Chapter 474
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DOP Chapter 474 – International Negotiation (6)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



He had actually dared to drop his snot on her back. How could such a big man have a runny nose? Dammit, it's so disgusting!

With a black face, Ou Yang Yu Fei was so cornered that he was completely unable to retort. His mouth twitched vigorously. Snot? Forget it, let's just take it as snot.

A red-coloured snot. He was just feeling a little hot that night.

Whomever said that winter would be cold, and you wouldn't get hot?

The full moon in the sky sprinkled clear moon light onto the land, it was a beautiful night.

The night quickly passed. The next day, Liu Yue was summoned to Empress Dowager's tent first thing in the morning.

As Liu Yue entered the tent, Empress Dowager Xiao, Ye Lu Hong, Ye Lu Ji, Ku Za Mu, Li Kuo and the others had already gathered inside. They were lying out something that looked like a map.

"Liu Yue, capturing the King of Hun is your credit, please join us in discussing the details for the ransom." Empress Dowager Xiao said as she saw Liu Yue entering the tent.

Liu Yue agreed quietly and was quickly pulled by Ye Lu Hong so that she could sit beside him.

"I say, this Qian Li Mu Yuan is the best place. The seven cities around are prosperous and the land is fertile. This territory should be made the ransom." Ye Lu Ji drew across the map in the middle of the gathering, his face brimming with excitement.
(Shiro: Qian Li Mu Yuan translates literally to Thousand Miles Shepherd Origin)

"I think Qian Li Mu Yuan is good, but aren't there too few cities around it? Seven? No, no, the King of Hun should be traded with at least 20 cities..."

"I think..."

After Liu Yue sat down, Ku Za Mu and the others completely ignored her and started a heated debate.

Capturing the King of Huns was equivalent to winning the war without the battle. Being able to get war reparations in exchange for the ransom, this was something they could not afford to lose out.

Liu Yue held Ye Lu Hong's hands as she listened. She didn't say anything, but her eyes scanned over the map on the table very quickly.

After the heated debate lasted over four hours, they finally came into conclusion.

The two Bei Mu Generals and the prince were so excited that their faces were flushed red and their expressions were filled with excitement.

"We'll get Qian Li Mu Yuan, Qian Li Wo Tu, and the 13 cities nearby Qian Li Mu Yuan. Liu Yue, do you have any objection to this?" Empress Dowager Xiao finally asked Liu Yue, who had not spoken at all since the beginning, for formality's sake.

Liu Yue turned her gaze from the map and replied, as she raised her brows, "I do."