Chapter 478
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DOP Chapter 478 : International Negotiation (10)
Translated by : Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



"As for the 10 surrounding cities, what the citizens want to do in those cities is influenced by the Huns. If it does not go well, they might even bite us back. Hence, it would be best to get a place like the Ku Sha Plains, where the citizens are made up of various ethnic groups and they are not united.

The Huns couldn't be bothered by this territory. Hence, as long as we keep them, they will definitely become Bei Mu citizens. We wouldn't need to be afraid of them rising a rebellion.

Furthermore, the citizens there could still survive in such a barren place. This means that they are extremely strong and resilient originally. If we can gather this strong group of people together, we'll benefit a lot."

At this point, Liu Yue put her hands on her hips, turned around and said to Ye Lu Hong, "As a good leader, you'll have to think far ahead. If you vie for a jewel, forget about its worth, consider if you can keep them first. You should choose a jewel that is still buried underground and unpolished instead, only then would you be able to keep them. Remember this."

After saying this, Liu Yue didn't wait for Ye Lu Hong's reply. She put Ye Lu Hong down, turned around and walked out of the tent, without stopping at all.

Outside the tent, the golden rays of sun shone upon Liu Yue's body. Her body looked so radiant that she dazzled the surrounding people.

The Bei Mu soldiers outside the tent immediately bowed full of respect to Liu Yue.

Towards a hero, they would definitely not be petty with their respect.

"Beautiful." Liu Yue had not walked out from the tent very far when Ou Yang Yu Fei appeared from behind a tent, his face filled with praise as he clapped his hands.

His hearing was quite sharp.

"You truly have a discerning eye, powerful analytical ability and high ability to make the best of opportunities. Liu Yue, you truly have made me see you in a different light." Ou Yang Yu Fei clapped as he approached her and walked with her side by side.

"You flatter me." Liu Yue's expression was indifferent, there was no arrogance nor ostentatiousness.

"Do you have a deep knowledge in this area?" Ou Yang Yu Fei looked towards Liu Yue and said. Logically speaking, amongst the central people, other than the Ao Yun Kingdom who planned to go to war with the Kingdom of Huns and Bei Mu, the other Kingdoms should not have such a deep knowledge on the grass plains area.

"As deep as I wish to understand." Liu Yue's answer was filled with her usual arrogance.

Yes, as long as she wished to understand, there's nothing she would not be able to master. As long as she wished to.