Sure" - He answered truthfully and confidently, - "but what do you mean?"

- "What we talk about last night" - Seeing the confusion in her brother's expression, she continued, - "Going back to the past and rejecting the Hogwarts letter."

It was three years later when Alessa returned home, and retiring her ineffable robe, she told her brother that she had achieved her goal but with certain conditions.

- "We would create an alternate timeline, and we would live in it with the consequences of the changes we cause, and most importantly we can never return to this reality" - That comment hit the thoughts of realization of his brother - "If we do, we will die in this reality and no change we make in the past will alter this present, the dead will remain dead."

Silence settled in the study as Harry leaned back against the back of his chair, staring at the ceiling as he mentally evaluated the pros and cons of the trip.

- "If we do it... What would it be like, how would we do it?"

- "With a ritual. Our mind would attach itself to our soul, and we would transmigrate to our versions of the past creating an alternate reality, so we would die in the present everything would go on as normal, and our friends would mourn our death, mourn, and go on with their lives. I have also made the same ritual destroy the place where it is performed so that no one will know what we did thinking that we died in a fire in the mansion caused by accident; and if someone in my work suspects, no one will be able to replicate what we did because all my research on the subject will be destroyed by fire."

- "You thought of all the details" - He sighed resignedly and with some amusement - "As usual."

- "Someone had to guarantee our survival. We also have to prepare many things before leaving, like my will."

After that she left to take a shower and rest before dinner, it had been a long day at work, more when she added her secret investigation and in parallel, using the resources available in the department of mysteries.

- "We have a lot to do starting tomorrow" - Harry stated decisively to Alessa as she sat down for dinner.

- "I have some ideas already thought of."

They spent the rest of the dinner refining the details, they decided that their titles of Lord Potter (belonging to Alessa) and Lord Black (belonging to Harry) would pass to Teddy (Harry's godson) as well as all the corresponding patrimonial inheritances as if he were their biological son, they would destine some of their properties to Harry's projects that are about to be realized as the magical orphanage and the magical primary to integrate before 11 to the children of muggles.

Part of the money from their estates would be put in special accounts for the maintenance of the projects, as well as scholarships for master's degrees, research funding, and medical advances, among other projects; these accounts would be constantly monitored by the goblins so that no one would take advantage of them. In their will, they would also leave certain amounts of money to their friends.

A few weeks after that dinner, the magical community would wake up to the tragic news of the death of their favorite war heroes, the death of the Potter siblings due to a fire of uncertain origin, but with the strong theory that it was accidental.





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