Book II: Episode 89 – Country of Music 3 ‘Eugene VS 2 Lovers‘
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Episode 89 - Country of Music 3 ‘Eugene VS 2 Lovers‘

Sensing that the atmosphere has somewhat lightened, the King and the 1st poet frowned. This was not the reaction they expected/wanted. Some were holding in their laughter, some looked confused as they could be, and some had an expression that looked as if they were pitying them. But why were they pitying them when it was supposed to be them who should take pity upon them?

“-Ahem-” The King of Zene lightly coughed, diffusing the light atmosphere.

Taking a look at Eugene’s paper, he then asked. “You don’t seem like you are ready, child.” The King slightly smiled.

“It’s alright Your Majesty.” Eugene quickly replied. “My ‘head’ is quite good, I have it jotted in my ‘head’.” She blatantly smiled whilst emphasizing the word head.

The Paladins and the Dukes slightly jolted and looked as if they were going to die of laughter when they heard Eugene’s words. Ron’s face especially looked as if he was going to be constipated.

The first poet flushed red as he realized that they were laughing because of his poem! It was as if he was being ridiculed, but why? Anxiety, embarrassment, and displeasure flashed on his face as he timidly turned towards the Emperor. His face showing that he was being wronged, he was being bullied!

Before the King could say anything, Eugene spoke out once again. “If it’s alright with your highness, may I please reply to the poem?” She shyly asked. Her voice, vibrating in a higher pitch and her face glowing in… adoration?

“........” The Paladins and Dukes looked at Eugene in horror. Who is this person? Who is she? Eugene doesn’t speak like this nor is she disgustingly cute! Who art thou!!

Only those who've watched Eugene grow up knew that this wasn’t Eugene! She is an Ice Queen, not a Euria.2.0! Eugene wasn’t someone who talks in a high-baby-pitch-like voice but a baby who talks in a deep-authorization-like-tone! This Eugene is not Eugene! This is a Euria copycat!

Goosebumps tingled across Louis, Ramon, and Aernest’s arms. This is probably the first time they’ve seen Eugene smile with her eyes. The three Veria siblings took a step back and gulped down their non-existent saliva. Their eyes reflected Eugene’s happy aura spitting out hearts and stars.

Aernest: Is this the end of the world?

Ramon: Is this the day I die?

Louis: … I’m doomed.

‘Rest in peace people of Zene’ They thought in unison.

Hearing Eugene’s request to reply to his little lover, the King of Zene slightly hesitated.“... Yes of course. But this wouldn’t be your poem for the competition, am I right?”

To the Emperor’s eyes, Eugene being all cute didn’t look out of place. This was his first time meeting Eugene, so he thought of her as a normal child. As for her deadpan attitude when he showcased his lovers earlier, he already threw that to the back of his head.

Smiling at Eugene who was awestruck at his lover, he lowered his guard down and even urged her to quickly reply.

“You may begin” The King chuckled.

Taking Euria’s horse-like-laugh, Eugene showcased her S-level acting skills. “Hehe~” She cheerily laughed, bringing goose-2.0-bumps to the people behind her.

“-Ahem-” She softly coughed, standing up confidently with her protruding baby stomach. Keeping her voice very high, she began,

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer, Regard us as your soldiers, And we will stand with you into the deepest valley of Voeia, Look upon us as your beloved, and we will stand by you until death. When God calls us children home, There is no death, no string, only a new life.”

Eugene paused to inhale. Switching to her normal voice, she darkened her tone, bringing tension and intensity to the end of her poem,

“Resurrection. Destruction. Conquer. For the greater good, For the people behind us, And for tomorrow.”

Eugene ended, bringing the light atmosphere to one of ice. Her intention was to admit the poem but deny its meaning.

So what if adults are greedy? So what if we die?

Yes, we are children. We are soldiers standing by adults.

No matter what ends it brings, we will stand by Xenperia.

Death isn’t the end, but instead a new life.

For tomorrow, and for people we love, we will be strong.

Eugene admits she was angry at the poet for dissing the Great Nobles and the Emperor and calling them greedy using the children. The point of the Emperor bestowing them this position wasn’t to simply use them as they wish but to train them to be strong. Everything was for their goods and their future so what rights did Zene have to diss them?

‘None. So shut your mouth.’ Eugene coldly glanced at the 1st poet whose expression completely hardened from her 1st line. Sure enough, he was now put back into his place.

While Zene’s side got slapped in the face by Eugene, Xenperia’s side had mixed feelings. Some were awestruck by her mature words, and some were flabbergasted. To Duke Marleigh and Duke Rodriguez whose lives were dedicated to Xenperia, Eugene’s quotes struck them home. Her quotes describe their motives, and their reason for living. But how did someone as young as she knows these things? Although it was a good counter to the 1st poem, her mature knowledge was quite suspicious.

‘What is Levis teaching her?’ Duke Marleigh shook his head. This was after all the only plausible reason behind Eugene’s deep knowledge of the art of war.

Eugene noticed a gaze and turned towards the King. Like her, the King was smiling, albeit coldly as if he wanted to choke her to death. Ario, besides the King, had an indiscernible expression but before Eugene could further analyze him, Euria's curious voice questioned.

“Sister! Are you sick in the head as well? I don’t understand a single word you said… and also! Stop smiling, you look creepy.” Euria’s voice echoed far and beyond, breaking the ice-cold atmosphere.

“....” Everyone blinked.

“....” Eugene’s smile cracked. Turning her head in a 180-degree angle, her whole face twitched in anger as she stared dagger at Euria.

‘EURIAA YOU DAMN TWIT!’ Eugene held herself back from running over to smack Euria in the head.

“Hahahaha!” The King laughed, smacking his palms loudly on his bench.

Clutching his stomach he blurted. “Sick in the head? Oh, child! You are too innocent!” The King shook his head at Euria's words.

“Ahh, that was good! Really good! Commendable!” The King repeatedly praised Eugene. Raising his hands, the King continued. “Good quote, a good poem! Although it was a reply, I shall give you this round!”

With the King’s words, the instrumentalist strung their harps louder, congratulating Eugene with music.

Turning back, Eugene gave the King a small smile to show curtsy.

“You are a crude Xenperian through and through! There’s no saving you now!” The King spoke in a joke-like-voice.

“....” Eugene kept her smile. ‘That’s true.’ Eugene thought to herself. She wasn’t suited to Zene’s philosophy of love and peace.

“Your Majesty! Your words are too-” Ario panicked, but before he could finish his sentence, the King yet again cut him off.

“Shut it right there! No more words. Now, let’s move on with another poem.” The King motioned for Ario to step back before glancing at his 2nd lover.

“Your-” Ario wanted to object, but this time he was cut off by the 2nd poet.

“Yes, your Majesty.” The 2nd poet stood up, pretending as if nothing was wrong.

In a smooth voice, he recited,

“Country of Music

Country of Peace,

Love and Peace is who we are

Crude brutes we aren’t,

And warm we are.”

Unlike his confident voice, his poem was… disappointing. His poem wasn’t exciting and paled compared to the 1st poet and Eugene. However, despite all that, everyone clapped for him. Even the instrumentalist played the harp louder than when the King announced Eugene’s 1st victory.

But just when the harps almost came to an end, Eugene's voice loudly spoke.

“What the superior seeks is himself; what the small seeks is in others”

Suddenly, everything stopped. There was no more music or clappings to save the 2nd poet from embarrassment. An awkward silence hung in the air as Eugene slapped Zene’s poets in the face once again.

Just like that Eugene won two matches without using her safely prepared STD poem.

‘Ahh~ What a waste’ Eugene sulked as she voyaged from the pavilion of harem to her accommodation.

Sighing, Eugene softly recited,

“First its sniffle and a sneeze

Next is a cough and a wheeze

Then you'll Barely be able to breathe

Knocking you to your knees

Begging God, "Please Heal Me"

Praying desperately For His Mercy

Till it becomes an Infection

Attacking every function like a flowing virus,

Removing color from life, leaving you damaged,

Till your soul leaves.”

‘Aka, Sexually Transmitted Disease, STD, ever heard of it?’ Eugene shook her head, watching the two small figures jump into the lake-like-ocean.

“......” Duke Marleigh and Duke Rodriguez stared wide-eyed at Eugene.

“........ you know... of it?” Ario speechlessly muttered. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. How does a 3-year-old child know about the red street nightlife?

“Hmm.. in the newspaper.” Eugene lied. In an attempt to move the topic away from herself, she looked at Ario, and in a serious face, she advised. “Be careful.”

In an instant, Ario’s face went from white to pink and then to black.

“.......” Duke Marleigh, Duke Rodriguez, Louis, Ron, and Aeselak looked at Eugene blankly. ‘What doesn’t she know?!’

“What… what education do you guys get?” Ron Graeme went red as he asked Louis.

Louis shook his head. “Not my parents.”

“What wish are you going to ask for sister?” Euria popped out from behind Eugene and rubbed her face onto Eugene’s shoulders.

“Huh?” Eugene raised her brows, staring straight into Euria’s sparkly eyes.

“The winner gets a wish granted so what will you wish for?” Euria grinned.

‘Oh..’ Eugene thought for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t know..”

“What about books Elder miss?” Aedelak chimed in.

“You and Louis are leaving soon so I don’t think I need new books.” Eugene honestly replied like it's a matter of fact.

“.....” Louis calmly looked at the Lake surrounding him.

“....” Aedelak’s heart cracked.. Slightly.

“Your sister must really want you gone.” Ron Graeme shrugged his shoulders.

“......” Louis and Aedelak stared at the bright blue sky.

“Would you like to rest once we’ve reached the accommodation, or would you like to get a Palace tour?” Ario turned around to ask, his face color stabilized and returned to normal.

“Palace Grounds?” Ron Graeme repeated.

“Yes, the main palace on land,” Ario explained.

“Hmmm…” Eugene hummed.

“I want to go! I want to go!” Euria and Aernest happily cheered! Turning around towards Duke Marleigh and Duke Rodriguez they stared heart-eyed at the two adults.

Duke Rodriguez: “Alright we may go, whoever wants to rest can rest.”

Eugene, Louis, and Aedelak nodded.

“Sister! You have to come!” Aernest begged to which Eugene rejected by shaking her head.

“Sister is tired so we can go explore by ourselves!” Euria hugged Aernest’s arms.

“.....” Eugene looked at Euria blankly. ‘You have matured, child.’ Not only is Euria less clingy after beginning their  Paladin training, but she was also more… independent?

“Heee!” Euria smiled widely at Eugene who in turn chuckled.


Louis, Eugene, and Aedelak choose to stay at the accommodation while the rest headed out to the Royal Palace grounds.

Their accommodation was in the middle of the lake, and as expected, they were surrounded by water. It was like a mini-resort for rich people. Close by their accommodation were other stoned houses, and pavilions but other than that, they were quite isolated.

Coming in, they were greeted with a common living room and a dining room. Everything here is made from luxurious stone. And although Eugene didn’t understand how stones can be luxurious, looking at it from close and afar, it did seem like it cost quite a bit.

There are 5 rooms in this house-like-mansion. One for Eugene and Euria, one for Aernest and Ramon, one for Louis and Ron, one for Aeselak and Aedelak, and the other for Duke Marleigh and Duke Rodriguez.

“This is a very pretty house,” Aedelak muttered.

“Hmm.” Eugene agreed. She walked to the couch located in the middle of the living room and plopped down.

‘Tired.’ Eugene stretched her limbs.

Quotes used:

‘Courage is fear holding on a minute longer’ - George S. Patton)

‘Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War ‘When god calls his children home, There is no death, no string. There’s only new life. Resurrection. -Ted Dekker

“What the superior seeks is himself; what the small seeks is in others” -Confucius

“First its sniffle and a sneeze, Next is a cough and a wheeze ,Then you'll Barely be able to breathe,Knocking you to your knees,Begging God, "Please Heal Me",Praying desperately For His Mercy,Till it becomes an Infection,Attacking every function like a flowing virus,Removing color from life, leaving you damaged, Till your soul leaves.”-Tashea Young

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