A weird scenario
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So the thing I required at last came to me. I am free emotionally and physically. That incident was my first and last attempt to do something; rather than accepting my situation, I was going to try something different than accepting the situation. Either way, I was going to die and now I can finally rest in peace. Away from all responsibilities, away from all shackles; just eternal rest.

Hmm... what's happening? Why can I still think? Isn't the soul that has performed all its duties provided eternal rest? (It is mentioned in my religion, so please don't ask why.) Why am I still not allowed to have eternal rest? And what's happening? Why am I feeling a pull from my soul towards a certain direction? Is it rebirth? I shouldn't have been reborn this fast; it just felt like a few moments.

"Come here, son." A heavenly voice called me. Feeling my soul floating towards that voice, I tried to stop it, but it seems impossible. It seems my soul has no power to resist the attraction. So I just went with the flow and started to go towards the voice, and when I reached close to that voice, I saw a massive beam of light encroaching on me and making me comfortable. Soon, that light carried me to the source of that voice.

"So, my son, you are welcome to my abode, and sorry for disturbing your rest." The man with the heavenly voice replied. "So, who are you, and please don't tell me you have done something that eventually caused my death," Adi replied with a joke.

"Nah, it's too old for logic and it's used to fool the fools."

"So why have you brought me here? A god like you, what work possibly could you want me to do?" Adi asked.

"So, what do you think you could provide me?" God asked with a smirk.

"Nothing, I guess. You are omnipotent and omniscient, after all," Adi replied.

"What makes you believe to think so?" God asked.

"Well, I am dead, and my ego should have long been dissipated, but here I am talking to you. What else could it prove?"

"Nah, I am not omnipotent nor omniscient, just a being with power comparable to your sun. After all, if I try hard, I can destroy your sun, but there are beings much more powerful than me in this universe. So yes, they can destroy me in a second. I am among the lower trend of those beings. You called us gods because we could do something unimaginable in your terms, but we are just beings who are capable of harnessing universal energy, which you humans have forgotten the way to use."

Why is he giving me this information for free? Adi thought. There is no free lunch in this world. As to gain something, you have to lose something, for example: you want riches, then normally you have to have talent in business as well as dedicate your time to manage it. In this way only you could become rich, or you can have insane luck which keeps you rich. Or we can take another example that is you want first place in your class test? Then either study or use some non-ethical way. In both cases, you are using your time to plan and how to develop, and any single mistake could cause the failure of the result.


Adi was right on the track, as the being in front of him could make him disappear with just a breath. He could feel the power oozing from him, and this being was talking amiably to an ant like Adi, who didn't even have a body. It was absurd, and Adi found it funny too. It make no sense that a powerful being will need the help of a mortal being and also help not ordered, it is like a sceaneario from a third-rate film .

This event could only mean two scenarios: either he was a being higher than the being in front of him, reincarnated on Earth for fun without his memories, or the being needed something that he couldn't do himself. And seeing that Adi couldn't overpower him, it could only mean the latter.

"So, how is my place?" the being asked.

"Would you like to hear the truth or a lie?" Adi asked. Not afraid in the slightest from the tone of the god.

"Funny you could still joke. Hmm... truth, I guess," the being replied.

"Well, it feels a little worn down, like it was heavenly but now in ruins," Adi replied.

The being looked astounded and surprised and then laughed maniacally. "Hahahahahaaaa… you, a mortal being who has just died and has lived not even a fraction of my age, could still talk!"

"So, why have you called me, as a lowly mortal has no permission nor any luck to gaze upon you in my life, but now I am here in your abode after my death. It must be for a cause, right?" Adi asked, trying to sound confident.As he himself could not fanthom why this being has called himself here.

The being just smiled and didn't reply to anything.

"Why are you not answering?" Adi asked.

"When there is a being whom you could destroy with a glare, talking back to you, what do you want to happen?" the being asked, with a hint of mockery in his voice.

"The being perishes," Adi replied calmly with no fear in his voice as the being is talking to him without destroying him means only one thing and that is this being needs him. 

"Then what do you think should be done to you?" the being asked, smiling.

"You need me," Adi replied confidently.

"Why should I need you?" the being asked.

"You need me," Adi replied again, even more confidently.

"I don't need anything from you," the being replied with a high and mighty tone.

"You need me," Adi replied once more.

"Okay, you win. Yes, I need you," the being said with a helpless smile.

Adi smiled, thinking that his wager paid off. He was very nervous as the being in front of him could obliterate him, and reaching such a conclusion with these few clues required massive courage. If he got his bet wrong, the consequences might have been dire.

"So, why have you summoned me?" Adi asked.

"You know you will die with your attitude, so let's begin with my introduction. My name is @#@$@$, or you could also call me Alpha. I am a being with millions of years of age from your solar time, and I am not the one summoning you," the Alpha replied.

"So, if you have not summoned me, then what's the reason that I am called upon you?"

"There is going to be a universal competition by the universe creator, and those who have star-levelled strength are allowed to participate in it. And my player is going to be you! Each participant can only have one player, and those players are the deceased souls of your planet, randomly selected. That's why I am talking with you," the Alpha replied.

"That's a lot to take. Why Earth? Why not any other planet? And there are beings in the universe that are capable of such feats. It's really unimaginable. So, that's the reason I am in this mess," Adi said, feeling overwhelmed.

"Well, the game is tomorrow, and each participant can grant just one wish to their player. The wish can be anything, and the participants are not allowed to inform their player about what type of game will be played. Additionally, participants can answer only one question from their player, just one question," the being replied.

"What's the reward for this event?" Adi asked.

"Well, I cannot disclose all the details since it's not just about the event. The rewards belong to both the participant and the player. The player will be promoted to a top-star levelled being, and the participant's one major realm will be upgraded. However, this realm must be below creator level," the alpha replied.

"The rewards are worth fighting for," Adi replied.

"But it's not our turn to win as there are many other beings much stronger than me. They will prepare their players to be ready for anything and give them their best help. So, yeah, we are just for show," the alpha replied in a defeated tone.

"Don't worry. I will try to win for you," Adi replied with a smile.

"Hmm… let's hope for the best," the alpha replied, still not sounding very confident.