0: Prologue
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So adorable! I thought, staring at a loli as I crossed the street. For as long as I can remember now, I wished to be a loli. Why? Because they’re cute! I could get away with so much if I was cute! And, apparently, I stared for too long and didn’t pay attention to where I was going. Thus, the horn of a truck was the last thing I heard before my death.

[Congratulations! You are our 10’000’000th visitor due to death by a truck!]

A white tab with red letters appears before my eyes.

[You’ve won a prize!]

“Ooh, really? What did I win!?”

[Click OK to claim your prize before it expires!]


I immediately click “OK”.

[Thank you for agreeing to claim your prize!]

[Just fill out this survey!]

“Aw, shucks! It’s one of those scams, isn’t it?”

[Question 1. What do you want to reincarnate as?]

“Alright! Sure! I want to be an adorable blue-haired loli—wait! Can I choose my appearance?”


[Redirecting to our Sponsor!]

A new tab appears. Some kind of site called ‘Laifu Wabs’. Finding the perfect look for me took only a couple of steps, so I can’t complain and close that tab. Immediately the previous white tab with red letters pops right back up.

[Question 2. How strong do you want to be?]

“Broken-strong! Flat out overpowered! Any skills, spells and/or magic I could wish for are at my disposal! Oh, and make it with a game-like system, so that it’s easier for me to understand and control! I’ve lived a boring life, so now I want to have some fun!”

[Question 3. What will your name be?]

“Well, I’m sure as hell not using my name! Hm, let me see… Oh, I know! Lilith!”

[Question 4. What type of world do you want to reincarnate in?]

“Any will do as long as I’m overpowered in that world! You can pluck me in a generic Isekai for all I care! But there have to be plenty of pretty girls, magic, and swords!”

[Survey Complete!]

[Enjoy your life as an OP Loli!]

Everything goes black. Then I open my eyes. I’m standing in front of a crystal-blue lake in a green mountain valley. The lake is the size of a football field. The mountains are covered with pine trees. At the very tips of the mountains, I can see snow, though it is very warm where I’m standing. I walk up to the edge of the lake and look at my reflection.

“Hehe,” I chuckle. My old voice is gone. This is the voice of a young girl.

I extend my arm in front of me, palm facing outward at the lake and say “Freeze!”

Cold air flows from the palm of my hand, mixed with snow and ice. As it hits the surface of the lake, the water freezes and turns to ice. The ice rapidly expands deeper into the lake until it is completely frozen.

[Class unlocked - Elementalist]

[Spell unlocked!]

Skill name:  Freeze
Level: 1/20
Type: Active
Cost: 50 MP
Freeze any target for one minute. The target must have Magic Resistance below “100” to freeze. Magic Resistance below "10" results in death.
“Hehehe,” I giggle barely able to control my excitement. It’s like I’m living my own dream. “Status!”
Name Lilith
Race Human
Class Elementalist
Health Points 500/500 (+1/sec)
Mana Points 1000/1000 (+2/sec)
Strength 40
Dexterity 60
Constitution 50
Intelligence 150
Willpower 100
Physical Resistance 80
Magical Resistance 160