Chapter 209: Rescue
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"For justice! Destroy the Beasts Pirates!"

"Everyone, rush and rescue Boss El..."

At this moment, the fierce fight continued. The rescue operation is not yet over!!

"Get away!"

"Don't even think about blocking our path!"

"Stay out of the way, Marine!"

The pirates fought head-on without fear of death, and the Marines were dragged down. 

Flesh flew everywhere, limbs were broken, and the fresh blood dyed everything.

Under the decision of the Beasts Pirates crew, a strange scene appeared on the battlefield.

The surrounding pirates carved a straight path where Gaspar could run toward the execution platform without any hindrance. 

At this moment, no Marine could get close to him!

"This can't be done~ Beasts Pirates~"

At this moment, yellow light gathered in front of where Gaspar was running.

The wretched-looking Kizaru touched his chin while the light shone on his feet.

Then he kicked them down suddenly while asking: "Have you ever been kicked by a light?"


The kick was extremely fast, even surpassing Gaspar's Observation Haki reaction.


Just when Gaspar was about to be kicked, a tall figure stood in front of him.

The man's face was expressionless, and he opened his hands in silence.

"If you can travel anywhere, where would you like to go?"

With a swift sound, Kizaru kicked land on the man's right-hand pad.


The pad seemed to be as refracted as a mirror, making Kizaru's kick bounce to the ice surface on the other side.

Explosions roared, and fire shot into the sky.

Kizaru's sunglasses and Kuma's rimless glasses both reflected the flames.

"The Catastrophe Cadre of Beasts Pirates - Bartholomew Kuma, is really scary~"

Kizaru still looks carefree, but the pupils under his sunglasses are much more serious than before.

"Go ahead and leave this to me."

Kuma ignored Kizaru's teasing and said, without looking back.


Without any nonsense, Gaspar ran past Kuma and Kizaru figure.

Kizaru looked at Gaspar, who was leaving with a look of helplessness on his face.

He could feel that he had been completely ignored.

His speed is very fast, but this guy, Kuma, can also move swiftly!!


When Tsuru saw Gaspar getting closer to the execution platform, she cursed secretly, picked up the Den Den Mushi, and said: "Turn off all video Den Den Mushis!"



"Why is there no image?! What happened?"

"Is the Den Den Mushi affected by the battlefield?"

"What happened!!"

As the Den Den Mushi was closed, the people and reporters watching the war immediately became noisy.

But their noise could not affect the ongoing battle on Marineford.

After turning off all the Den Den Mushis, Tsuru looked at the battlefield and said coldly: "Start the execution!"

Tsuru wants to execute El's early, not according to the prescribed time!

Not only can it lower the morale of the Beasts Pirates, but it can also boost the morale of the Marines.


The two executioners immediately began to prepare; they both stepped forward, one walking to the left and the other to El's right side.

"Marine, get out of my way!"

Gaspar's eyes widened, and he rushed forward faster. 

Blood was everywhere on his body, and he couldn't tell which ones were his and which ones were Marine's.

"Marine, you dare!"

Kaido let out a thunderous roar, and a storm roared in the sky, but it was all smashed by Garp and Zephyr. Even if a wind blade attacked the execution platform, Sengoku blocked it.

"Kaido, don't even think about leaving; just watch your subordinates being judged by justice here!"


"Brother El."

"I really beat you..."

"Damn, despicable Marine, get out of my way!"


Tsuru's order made the Beasts Pirates become frantic and tried to stop the execution, but the Marine stopped them desperately!

"Head-Arms Spin: Wild Dance!"

Chinjao's eyes were red, and his ferocious expression made him look like an evil ghost.

"Ice Ball."

Low temperature filled the air, freezing everything around him. At this moment, Aokiji panted hard while resisting Chinjao's charge.

"Don't even think about it..."

Aokiji had already suffered serious injuries, and there was still a wisp of blood hanging from the corner of his mouth. 

He tried his best to freeze the roaring Warhammer Dragon.

"Everyone, I'm sorry!"

El looked at his partner, who desperately tried to step forward and lowered his head heavily.


The two executioners raised their knives high and stabbed El in the back!




There was a momentary truce on the battlefield, and everyone looked towards the execution platform. Even Mihawk and Ochoku, who were in the middle of the battle, turned to look over.

Under the Beasts Pirates crew's frightened and panicked eyes, the knives were already thrust downward.


A domineering roar resounded throughout the entire venue, followed by a Conqueror Haki that suddenly erupted; the air stopped flowing, purple lightning flashed continuously, and the silence near the execution platform was terrifying.

One, two, three…

Marines near the execution platform suddenly foamed at their mouth while their eyes turned white, and they fell heavily on the water.

Including the two executioners on the execution platform, who were just about to stab El, they also foamed at their mouths and fell down on the execution platform!

For a moment, the entire battlefield fell into silence.

"Kaishu, you dare to be distracted while fighting with us!!"

With a furious roar, Saint Figarland Garling slashed downward, and the battle became more intense.

Gaspar took this opportunity, and his lower body turned into a green gummy spring, making him swiftly rise into the sky and rush towards the execution platform.


Sengoku frowned and looked at Gaspar with murderous intent in his eyes:

"You alone want to save someone?"

"You're not qualified enough!!"

Golden light shines, and the golden Buddha appears again.


Gaspar had jumped to El's side on the execution platform.


El's eyes widened, and he looked at Gaspar in disbelief.

But the next moment!!

A huge golden Buddha's palm appears above their head

"I'm right here to execute you two!!"

Terrifying oppression fell from the sky, and an unparalleled shock wave appeared right in front of them.

With the strength of the two of them, if they were hit by this terrifying shock wave, they would either die or be seriously injured.

What's more, El is still wearing sea stone handcuffs and has no strength to resist.

"Gummy Barrier!!"

At this time, he can only rely on Gaspar.

There was a heavy look on Gaspar's ferocious face, and he raised his hand, and the thick green gummy formed an arc-shaped wall, covering their bodies.

On the surface of the curved wall, there is also a layer of thick Armament Haki.

But this... is not enough!!




The shock wave hit the barrier hard, and before it could hold on for three seconds, it collapsed and shattered.

Seeing that the thick gummy barrier was about to collapse under this shock wave.

"Refuge of light!!"

A beautiful white unicorn flies in the sky, and the horn on its head emits white light.