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i looked through them hmm killing of the mayor of the city yeah that will do nicely as i got on my harley and headed to were the mayor was going to be giving a speech , he was one of furrys supporters in the shadows nata tools as a sniper riffle was in my hands i adjusted the scope and looked at the mayor as he was about to cut the ribbon on a new governmental building i took aim and shot him in the head right between the eyes as he fell to the ground i decided to leave before i was caught up with some thing but as i was about to jump off the building i was kicked on the side as i rolled to the ground i quickly got up to come face to face with the black widow in her tight fitting combat suit .
i quickly avoided a punch as i dodge her , we began to exache blos showing ho proficient in arms she was , , pulled out a taser and tassed her on the leg as she fell to the ground well if only you had been a bit more stronger natasha as i hit her with the back of my riffle knocking her out i picked her up , i removed her coms and other things that might be used to track her and left them three with a message to furry as i summon a doge hell cat i placed her in the trunk and fled the screen upon returning to my hide out , i removed her combat suit , there were lots of tools to escape in it , i hade one of the female officers change her clothes and tie her up , he was suspended above the ground so he would not be able to escape .
Mean while with furry he had just arrived at the location only to find that natasha was not there but there was a drive with his name on it he had someone bring him a computer and he looked through the drive, there was information on hydra ans some of its agents but it was not complete only a list of around seven people , there were some contact details as he called the number , the video camera in his office was turned on as the line was award , a man in a dark cape with a black and white mask was looking at him greetings director furry of the shield berue oh you know of my name yes of cause who doesn't know you but well i'm sure sure you are interested in the information i can give to you yes?
i wasn't the information hmm so you have to pay a price for it what do you want ? well i want the design for the ark reactor stark made i know you have the drawings and data i will give you the place were captain america is located , noticed as fury's single eye open , he was a fan of the captain and aspired to be like him deal but the hydra infor mation well it will come soon enough i will give you the coordinates as i cut the co munication sir she is waking ,up well it time to see her.