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i decided to set of to Antarctic , the flight was long and boring i wish i had a woman to be with bu to dad to do this first i arrived and summoned some snow trucks and waited a few hours later erick and his squad came over , they reached the cabin i was in greetings boss they all said greetings i trust your flight had been comfortable well no time to waste sit up and let's head out , we are going to be attacking a hydra base , they have some weapons i want to take control of i said as i passed them some comms and we got into the trucks head south for 4 miles as we were on our way , we reached the out post , there were some guard but they were killed off and replaced with my men , we continued in , we reached the entrance and w got off the trucks .
i entered the code i had seen from the movies as i got inside with not problem at all erick kill all of the soldiers off but the researchers i want them alive as the killing began i walked to the storage area , were i found the winter soldiers used by hydra i looked at bucky barnes get him out we will stars with him as bucky was woken up , i had them remove the arm as i reprogrammed it to take over complete control of him so he would not be affected even if the brain washing was turned off he would continued the given mission rusted , daybreak .....
after a few hours i had awoken all the winter soldiers well erick you have a full capable squad of killers make use of them i will continue to supply funds and equipment , i have a surprise for you i got you that plane i talked about , so you a free to do as you wish with it but do not blow my plane as i left the area heading back to new york since tony had just announced he was iron man , causing his stork to rise rapidly , i instructed my broker to begin to hell it at high prices so i had sold about half of what i currently had so i had aboud 9 hundred million dollars and i gave my broker 4 million in commission, Lenox had been doing a good job so far i checked his code to see if there were any changes , i could see some small changes he was learning and becoming more self aware but the core code would not be changed i had to make sure he did not tamper around with it , and even if he did he would be forced to shut down.
well all my plans are moving well at the moment , i have also been informed of shield being on my tail since i had made a huge profit for the rise in the stark industry stocks , but there were just investigating not much to it i had been testing a few cheats of mine , i was able to find some loop holes in them which i was still planning on fixing to make them perfect , i still had some plans before the start of the next plot , the hulk should be coming soon, i don't plan to interfere but i will have to kill of a certain number of people hmmm the hit list should be good lenox hack the dark web and enter my profile in the task hit list i will take on some missions yes boss i have presented some missions on the list.