Chapter 472
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DOP Chapter 472 – International Negotiation (4)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



Liu Yue who downed most of the wine jars in the tent and defeated all the generals in terms of liquor capacity, was completely sober, There wasn't a single hint of drunkenness in her.

Indomitable, she was truly indomitable.

Liu Yue didn't look behind at the person who approached her. She also did not reply.

She said before, if she couldn't stay sober after a thousand cups, she would rather not drink at all. This was the basics. Right now, she was the former.

Ou Yang Yu Fei walked forward and looked at Liu Yue's calm face. He reached out and rubbed his brows as he chuckled and said to Liu Yue, "Why don't you take the King of Hun's offer? He was giving you a position of authority, it would be much better than getting a position of some King in name only."

Listening to Ou Yang Yu Fei's words, Liu Yue wasn't surprised at all. It was as if she expected Ou Yang Yu Fei to have already guessed the answer, and was not someone who was completely ignorant of the situation.

She didn't know why, but she felt that there was more of Ou Yang Yu Fei than meets the eye. He should have understood.

Slowly turning around, Liu Yue smiled slightly at Ou Yang Yu Fei and replied indifferently, "If I said I like that child and that I want to help him, would you believe me?"

Although she asked him whether he believed her, her eyes show no desire to have Ou Yang Yu Fei's approval at all.

Ou Yang Yu Fei's smile became wider as he replied, "Of course I believe you. Why wouldn't I? I'm just your creditor anyways, I will be fine as long as you return my money to me. I don't care which side you are on."

Liu Yue looked at Ou Yang Yu Fei's smile and suddenly smiled too. She slowly grabbed onto Ou Yang Yu Fei's lapels and pulled him close to her.

Ou Yang Yu Fei was suddenly yanked towards Liu Yue, so close their face almost touched.

"You have something to say?" Ou Yang Yu Fei's smile didn't change a single inch.

The hot breath from his mouth almost covered Liu Yue's face.

"I just wanted to warn you once, if you want money, you should know your place. Otherwise, I can't guarantee if you can live long enough to get your money back." Slowly patting Ou Yang Yu Fei's cheeks, Liu Yue also smiled widely.

After all these months journeying from south to north and crossing the great plains with him, even if Liu Yue's brain was completely made of straws, she would know that Ou Yang Yu Fei was not an ordinary person. He was definitely not a simple blackmailer, he must have some relations to that mysterious island.
(Shiro: I'm lost – can someone tell me who's Ou Yang Yu Fei? Liu Yue is going to a mysterious island?)