Chapter 11: Tranning
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1 year later

It has been a year since my brother was born. I have gradually discovered that now I have truly something to love, something to which I can happily give my life. It is like a feeling or an emotion that one gets when they have something to protect. My brother is something that I want to protect at any cost.

It makes me think that I am similar to the character of Itachi Uchiha, A person who killed his entire clan just to protect the safety of his brother. But unlike him, I will not make my brother go through this ordeal to make him strong. I will be strong enough to bend the world according to my will and then give the world to him.

This year was quite eventful for both me and our family. First, the birth of my brother makes the mood of both our family and our clan eventful; second, I have finally had some Improvement in my cultivation as I have accessed my Left vein (Ida Nadi); and third, my father has finally taken on the responsibility of the elder.

An heir of the elder has to be In practise before taking on his elder's duties. The war with the Uchiha was a kind of test for my father, and my father has performed exceptionally well, so with the approval of the elders, he was approved to have the duties and rights of our ancestors.

In this period of time, my strength also rose at a terrifying pace. I already have the gennin quality of chakra, and the amount of chakra in my body is at least 10 times that of a normal gennin. I can feel my strength increasing every day. Because of this, my father has started to teach me basic clan techniques.

I can't seem to grasp the chakra control easily. It seems that the increase of chakra can't let me easily control my chakra. It requires extensive and large amount of training to control my chakra. I can't even stick the leaves to my forehead; which is like basic kindergarten chakra exercise.  

Since I can't control my Chakra, my father has given me the time to practise physical exercises. So during this period of time, I was only practising the physical exercises of the Hyuga Clan. Hyuga clan techniques are built in such a way that they encompass the all-round growth of a clan member. It helps in increasing the physical growth of the Hyuga physique and also improves the mental energy of the body of the technique practitioner. It only works on Hyuga Physique as it requires Byakugan to operate at its full functionality, and it also helps to open the eyes of a non-opened Byakugan Individual.

But this exercise is not very useful in later stages as the rate of improvement of mental energy is very slow and it can't be compared to the progress of physical energy as it is very hard to control. Other than our clan techniques, there are no physical exercises that have the capability to enhance mental power.

Mental energy helps in the opening of the Byakugan eyes of the clan member. According to Clan records, every clan member is required to reach the prerequisite limit of mental power to unlock their Byakugan. This limit is different for each person and may vary depending on the purity of the bloodline, but still, among the clan, ninety percent of the clan members are able to open their Byakugan, which proves the efficiency of this exercise. The Uchiha Clan had only a 40–50 percent eye opening rate in the warring state period, which further cements the position of this technique.

Every individual needs a different amount of Mental energy to unlock their respective Byakugan, and the earlier the eye opens, the better. As they can learn Clan techniques much earlier than their peers, it also means they have a massive advantage in terms of the quality of their eyes and mental powers.

At the moment of my brother's birth, something awakened in me—some emotional connection that I can't describe—and due to this, my Ida Nadi (Left Vein) awakened. It seems like you need some kind of mental turmoil, some kind of mental simulation, to awaken Ida nadi (Left vein). But it seems I can only awaken it for a few seconds, and then I will feel massive headaches.

After opening my Ida Nadi, my mental energy seemed to increase at a very fast rate for a few weeks, then calmed down. Ida Nadi represents Mental energy, so it makes sense that my mental energy increases at a faster rate. It has endless benefits for me as I will awaken my Byakugan before the required period, my Chakra quantity and quality will increase, and I will be a bit smarter than before. Also, my chakra control has increased to the point where I can do the basic exercises, and it seems I am a bit smarter than before.

It is the season of winter, and the snow is draped over all the buildings of Hyuga compound. It has been a few months since the birth of my brother, and everything is going well now. My brother and Mother are healthy, My father is doing his elder's work properly, and my Chakra quality has finally upgraded to the elite genin or special chunin rank.

My increase in Chakra quality is due to the opening of my "Ida nadi" (left vein), and during this month I have been able to maintain this "Ida nadi" many times, but it doesn't feel right. It seems something is missing, and it should not be this way. My practise with yoga and Kundalini Shakti has not progressed since that awakening moment.

It seems that I will have to forget about this for a while and look for different things to improve my strength. Now, I think I will focus on clan techniques and records of various ninjutsu. My photographic memory still helps me; I have to master the theoretical knowledge as much as possible. Who knows what the future has in store for us? I will do this until my seventh birthday, which is a few months away.

A few months later

It has been a few months, and I am going to finally celebrate my seventh birthday tomorrow. This is going to be epic, as I can now finally summon myself to war at any time. You see, during the Warring States period, children under the age of seven were sent to the war. It is an unofficial rule not to send any child to war before the age of seven. So, in a sense, I am eligible to go to war at any time now, but I don't think that it is going to happen as I am an elder's child.

In these two months, I have completed many of my pending tasks. One of the most important is to have decent Chakra control ability due to my ever-increasing chakra. My Chakra control was poor, but now that I have opened My "Ida Nadi,", It is increasing, albeit at a slow speed, but nonetheless, I can control my chakra, not like before, where I had only chakra but was not able to use it. My physical quality has also increased at a massive rate; now my physical body can rival that of a normal Chunin, and I am seven years old. During these two months, I have also visited the clan library quite often, photocopying all possible basic ninja techniques in my mind using my photographic memory.


Today is my birthday, and my house is full of many relatives. Also, my little brother is attending as his health is fine now. There were many well-wishers, and now I am officially 7 years old, a mini-adult. All was done beautifully, and after the party was over and the guests left the house, I am very happy with these seven years, and if I had a system, my stats would look like this:


Name -                                     Adi Hyuga

Chakra Quality -                      Elite genin/ Special Chunin

Chakra quantity-                     Normal jonin

Physical Body-                         Hyuga clan Chunin

Kundalini Awakening-            Ida nadi accomplished

Present battle powers-           Normal Chunin

Ninja techniques-                    Zero

Battle Techniques-                   Hyuga main branch Taijutsu