Chapter 473
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DOP Chapter 473 – International Negotiation (5)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



She was not a samaritan. Although favours need to be repaid, it also depends on the benefactor. If the benefactor was threatening her, she wouldn't care if he was her benefactor. Forcing her to repay favours won't get him anywhere.

"Alright, I'm someone who cherish my own life." Ou Yang Yu Fei laughed as he raised both of his hands, agreeing almost immediately and efficiently.

"That would be the best." Pushing Ou Yang Yu Fei with one hand, Liu Yue turned around and returned back into her tent.

Ou Yang Yu Fei raised his brows at this scene, then patted the dusts off his sleeves as he followed inside Liu Yue's tent, beaming with smiles, without any trace of restraint at all.

"Get out." Liu Yue threw the cold words with her back to Ou Yang Yu Fei.

"If you want the wound at your back to get worse, just kick me out." Ou Yang Yu Fei kept his calm.

"Little magpie." Liu Yue understood that Ou Yang Yu Fei entered to help her dress her wound. Her voice softened immediately.

Ou Yang Yu Fei reached out for the medicine bottle in his sleeves and smiled as he replied, "She's drunk, you'll have to wait till tomorrow for her."

His subordinate was obviously called Hua Fei Yu, but unbeknownst to him, Liu Yue had been calling her Little Magpie all along. How could she just call her anything she want?

Liu Yue became silent for a while, then immediately went to her bed, pulled down her clothes and lie down on her stomach, revealing her badly mangled back.

Although she was lying down, her body was more alluring than if she wasn't covered with anything at all.

After getting dazed for a moment, Ou Yang Yu Fei gulped down his saliva. He really didn't think Liu Yue would be so direct, she had even succeeded in making him feel awkward.

"Quickly." Clear-cut, she was extremely straight-forward.

Ou Yang Yu Fei snapped back to reality and rubbed his nose as he walked forward. He then gently rubbed the salve in his hands onto Liu Yue's back.

As his fingers moved across her wounds, he noticed that beneath the wounds that had started to form a scar, was a flawless, snow-white skin that was so beautiful and translucent. He also noticed the vague outline from underneath her underarms.

The tent was still except for the movement of his finger.

"Pa ta." A single drop of blood dripped onto Liu Yue's back.

Ou Yang Yu Fei immediately wiped it off in a fluster. Damn, dammit! What is he getting hot in this cold winter for? When had he become so undetermined?

"If you dared to drop your snot on me again, I'll wring your head off." Liu Yue sat up and coldly threw the words to him.