Chapter 480
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DOP Chapter 480 : International Negotiation (12)
Translated by : Yuki
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko



"Yes, we are frank people. You are intelligent, skilled and powerful. If you are angry that we didn't admit our faults, you should just beat us up. You don't have to be angry. In any case, as long as it is for the good of the Kingdom of Bei Mu, anything can be done."

Ku Za Mu said loudly, as he steadied his body after tripping and turned his head towards Liu Yue, patting his chest.

"Yes, yes...."

Liu Yue's ears picked up on a of these extremely straightforward words, the slow anger within her heart had rapidly disappear. She liked this type of character and attitude the most.

Blunt and outspoken, if it is right is right, if it is wrong is wrong.

If they are wrong, they will fight about it, and the next day the issue will vanish like smoke in thin air, she really likes this sort of atmosphere, this was what her former self had appreciated as well, when she was working as a mercenary.

Covered with a veil, Empress Dowager Xiao pulled Ye Lu Hong's hand and walked to Liu Yue's side, and said firmly: "The Righteous King has incredible foresight, it is something that I can't compare. I'm ashamed."

Seeing Empress Dowager Xiao, Liu Yue immediately relax her attitude, and stopped showing her cold expression. She received Ye Lu Hong's hand which was reaching out to her, as she slowly said, "Liu Yue has also behaved pettily. I'm more ashamed for my misbehaviour."

"This is the way!" Ye Lu Ji step forward, he pat Liu Yue's shoulder and said, "When you come back, we will accompany you on a fight, and allow you to dissipate your anger."

"Yes, when that moment comes, we would be much obliged to learn your wise moves, and see how good it is." Li Kuo rubbed his fist, his eyes full of lit up brightly.

That moment when he led his troop for the clash, he himself thought that the situation couldn't be any more miserable, he didn't expect to see that there was not even a slight damage or loss, and that they had even managed to capture the King of Huns as a prisoner.

At that moment, he had already started to pay attention to Liu Yue. If he can fight with an expert like this, it would truly give him immense satisfaction.

When Liu Yue heard what they said, she slightly raised her eyebrows and looked questioningly at Ye Lu Ji. When she came back?

"Liu Yue, for this first peace talk, I would like you to go. Since you have showed deep understanding about the situation in the Ku Sha grassland, you must have already thought of a way to vanquish them. Moreover, you are the strongest in martial arts here, hence I believe you'll be able to protect everyone. This time, we'll leave the fate of Bei My to you." Dowager Xiao explained as she looked into Liu Yue's eyes seriously.

"This peace talk will be located at the borders between the Huns and us, at a city called Lu Ke. It is located close to the Ku Sha plains and the other ten cities. We will leave tomorrow, and we should be able to reach Lu Ke city in three days." Ku Za Mu continued.