Chapter 5 : Birth
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It was a dark and humid place filled with various liquids. I felt so small that it was indescribable. It was as if I was cramped in a place devoid of light and touch. I couldn't seem to maintain my consciousness, and it felt as if my soul power (Alpha introduced this concept to me while training) was being spent on something I couldn't describe. Unable to stay conscious, I decided to go to sleep.

Days later, when I regained consciousness, I tried to figure out the reason for my depleting soul power. Alpha had told me that one's soul power was always present in one's soul, and if it was being spent, then my soul power was doing something. But what could it be doing while I was in my mother's womb?

In my opinion, it could only be helping in the construction of my new body. So, I thought of a way to assist in the process. The only way I could think of was to be unconscious and allow the body to draw all the necessary materials required for the construction of the body in its instinctive state. If I remained conscious, I would waste my valuable soul energy.

Before sleeping, I imposed my willpower on my soul to choose only the best materials, whether they be genetics or cells for my bodily construction. I knew it would require extra energy, but as the firstborn of one of the elders, my mother should not be restricted in the amount of food she could eat.

Alpha had explained to me that everything requires energy, and the stunt I was pulling might require a massive amount of energy since I was imposing my will on my soul. However, every sentient being could impose any condition on their soul if their will was strong enough. Even if my will was not strong enough, I would still have a considerable boost in my bodily structure. Rather than performing in the instinctive state, my soul power was taking the initiative to make my cells the best that the situation provided.

Additionally, my mother would benefit from this too, as her body was inhabiting mine, and my great bodily structure could improve her cells, thereby improving her life. During pregnancy, the mother and child are closely connected, and scientific studies have shown that if the mother has any injuries, the unborn child will send stem cells to heal the injury. I tried to console myself with this thought for making my mother's life harder.

I knew that I had to use every opportunity to improve myself since there would be thousands of players doing various things to get stronger, and they could be rebirthed into any timeline. Some might even have been reborn into different creatures to avoid aging, like the Toad Sage or the Snake Sage, and some might even be reincarnated into the tailed beasts themselves, making them practically immortal. Therefore, making myself stronger was vital. Heck some would even try to birth at the same time as god of otsutsuki giving them immense time and opportunity to increase their strength as well as particularly immortal.

After thinking about all of this, I wandered off to the world of sleep, waiting for my birth.

After an unknown period, someone suddenly slapped my buttocks, and my body instinctively started to cry. I didn't know what had happened to me.

To put it into perspective, it was like someone was sleeping, and someone else slapped them in the face. At first, they would feel uncomfortable, and then anger would rise in them. The same thing happened to me. I felt confused and flabbergasted, but after a while, I remembered my situation, let it go, and went along with my instinctive bodily reaction.

My body knew exactly what to do as it was encoded in the cells of every living creature to instinctively know how to survive after birth. As I opened my eyes, I saw several women with white eyes wiping away the mucus and blood from my body, speaking in a language that was foreign to me. "Looks like I'll have to learn the language myself," I thought, amused by the idea.


After the women cleaned me up, they wrapped me in a soft bath towel and placed me in the arms of a woman with white eyes. The enclosed women was seeing me as her most prized possession in the world. Looking at her, I immediately knew she was my mother. She held me close, her eyes shining with love, and I felt safe and content in her embrace.

I can't maintain my consciousness for much longer time in the new born state. I always felt sleepy, it may be caused due to the fact that my body is forming a permanent connection to my soul. This may be the reason that newborns are not able to stay awake longer and also they can't seem to have the control of their body and their body always relied on the instinctual action.

As days went by, I slowly began to explore my surroundings. The room we were in was sparsely furnished, with only a few paintings on the wall and inscriptions in a language that I still couldn't understand. I noticed that we were lying on a simple mattress on the ground and that the windows were too high for me to see outside.

But as I grew stronger, I realized that being a baby was not without its challenges. My soul energy was depleting faster than I expected, but I found that my thoughts were much clearer now that I was outside my mother's womb.  I had to conserve my energy, so I began to strategize.

As the elder's son of the Hyuga clan, I knew that I would receive certain benefits, including protection from enemy forces and access to resources like food and medicine. I also knew that my talent would be nurtured and developed, but I had to be careful not to attract too much attention.

Also this is one of the perks of being born in ancient family such as Hyuga. If you are born high enough You will get more than what you deserve.


If I showed too much exceptional talent, the patriarch himself might take notice of me and see me as a threat. And with other players in this fictional world, I couldn't afford to expose myself too much, as they might try to kill me indirectly.

And I am sure some player may have chosen the 'six paths era' as who will miss the chance to learn from the god of the world himself. 

Heck I am sure that some fools may even tried to seduce the Kaguya and take her as a mistress. Well there is no shortage of such fools in the history. I hope they could not survive the octothorpe.

 I decided to play it safe for now and enjoy my life as a baby. Sleep, eat, repeat—what could be better? And as I grew, I savoured the love of my parents, who doted on me and cherished me as their precious son.

I also noticed that my soul energy was adapting to my new body much faster than I expected. It was as if my body was attuning itself to my soul, making it stronger and more resilient. In a few years, my body would be completely mine.

As I lay there, content in my mother's embrace, I wondered what adventures lay ahead of me. But for now, I was happy to be a baby, experiencing the love and care of my parents without any conditions or expectations. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, knowing that whatever the future held, I was ready for it.


Also I don't know why should reincarnation's should not feel good about being a baby. It is such a nice experience and they will never going to get such experience again without any condition attached. Guess their bad luck to not have found joy in this small thing.