Chapter 469
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DOP Chapter 469: International Negotiation (1)
Translated by: Yuki, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



Her face was slightly red, but very calm.

Liu Yue slowly smiled, "Journeying this far to Outer Mongolia, I merely wanted to appreciate the grand grassland, I did not have any other thoughts. Liu Yue is thankful, this title of Righteous King should be excused."

These few, indifferent words were actually declining the bestowment of the 'Righteous King' title.

The audience in the base camp raised their heads to look at Empress Dowager Xiao. Some looked dissatisfied, they didn't think Liu Yue would decline the title, and could not help but to stare blankly, their faces expressing their displeasure.

Whether they wanted to give this title was one issue, giving the title and having the person bestowed with the title declining them was one whole other issue.

"What do you mean you decline? You saved our King and Empress Dowager, you deserved this." Bei Mu's second general Li Kuo casually and loudly said to Liu Yue.

"Not receiving it, is it because you are looking down on us, Bei Mu people?" Bei Mu's first general Ku Za Mu darkened his expression and glared at Liu Yue.

The celebratory mood in the camp instantly became heavy.

Xiao Hua who was sitting closest to the door, pulled back and moved closer to Ouyang Yufei, her fingers feeling for her knife inside her sleeve.

One wrong word, and she was prepared to run away immediately.

On the contrary, Ouyang Yufei had a unperturbed expression, as he leisurely continue eating the roasted lamb meat in front of him. He was completely unaffected by everything happening around him.

"I did not mean that, I only......"

"Liu Yue, if you are willing, the Huns will award you with the right flank general rank, to wield the power of the right flank general." Liu Yue did not even manage to finish her sentence before the King of Hun, who was standing beside her, said with a deep voice.

When the words came out, the Bei Mu soldiers immediately became violent. The room was immediately filled with the rustling sound of them standing up all at once, as cold knifes glinted in their hands.

"Sit down." Not giving a chance for the generals to speak their minds, Empress Dowager Xiao's expression turned cold as she shouted sternly. Her sharp and authoritative voice immediately silenced everyone.

Ye Lu Ji, Ku Za Mu and the others frowned as they glared at the King of Hun and Liu Yue. It was as if they would immediately move to kill her if Liu Yue agreed.

However, the King of Hun didn't pay attention to the surrounding Bei Mu Generals, he only fixed his eyes on Liu Yue.

Losing to Liu Yue, this heroine who was just passing by, or losing to the people of the Central Plains who couldn't fight were both humiliation to him. However, losing to Liu Yue would mean that he was only humiliated by one person.