Chapter 479
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DOP Chapter 479 : International Negotiation (11)
Translated by : Yuki
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



Ever since Liu Yue decided to enter the grassland, she had already gathered all the information concerning the grassland. Naturally, with hardwork and diligence, any information can be researched.

Moreover, although she had not assumed a high position before, it was not as if she had never seen these constant conflicts and clashes of power between countries.

In the 21st century, these types of fights between prime ministers, presidents, kings, and conflicts between the underground organizations, were not lacking in numbers. She had seen too many of such cases, and as a consequence she had to grasp the situation, take appropriate measures, and find the best way to take charge. This specialised skill of hers was not just empty words.

Ou Yang Yu Fei had heard Liu Yue's arrogant words, and his face showed a deep smile as he lifted his fingers: "Let me count, how long should I count to, one, two, three, ....... fifteen......"

"Righteous King, Righteous King, hold on, hold on." Just as he counted till fifteen, the Queen Dowager's gold tent screen was lifted, and Ku Za Mu came out of the tent with large, hurried strides.

Liu Yue heard it, but she did not stop, she continued walking forward with the same cold attitude as before.

Behind her, Ku Za Mu quickly hurried towards her, and grabbed Liu Yue's arm without a thread of suspicion, he smiled adoringly as he tried to gain her favour: "We are all rough people of the grassland, so we don't really understand how to manage relationships. Please do not be offended. Come, the Queen Dowager would like to invite you for a discussion. Your opinions were very insightful, truly insightful."

He repeated 'insightful' seriously, as if it could express his general excitement and admiration.

As he spoke, he held onto Liu Yue's arms, and tried to drag her into the tent, like some cattle.

Liu Yue gave him a severe glare. She suddenly moved her wrists in a snake-like manner, and was immediately able to slip out of Ka Za Mu's large grip. This sudden action caused Ka Za Mu to trip over a few steps.

Liu Yue maintained a calm expression, with both hands firmly behind her back, as she did not move from her original position.

"A martial artist expert is truly an expert. Righteous King, we, the people of the grasslands, are very frank people. We speak out if we have any complaints, we fight if we see something we dislike. If you feel that we are wrong, just speak out to us, there will be no problem at all. Don't hide your anger, this is not the way of the grassland people."

The statement was shouted by Ye Lu Ji, and not far off, the Queen Dowager Xiao's gold screen was lifted. Queen Dowager Xiao, Prince Ye Lu Ji, Ye Lu Hong and the others walked out of the tent.