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i had just been playing the final mission of gta5 i had to choose which of the characters i had to kill but i did not want to kill any of them since i could relate with each of them ,but before i completed the mission my Xbox exploded , it might have been due to the heavy use 3 days of non stop gaming the shrapnel from the explosion hit me head giving me an instant death.AN what a sad way to die
i opened my eyes to see were i was , i was in a white hall, i heard a voice welcome to the hall of reincarnation the will of worlds will choose were you will go as a roulate wheel came up from the floor lots of different worlds were written on it , some i really wanted but i was hoping to go to the world of transformers but it landed on marvel well there is no hope because sweet purple potato will be coming to kill of halve of the life in the universe the cheat will be selected now omnitrix, super strength, gta cheats , zampakuto, magic i chose the gta cheats , they had a lot of potential within them so i would be able to go toe to toe with purple sweet potato .
your reincarnation will begin now ; a white light glowed it blinded me as i closed my eyes , i opened my eyes i found that i was currently resting on a bench in the park , i tried to re call the events of the persons body but i only felt pain but i slowly began to recall the memories , the body belonged to William long he was a investor in the stock market , he had just placed his money on stark industries , he was worried since tony stark was said to have been kidnapped and missing so it would be a loss to him, he had no family, girlfriend or pet he was all alone well this will do me well , i need to improve this body but i currently have no cash at all , make me rich i thought as i received a notification from my phone a million dollars had just been deposited , i decided to do it a few more times and the balance in my account was around ten million , i headed to a clothing store and got some new clothes and a few more i would call the shop to deliver the rest of the clothes after i bout a new house .
i got a taxi and headed for the car dealer ship , i wanted to buy a car so i would not have to summon cars around i paid for the taxi and headed into the store , i was welcomed at the reception , i looked at the cars but i ended up buying a an Audi r8 since it fitted my style and was cool as well , i looked up some mansions and found a six million dollar mansion , it was in Malibu hills so i decided to but it , since people would want to live there after tony revealed he was the iron man so i bought the house and paid no expense to have it fully furnished ,i headed for a hotel taking the presidential suit .