Chapter 103: Influx of Monsters
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Mondstadt, Starfell Valley.

The Wind Dragon utilized the wind element to trigger a wide range of cumulonimbus clouds, causing the sudden storm. This led to many beasts and monsters scrambling to find shelter from the rain.

Inside the unnamed cave.

Fischl took off a pair of elegant black silk long sleeves, lowered her head, and used her fair fingers to touch the slightly wet leotard on her abdomen.

The black silk fabric, dampened by the rain, slightly stuck to the skin, revealing the slightly concave belly button.

She pinched the clothing and gently rubbed it, trying to dry it a bit.

Luckily, it was only a bit damp on her stomach. After the moisture spread across the fabric, it would soon dry out, and there was no need to change clothes.

When adventuring outdoors, it's inevitable that clothes get dirty or damaged, so she had another spare set stored in her Vision.

Although Nolan and Ellin also got a little wet, standing near the fire pits dried them quickly. There were three fire pits, one for each person.

Soon, when everyone's clothes were almost dry, perhaps it was as Fischl and Oz, the two experienced adventurers, said, there was a sound of running footsteps echoing in the cave tunnel, accompanied by the grunt of pigs.

Could it be a wild boar?

Nolan looked towards the darkening tunnel ahead, where the firelight couldn't reach, thinking so.

But when they actually saw the approaching creature, they were all a bit surprised. Indeed, it was a wild boar, but it was at least twice the size of a common wild boar.

"Such a big wild boar. Could it be the Wild Boar a King?" Ellin covered her mouth, slightly surprised and puzzled.

"It shouldn't be, but it may have the potential to become one, otherwise it wouldn't grow this big!"

Nolan had seen the Snowboar King in the Dragonspine Mountains map in the game. Its head was like a small mountain, incomparable to ordinary snowboars.

Although he hadn't seen the Wild Boar King, he speculated that it would be similar. The wild boar in front of them obviously hadn't reached that level yet.

"Oh no, everyone be careful. It seems like it's going to attack us!" Oz reminded.

Perhaps its massive size gave the wild boar enough courage, or rather, dominance, as it clearly couldn't accept other creatures sharing the shelter it found from the rain.

It dug its hooves, its pig eyes slightly reddened, and its ferocious tusks possibly often used for digging, were stained with some dark yellow mud.

"Be careful, don't let it damage the fire pits!" Ellin said anxiously.

She wanted to stop it, but she also understood that she couldn't withstand the wild boar's charge.

Fischl directed lightning element in her hand, crackling, dealing with a wild boar didn't require using weapons, just a little use of her Vision.

"Hehe~ Let this princess..."

Before she could finish, a slightly curved steel arrow appeared instantly on the forehead of the large wild boar. Its eyes rolled up, and it fell to the ground immediately.

[Defeated A Powerful Enemy, Obtained 65 Adventure EXP]

Wow, it's three times stronger than an ordinary wild boar? Although Nolan was surprised, he felt it was within his expectations.


Fischl puffed up her fair cheeks and glared at him again. This guy always liked to steal the spotlight from this princess!

"Oh my, Miss, it seems like something else has come in, and this time it's not a beast!" Oz reminded everyone.


Nolan looked towards the cave and saw several dimly lit small Pyro Slimes running into the cave. The fire element on their bodies was likely extinguished by the rain.

The current situation rendered them in a state of inactivity and weakness. It would take quite some time for them to recover with sufficient rest.

At this moment, even ordinary people could easily handle these Pyro Slimes. They were bold enough to hold them in their arms for warmth, as long as they weren't afraid of sudden bursts of flames.

Moreover, judging by their panicked demeanor, it was likely that the issue wasn't just the storm.


A group of Hilichurls, led by a Pyro Hilichurl Chieftain, rushed in, startling the small Pyro Slimes, causing them to hurriedly run towards the fire pits.

It seemed like the Hilichurls were trying to capture them.

For Hilichurls, Pyro Slimes served many purposes, such as starting fires for cooking, making explosive barrels, and even using them as projectiles for attacks.

So, generally, Hilichurls would try to catch Slimes whenever they saw them since they were an essential part of their "Slime Technology."

"YA! YA!"

The Hilichurls said something to Nolan and the others. Although no one understood, their hostile intent was obvious from their tone.

"Do these Hilichurls think we're trying to steal their Slimes?"

Ellin, faced with such a dangerous situation, was still somewhat afraid.

But thinking that Miss Fischl and Mr. Nolan, two formidable adventurers, were here, she barely managed not to step back.

And before them were a Pyro Hilichurl Chieftain and two Hilichurl Shamans leading a group of Hilichurls, looking even more formidable than the ones who robbed the gathering team earlier.

"Be careful, I'll go deal with the two Hilichurl Shamans first!"

Since he understood the Hilichurls' hostility, Nolan naturally wouldn't hesitate to avoid giving them the upper hand.

He immediately activated his "Stealth Assassination" skill, concealing himself from numerous gazes and silently moving towards the Hilichurls while holding his Dull Blade +20 to control his footsteps.

"Stealth?" Ellin widened her eyes slightly.

"Hmph~ No need to be surprised. This is just the most basic skill of this princess's reliable attendant!"

Fischl raised her chin slightly, summoning her longbow and fitting an arrow onto it.

Her fair arm rose to the same height as her shoulders, her legs, wrapped in asymmetrical stockings, spread apart as she stood, and her slightly tilted body caused the black silk fabric on her abdomen, revealing a hint of snowy white skin, to crease slightly.

The lightning element gathered at the tip of the arrow, and the purple light attracted the attention of the Hilichurls.

While preparing to attack, Fischl also had the effect of making Nolan's actions more covert.

Feeling the threat, the Pyro Hilichurl Chieftain swung his axe, which looked like a carriage wheel, towards Fischl and Ellin!

The cave space was narrow, making it extremely difficult to dodge such an attack!

"Oz!" Fischl frowned and shouted.

"Understood, Miss!"

Oz the Night Raven nodded,spitting out clusters of Thundering Orb toward the spinning axe of the Pyro Hilichurl Chieftain.

The attacks of the Thundering Orb were dense, easily hitting the edge of the spinning axe. The axe of the Pyro Hilichurl Chieftain was imbued with Pyro elements.

Under the intertwined thunder and fire, an explosive overload reaction occurred, instantly sending the axe flying out of the hands of the Pyro Hilichurl Chieftain.

The Pyro Lawachurl, who had stopped spinning, stared at his numb arm in a daze. At the same time, Nolan successfully sneaked up behind the two Hilichurl Shamans.

With a flash of the blade's chill, a cold sword wind swept past.


(End of Chapter)


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