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Time skip 1 year later.

A lot has happened during this year. There is both good and bad news for me during this time period. My father has stayed for nearly a year, and the by-product of his stay is that there is going to be an extra member in our family. 

A few days from now, my brother is going to be born into this world. I just hope he is not a player; otherwise, I don't want to harm my brother. This is the good news, and the bad news is that my Chakra is growing too fast.

It has been a year since the start of the training. I am now more than 6 years old. It has been a strange experience for me during this time as my Chakra reserves have been boosted massively compared to the time of awakening.

It is generally normal for the kid to have their chakra increasing massively after the awakening, but not to this extent, as my Chakra has put even genins to fail. My Chakra reserves are now equal to a 10-year-old Hyuga with eyes opened.

But there is a problem as the corresponding quality increase of the genin Chakra has not happened to my Chakra. You see, when the chakra increases over a certain quantity, then its corresponding quality will also increase. But it has not happened to me.

The quality of the Chakra is very important to an individual, as the more quality a Chakra possesses, the more durable it will be and the more easily it can change reality and perform supernatural feats such as the formation of a Fire World or Water Tsunami, etc.

In the Anime, during the Fourth Ninja War, you can see that a single fire release of the 'ghost of Uchiha' Madara Uchiha required hundreds of ninja's water release to vanquish it. Similarly, the tailed beast bomb of the seven-tailed beast combined rival only to the half nine-tailed beast bomb during the Fourth Ninja Great War.

It signifies the importance of the quality of chakra as my chakra is now presently two times that of ordinary genins, but if the situation arises, and in a standoff against any of their jutsu, I will ultimately fail as my Chakra Quality is not equal to theirs.

My only hope to win is using my Chakra reserves as the War of attribution, leading to the exhaustion of my opponents' Chakra reserves.

Increasing Quality also has one more optimal effect on Chakra, as it makes the control of the Chakra easier compared to the newbie state. The higher the quality of Chakra, the higher your control will be on your Chakra. Let's not forget that Chakra control can also be increased by training, but it will have minimal effect on the quality of Chakra.

The quality of the chakra is one of the most important reasons that most ninjas cannot defeat the disparity of the major realm of Ninja.

And it is also the reason that Kage level is considered the peak of the normal ninja level, as to surpass this peak one must have Chakra rivalling the tailed beast and also they must have contact with Natural Energy. 

As Kage quality level energy is the limit a Human physique can bear without endangering its host, and more advanced forms of Energy required special body parts.

We can see this by considering the example of Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. One has an immortal physique capable of healing any fatal wounds in seconds, and the other has an Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan eye that requires two sets of eyes and both must have some kind of blood relation. 

Both the physique of the Senju and the eye of the Uchiha can communicate with the natural energy, thereby manipulating it to do their bidding. 

Without the Sage mode or Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, both Madara and Hashirama will be Kage-level Ninja. To make them SUPER KAGE Level, it requires something special, a special thing to manipulate the natural energy in the surrounding nature.

(In the Anime, it has not shown us about this ability of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, but as we know that during the Mangekyou eye stage, a user requires eye power to maintain its eye abilities, but during the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan stage, it doesn't need eye power at all!!! According to me, the eye manipulates the natural energy of the world rather than eye powers to maintain its usage and also to have more power than its normal usage, as we know the quality of normal chakra is much worse than the Natural energy.)

In the Vedas, it is clearly written that the energy of a body will increase its quality over time, and only if you have certain quality then you can be called a warrior of a certain Calibre. In the Vedas, warriors are ranked as the order of Adirathi<Rathi<Addhirathi< Maharathi.

Each warrior has an energy quality of different calibre, and the last of them can even use weapons rivalling the power of nuclear weapons. Means they are walking nuclear bombs. But each stage also requires certain quality and versatility of their respective energy.

This is also the reason that despite having more Chakra due to their genetics, the members of any family cannot easily defeat any being who is a major realm above them. Also, if the quantity of Chakra determines the outcome, then the Uzumaki would be the king of the Ninja world. As they have the highest amount of Chakra in their family genetics.

This is the reason my quality of Chakra has been a major concern for me as it separates me from regular kids, pointing out my specialty, and also due to this, I have started to get noticed in the clan. I hope I can survive my childhood without any assassination.

Now the situation of the Hyuga Clan is rather peaceful. Due to the peace settlement with the Uchiha Clan a year ago, this year has been a rare year of peace in this warring state period. 

There were some skirmishes here and there, but nothing major, and it has been left to the other elders to handle such things.

During this time period, I also tried to awaken my left Vein "Ida nadi" as my first nadi, as it represents mental energy. In the last year, I have tried countless times to fully awaken it, but all have been without fail. 

I think that possessing limitless talent would make my work easier, but it seems I was dead wrong; it is hard, very hard. I always feel mental attacks due to the inability to open it.

I am missing something, something vital for awakening my left vein. Well, time will tell as I do not have the ability to see through this.

"Come eat dinner, Adi," my maa said, disrupting my thoughts.

"Coming, Maa," I said, rushing to eat my dinner.

While descending the stairs, I noticed my mother's protruding belly. It appeared as though it could burst out at any moment. However, my mother had a serene expression on her face, overflowing with motherhood. 

I was quite envious of my unborn brother as he would be taking my share of love from her. He would have her all to himself, and I couldn't help feeling jealous.

How did I know that the baby was a boy? Well, I could thank my dad's Byakugan for that, as nothing escapes his eyes.

"Maa, is it difficult to have a baby?" I asked my mother.

"Yes, it's very difficult. My back is aching so much," my mother answered.

"Why don't you give half of the pain to dad?" I suggested, genuinely thinking it could be possible in the Ninja world.

My father, who was eating rice, suddenly started coughing and then glared at me, warning me not to go any further than that, or I would be punished tomorrow. My mother started laughing and explained that it was not possible as it was the duty of the mother.

And so, the day passed. The next day was going as normal, my father was training me, and my mother was resting in a room. 

Suddenly, my mother started wailing in pain. My father immediately became a blur, and when I reached my mother, he was already there, helping her.

"Adi, quick! Go Call the doctor," my father said.

Without wasting any second, I ran towards the doctor. Since we were in the same compound, I reached quite fast and immediately told her about the situation. She took her tools and started rushing to my house.

After seeing the condition of my mother, she immediately said, "She is having labour; we have to do the operation now."

She instructed the maids of the house to prepare the necessary items for the procedure. Then she instructed us to go outside the room.

My father objected, but he, along with me, was thrown outside the room. I could hear my mother wailing and the doctor shouting, not giving up.

My mother was in so much pain; it seemed that her eyes would pop out. Was this the price for a new individual to be born, or was this a song played before the arrival of a baby in this world that is full of pain?

I didn't know how much time had passed; I didn't know what torture my mother had gone through. Suddenly, there was no noise. For me, it seemed as though the world had stopped. 

The wind lost its speed, the sound lost its frequency, and the light lost its brightness. And then, it happened - a baby's cry rang throughout the house, and it seemed as though the world had regained its color.

I was happy. I didn't know whether it was due to the birth of my brother or the survival of my mother, but I was happy. I wanted to savour this moment, as at this moment, I was truly happy. 

When my mother's voice stopped, it seemed to me as though the end of this world was near. But now, every colour in this world seemed vibrant to me. I had never seen the world as beautiful as it is today.

My father and I went to my mother after the doctor approved that there was no risk to either my mother or my brother. When we entered the room, we were both mesmerized by the scene before us.

My mother was tired and exhausted, her hair unkempt, her face full of sweat, but still smiling. The rays of the evening sun illuminated both of their faces, caressing my new born brother.

And then my father started walking towards my mother and then he put his hands on my mother's shoulder and looked at the baby and at this moment, it seems someone has drawn a picture, a heavenly art that no words can describe, I now feel that it is this moment that my life in this world that can offer best.

Suddenly my father calls me and then he told me to touch my brother. I have never touched a new born before but now I feel I can do this. When my hand touched my brother. An electrical shock goes through my body. 

It seems something has developed in my body. I don't know what it is and I ignored it for now as the most that matters for me is my brother now.

"His name is going to be Asahi Hyuga" My father declared.

I looked at my brother now Asahi and let out a heartful smile.