Chapter 39: What’s under the Capital
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Chapter 39

Kimiko was getting bored as she waited for Arthur. It was already getting quite late as the sun was beginning to set. She still looked at the sea, as it had been few years since she last visited one. She thanked the Butler for providing her with food and decided to visit the harbor. She walked out of the place and into the street. As she did, she curiously looked down. There were some ‘rats’ scurrying down there, what was supposed to be the sewer system as well as some other that were chasing them. Now Kimiko was getting curious. It seemed that they were fleeing in every possible path in the maze like place.

‘It may prove interesting.’

Kimiko had once seen the labyrinth, that was the sewer system of Keipnihar on her first day in the capital. She had used [Echolocation] to scope out the structure that was under the behemoth of a capital city and boy was she surprised. It was just a little bit smaller than the whole capital but knowing that the capital city itself was more than 700 square km, it was very big. However, there was a gap around the Royal Castle itself from the sewers from the [Echolocation]. Probably where the seal was and knowing how big the demon was after possessing the body of a [Cetus], a whale-like being, it was likely that it was sealed there. Kimiko looked strangely at the seal which was far away.

‘But something’s strange with the space….’

But to inspect the place she would need to go there but she was more interested at the people in the sewer. In the crowded street, Kimiko got closer to a manhole. It was quite noticeable due to being surrounded by stone paved road. Luckily for her, as there was a crowd around her it was easy for her to mix in and get inside unnoticed. It wasn’t stinking as much as she had thought it would. But looking at the walls, it seemed to incorporate a [Seal] that was used for cutting the smell off. However, the problem was that there were monsters in here.

 “They are kind of annoying….”

Kimiko was reminded of the time she had to clear out this place once as a task assigned by Solomon when she enlisted his help for the first time. That time it was still a small place and by the end she had fight a mutated plant monster. Solomon could be quite a slave-driver on those people he did not consider as his equal or friend and were outsiders. She casually walked away as she reminisced. She had turned her [Presence Concealment] skill which made her almost invisible to the monsters. Kimiko trudged forward casually, leaving her mana in places to let Arthur know that she was going somewhere.

‘More like leaving breadcrumbs in Hansel and Gretel. Whether to follow me or not, is his choice. It seems he is still in the castle…’

At least, it would take a while for him to get out. The Kitsune she was seeing through Arthur’s eyes made sure of that. The Kitsune, Tamamo, was kind of obsessed with him, flirting with him and acting all coy. Kimiko knew he was making a difficult face.

‘Not now.’

She saw traces of broken arrows, caved walls and fight marks associated with sharp objects. Then a little far away, she felt a tremor. Something like explosion. She just walked into an arena like big space inside the sewer. This certainly was new. She had the rough map inside her head as she had used [Echolocation] to make a mental map but seeing it was way different. She saw some friendly face when she looked down at the platform surrounded by sewer. She was at least a floor or two high as the sewage waste cascaded down from the place she was in.

[Ryuu Lvl. 134]

[Ren Lvl. 125]

[Hotaru Lvl. 133]

[Sarada Lvl. 117]

It was the four [Hero] who were her friend as well as two armored people who looked like they were here to make sure the four did not get into trouble from the way they were gazing the other party. Her friends were strong but to get to Lvl 100 was easy. It was from there that the [Level] started to get more demanding. Their opponents were ragtag group of people wearing some clothes and had short swords as a weaponry. From the looks only, Kimiko could guess they were like [Thief] or [Assassin] class jobs. What caught her surprise was their status as a member of the [Cult].

Her eyes narrowed as she contemplated a bit. Should she interfere? She crossed her arms and decided to see as there were knights who were looking after them. Kimiko also wanted to know how her friends fared against human opponents. It was one thing to fight and kill monsters but another thing to fight and kill humans. Not to mention the trauma one will go through, the morals of old one conflicting with the standard of new one. Here monsters are everywhere and people were trained to hold up against them. Also people here with enough power can turn into Superman themselves. Kill or be killed was a literally the definition of this world. Therefore, she was surprised when there were no skilled people back in Ranga Village.

‘Can they do it? There is a vast difference between killing monster and killing humans even bipedal monsters…..’

Ryuu seemed to have the resolve but to her, Ryuu also seemed to be reserved. He may be the one to inflict wounds to those around him but they were only scratches. He was holding back; it was subconscious reaction but it showed that he was hesitating deep. From what she could see, Ren could be the one to truly overcome this step. After all, he had that steely look in his eyes and his arrows were true. Aiming at lethal and unguarded parts like the neck and tendons. He was quite brutal as if he was used to it. As far as she remembered, Ren was one of the few who felt ‘matured’ but not in a good way. Kimiko looked on as Ryuu used one of his skills to send the people that surrounded him.

His sword shined as he performed a horizontal sweep. The light on it seemed to make a cut as they were all blown away. She shook his head when she saw that the enemy were also looking at them with a calculating gaze. They seemed to know that the [Hero] had the lack of intent to kill with them only being guarded against Ren’s attack. Looking at this even the Knights were getting wary and ready to interfere. Kimiko thought.

‘Ryuu and the others don’t seem to know how far the fanatics actually go, especially the ones at the lower end of the organizations. Most of them can be classified as the real fanatics unlike the ones at the higher posts…’

Just then, she felt the space beside her tremble a bit and Arthur emerged out. Arthur sighed as he looked at Kimiko before looking at the spectacle in front of him. He looked at the heroes, then the knights and then at the [Cult] where he got a bit serious. Kimiko quipped a bit.

“It seems that you have finally got rid of Tamamo?”

His eyes twitched a bit as he replied.

“Well, we are just friends, that’s all. It won’t change no matter how clingy she gets Master.”

Kimiko seem to make a face that seemed to convey ‘Is-that-so-but-I-don’t-believe-you’ as Arthur sighed a bit, at the childish look projected towards him. Then he focused on the issue on hand. He looked at the group before looking amused. No doubt thinking of the same thing as Kimiko. He too crossed his hands and watched. Their arrival was not picked up by the group down in the arena. Finally, it seemed that Ren was the one to grasp that something odd was happening from the way he tightly clutched the bow and the arrow in it. Even Hotaru seemed to be wary, which wasn’t surprising as he had instinct akin to that of an animal. Ryuu and Sarada on the other hand seemed to be somewhat affected by the change in the atmosphere.

The cult member numbered only 10 but now they were bearing a kind of formless pressure on the group of 4. Instantly, they readied in a defensive position with Ryuu and Hotaru in front, Sarada and Ren at the back. Then the cult member charged at them with a fanatical glaze in their eyes. The knight helping Ryuu tensed with their hands right above the swords on their waist. Suddenly the Cultist members erupted towards them. Ryuu and Hotaru tried to hold them back but they didn’t seem to care. Unintentional strikes now had dire consequences. They hollered to boost their morale with a fanatic look.



There were limbs strewn across the ground and Ryuu was momentarily shocked. Hotaru also seemed to have unintentionally punched a hole in the body. Blood seemed to splashed here and there. The people in the front of the charge were close to death, but they all seemed to press forward. The danger was even closer. They seemed to have gone right for the middle and the weakest one of the group; Sarada. Ren’s eyes flashed as he cursed and without hesitation he used a skill that seemed to duplicate his readied arrow into 3 and pierced 3 in their head in the front to slow them down. Even still 2-3 people were already trying to attack Sarada who tried to hit them away with the staff while the rest were already on her. Kimiko was ready to interfere as she raised one finger from one of her hand, mana gathering.

But the knights were already on them. One of them came from right while the other from left from behind. With one single slash, they cut down all the foes. Nothing but pure skill. Sarada seemed to be closer to hyperventilating while Ryuu and the others, who were worried, tried to check her health. Kimiko looked at them as a brief memory flashed in her mind. She replaced Sarada, while a lady with red wild long hair replaced Ryuu while the dead bodies replaced with a figure of a man smiling as if he was in peace. In those memory, Kimiko was looking wide eyed and absolutely terrified with blood clinging on her face. A bloodied sword on her hand while the woman was giving a sad look.

It only lasted for a few seconds.

At least they had someone with them to cover up this situation. The first time she had killed someone….. that was a long time ago and in between a fierce conflict between her and the [Cult]. Kimiko never understood why those cultists went as far as they did.She walked away as Arthur followed behind her. Arthur spoke.

“Tomorrow is the day, Master. They will strike.”

Kimiko nodded, feeling a bit melancholic. It was so long ago she had almost forgotten about them.

“Sorry, Master for dragging you into this mess.”

Kimiko shook her head as she replied.

“It is all right Arthur, the [Cult] is also my enemy. They took someone precious to me after all.”

Arthur nodded gravely, understanding what she was implying.

“Well, I have a plan or two in place. Still it needs a little polishing.…”

Kimiko nodded. Monsters tried to approach him but his [Aura] was enough to make them ‘pop’ like bursting balloon. Arthur continued to muse while following behind Kimiko.

“I am still worried a little. Most of the Army is stationed in the border and this place is already undermanned as this is a very big city, Master. I will have to make some….. adjustments considering their failed attempt of trying to get the blood from Duke household. Since the kid is also here, no doubt they will have to attack him. I will personally see his safety.”

Glancing back, Kimiko could see distraught party of 4 from the edge of her eyes. Before she walked away completely from the view with Arthur. As they walked along the path, Kimiko asked Arthur.

“…. What is your plan Arthur?”

Arthur just smiled a bit putting a finger on his lips acting a bit coy.

“Well, it is a secret Master.”

Kimiko narrowed her eyes a bit as she asked a bit harshly.

“……where does your loyalty lie?”

“With you at the foremost, then the Kingdom.”

Arthur said without hesitation as Kimiko stared at him.

“What about the people living in it?”

Arthur’s smile just lessened a bit. He said in a bland voice.

“….Of course but sacrifices has to be made. It is inevitable that whenever there is conflict and chaos, there will a tragedy. But to ensure you get them all in one swoop it… must be done. They seem to be quite invested in the destruction of this Kingdom.”

The atmosphere grew heavier as both of them stared at each other. Then after a while, Kimiko started to walk again as Arthur then followed behind her.

“Your plan seems to put the life of many people in grave danger, Arthur.”

Arthur nodded.

“Yes, it does, Master. But nothing can be done. They are blended too well with the crowd, courtesy of corrupt nobles. There is no plan where everything is foolproof. Even I can’t account for small ‘variables’ or ‘irregularities’ present.”

“….You seem to know what’s going on here with the Heroes. It feels as though they are not just here for the missing kids, are they?”

Arthur seemed to think for a while.

“I do or have a clue as to why they are here.”

Kimiko asked as she thought about the so-called [Royal Mage].

“So the [Royal Mages] were never there for investigating the disappearance of kids were they?”

Arthur shook his head as he replied.

“Yes and No, Master. Some of them are. Low levelled ones at least are investigating and some of them are also in the capital. The king did not send them all out without few in the Capital. While the veterans are positioned to strike the suspected Nobles outside the capital, were they to reveal suspicious movements. After all, with the capital in disarray or even destroyed tomorrow, nothing would be there to stop their ambition. We are keeping eyes on Nobles who are in the capital that are under suspicion of treason. The Adventurers are already safeguarding the villages. Or those that can at least. We are seriously understaffed right now.”

“We could have asked from the Guilds around the world but not many Guild Headquarters have the resource to send Adventurers here nor the time. My plan was hastily made since the intel of the attack was obtained just few weeks ago with the sudden emergence of Harold as a Noble UNDER the Duke. We could not quite understand why he is working with the Duke or the matter that how he was found at all. Otherwise, we would not have linked the kidnapping incident with the [Cult]. But with yours and sisters help, we can reduce casualties by quite a lot.”

Arthur was laughing a bit creepily. For a plan, that was…… well she never was the planning type. It went to Solomon but she could see holes. Big ones especially if she had not been summoned in this world. Like how will Arthur fight the big bad boss that Kimiko was to face?

Even if that had a slight bit possibility of occurring, it was still worthwhile to consider it. But being who can face Arthur in battle? They were few in between. So she was a bit curious.

“Well, if I was not summoned then what would you have done then?”

Arthur just shrugged.

“It was inevitable master. Either now or in the future, one day, they would have attacked the kingdom regardless. It was only a matter of time. It all boils down to the best ‘trump card’ we have. If there really was an opponent, I couldn’t beat then I’d resort to [Big Bang].”

Kimiko looked at him wide-eyed for a while before she sighed, feeling resigned a bit.

“Well, I really wasn’t expecting something so big the moment I arrived in this world….”

Arthur quirked an eye, a bit intrigued.

“Well what did you think would happen then?”

“To be honest, I thought it would be starting with a bit smaller target like a town where I uncover the suspicious activity. Then it would escalate from there and reach kingdom toppling level conspiracy. Didn’t expect that I would stumble this on the get go. The novels I read on isekai at least had that kind of plot going on….”

Arthur simply replied.

“Well you are neither the sniveling idiots looking for the ropes in the new world nor are you powerless Master. Your situation can’t be compared. However, your friends down there did start by doing something small.”

Kimiko quirked an eye at that. Was that cliché formula true all along? Looking at her expression Arthur looked a bit serious.

“Well, let’s just say they had to capture their rouge friends after they had caused quite a stir. Rather troublesome one. The Temple is keeping it tight-lipped so I haven’t figured exactly it out yet.”

If there was anyone with the possibility of going ‘rouge’, only three stooges came to her mind. She could understand how they could go wild with their [Unique Ability] given a chance. She nodded thoughtfully. But Arthur seemed to notice something as they were going not further but towards the [Seal] under the Royal Castle.


Kimiko seemed to be in a thoughtful expression before her eyes continued to narrow further and further. Before widening in complete disbelief as her figure flashed forward. Arthur sighed knowing what she had found as he too dashed behind his master. This went on for a minute or so until they reached the end of the sewer tunnel. There was a wall in front of them but it was an [Illusion] based magic. She touched the wall, her hand did not slip past the fake wall signifying that it was solid.

“Turning illusion to reality, [Veritas Illusio]. Solomon did like this spell but it feels weak, the magic was casted when he was still weak….”

Kimiko pushed the wall as it cracked and shattered like glass which opened to a big cavern. Really big cavern, almost a kilometer in height. The cavern was situated right under the Castle, or more precisely, under the book. The cavern was seemingly supported by a huge pillar of pink crystal. It was almost 100m in diameter. Kimiko could vaguely see a figure of a massive whale in suspended animation. There were red lines all across the surface of the crystal which corresponded to the seal above.

‘But it feels weird. The Mana surrounding this place is extremely ancient with greenish tint, as if this cavern existed for hundreds of thousands of years…..’

Mana aged as well. Just like carbon dating, people could vaguely guess the age of the establishment of Ancient Ruins using the Mana emitted by them. Elementless Mana or Mana of the World is blue in color but it would take on a greenish hue when hundreds of thousands of years had passed. No one knew when but it was only theorized. Even [Time Magic] could not alter time of a specific object by more than thousands of years. Astronomical amount of Mana would be required for that. The only time she saw something with a greenish hue Mana was the branch of [World Tree]. Instead of just a greenish hue Mana, the Mana surrounding the tree branch was all green. That was why it was said that in myths that [World Tree] existed since the creation of Vesperia.

Kimiko noticed something as she looked down. Below the cavern at the base of the pink crystal pillar there was another small transparent crystal.

“…..What is this? What the actual fuck is this!?”

Kimiko rarely expressed her emotion. But the thing she was seeing was far too incredulous. Because there was something inside the crystal. A female, no it was not human. Whatever it was, it clads itself in the form of human female. It looked like it was asleep and there was seal as well, far ancient than the one casted by Arthur. Her instinct cried out that the being down there was a dangerous one. Kimiko looked at the grim looking Arthur as she asked.

“Do you know what this is?”

Arthur shook his head and replied seriously.

“It was the reason why Master Solomon refused to settle in other different place. He had found this place but in the end, he did not know what to make of it. It was one of the reason why Master Solomon decided to go on a journey with you.”

Kimiko thought back to the time when Solomon decided to join her.


Kimiko was getting ready for her journey as she packed her bag in the room provided for the guest. She did not know what destination to choose. Solomon seemed to have refused to aid her even after she had cleaned the monster down the sewers along with her trusted companion Petra. She then felt someone getting close to her as she cautiously looked back. It was Solomon with his sparkly white wild hair along with his younger brother who looked quite uncomfortable. The cheeky bastard was even grinning. She scowled.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to enter a lady’s room without permission.”

He didn’t even flinch at the accusation and replied.

“Well, since you helped us during this time of turmoil I thought that it was time to return the favor.”

This time he felt more sagely or dignified. She couldn’t even get a sense of his character. Sometimes he was quite childish and playful, other times he became more dignified and mysterious. He always wore his robe which concealed most of his upper face including his eyes which she could only get a glimpse of back in the Royal Capital when she was first summoned. His hair stuck out of the robe. Kimiko quirked an eye at that.

“Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t be helping us?”

Solomon shrugged as he waved his staff and a tear in space appeared. It sucked in the bag she was about to carry. She protested.

“Hey! What’s the big idea of suddenly changing your mind?”

Solomon simply replied as he looked at her the first time. She had to admit, he was extremely handsome with his eyes set one her. His eyes full of innocent wonder and curiosity.

“Let’s say I found something more interesting and I want to find out more about it. But staying here limits my view and knowledge. Maybe I will find more interesting things on your path.”

He looked at his brother.

“You will take care of this place won’t you?”

His brother sighed, seemingly used to the eccentric side of Solomon.

“Yes, yes, brother. No need to worry about here. Though I worry for your companions…..”

He gave Kimiko a sympathetic look.

“Good Luck….”

Kimiko’s eye twitched and just then Solomon laughed and announced.

“Now! Onwards to our Goals!!”

 Flashback end

It seemed that this was the true reason Solomon came along on her journey in the first place. Later in the end, he too wanted to end the [Demon King]. That was not a lie. Though his priority at the first was for his own selfish desire, in the end he gave it up for the betterment of the world. Kimiko was so engrossed in living in the memories of the past that she didn’t hear what Arthur had said.


Arthur looked at her and said in solemn voice.

“The reason why I decided to seal the beast in this place. The seal was…. loosening. And for a brief period before the start of the war, I wandered around the world to try to gain knowledge. During that time I found that the seal on that ‘thing’ was loosening. There is something inside that crystal, something more sinister than the miasma the Demon produces.”

Now that she was not looking at the entity, she could feel something lurking inside the crystal. There was mix of things inside. There was Draconic Aura repelling the Sinister Aura that was trying to absorb(?) the thing inside. The ‘sinister’ thing inside the crystal was something she was familiar with. She narrowed her eyes.

‘The thing that controlled the [Demon King] as well as the skeleton…. Did those thing exist since that far in time?’

Arthur was waiting for her to show a response. Kimiko nodded as Arthur continued.

“That was why I used the demon who was unique and powerful to suppress the thing below.”

Arthur stopped saying anything anymore. Kimiko could tell that he was not telling the whole story. Like how the seal that harmonized with this one? [Seal] don’t usually intermingle and harmonizing with another was even rarer, practically impossible when the [Seal] this ancient was harmonized and strengthened with a new one without…. She was not the technical kind of person but what she meant was there was only 0.01% chance of harmonizing. Like taking a cog from a well-tuned machine from 1800 and inserting an out of place screw from 2100 in it but it somehow works even better. Even though it is a screw that couldn’t even fit in the size of the previous cog.

Great now her brain was short-circuiting.

Kimiko wouldn’t pry the secret out of him and Arthur wouldn’t hold a secret if it was detriment to her. And Arthur knew that as well. She kept quiet for a minute or two, trying to find any information of the kind of creature this thing was. At least she could ask him.

“Do you know what this… thing is?”

“……..[The Ancients]. I only know this title. Nothing more and nothing less.”  

 Kimiko nodded. This term was new to her as well.

“So are we going back now, Arthur?”

Arthur nodded before saying.

“But since it is late, I have already instructed the employee to return home. Let us go by [Gate].

This time Kimiko nodded and with a destination in mind, she casted.


A portal appeared and it was this time that Arthur narrowed his eyes a bit. He asked.

“I never knew you were proficient in [Space] manipulation…..”

But Kimiko had already entered the portal. Since he kept a secret from her, she’d keep it a secret as well. Shelving the questioning for later he looked at the cavern once more. This cavern had many entrances, all hidden well before he casted [Veritas Illusio] and like before, there was a wall standing which was much stronger than before. In hindsight, Arthur should have casted it to all of the entrances. Then he entered the portal only to find that he was in front of the mansion he had mentioned to her before. Kimiko was nowhere in sight. This meant one thing which surprised him.

“……[Overlapping Gate]? As expected, only one person could do this.”

One of the signature magic of Solomon that no one had yet to comprehend. Essentially it created smaller [Gate] within a [Gate]. It required complex formula and even if you obtain the formula, unless you couldn’t comprehend it, you can’t use it. Nowadays, people could buy [Magic Formula] for huge money and engrave it in their mind so they can use it but most of the original [Magic Formula] created by Solomon could not be comprehended by many. Also, Kimiko was never a spell-caster. She only learnt magic that enhanced her monstrous swordplay.

His Master was truly someone frightening. And he was glad that she died in the tower. If what those twin librarians in the tower said was true then…..

He only smirked. The stage had been set for tomorrow.

“Let’s see if the plan concocted by the King comes into fruition….”