Chapter 107: Web of Intrigue
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The veins on Hiruzen's forehead throbbed. "I would like to know what is being said outside about me and Danzo?"

Torifu cast an indifferent look at Hiruzen. "My wife also died, but no one has spread rumors that I haven't remarried because of Danzo."

"By the way, I heard that Danzo was very happy after Biwako died. Is it true?"

Hiruzen almost spit out blood in anger.

"Uchiha Funan!"

"It must be him!"

"There is no other person in the shinobi world who would say that. Damn him, I won't forgive him!"

"He spread similar words a few days ago."

"Also, Danzo was very happy after Biwako died? I'll fucking kill that beast!"

Hiruzen's eyes were bloodshot.


Torifu began to take action against Danzo. It's not because this guy doesn't want to join the war, but because he's worried.

Torifu was worried that Danzo would secretly play tricks on him.

The death of the Fourth Hokage had been very strange. Hiruzen and the others held power, and just when Minato was about to take control, bam, he ended up dying!

The Fourth Hokage was just beginning to take control and was killed. Now he, who had become an enemy of Sarutobi Hiruzen and the others, had to be careful.

Furthermore, in a matter as big as the Nine-Tails, Danzo had not appeared. Torifu decided to teach him a lesson.

Including Hiruzen. None would escape.

As for Koharu and Homura... where have they been? Since he took office, the presence of these two people has been horribly low.

This is very wrong!

He had to be careful, because who knows what those two were up to.

Would someone who was part of the Konoha Corrupt Quartet with Sarutobi Hiruzen and Shimura Danzo be useless? They surely had their own special abilities.

Sarutobi Hiruzen: "..."

Danzo Shimura: "..."

Actually, Torifu, you're thinking too much.

Torifu said, don't blame me for being too cautious or too timid, but you have too many criminal records.


At this moment, Kumogakure and Konoha began a new confrontation.

"Yahoo!" With a strange cry, Killer Bee began to cover himself with the Eight-Tails' chakra and six tails emerged behind him.

His presence became imposing and full of danger.


He stomped his foot, leaving a deep crater in the ground, appearing in front of Funan.

"Go dead!"


Killer Bee's punch missed.

Funan moved quickly and formed seals with his hands.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!"


A huge blood-colored fireball headed towards Killer Bee.

At the same time, B entered Tailed Beast Mode.

Finally, he completely transformed into the Eight Tails.

Funan frowned slightly, and in the next moment, he began to move at high speed.

Because the Raikage appeared in his original place, delivering a heavy blow.

"You can't escape!"

A turned around and stared at Funan coldly. The thunder and lightning on his body flowed even faster.

"Don't forget me!" With a shout, several orange fireballs floated to the Raikage's side. Blocked his way, and at the same time, the fireballs connected to form a pillar of fire.

Raikage's face darkened.

"Explode!" With Pakura's shout, the fireballs turned into a fire tornado that engulfed the Raikage.


Lightning shot out from inside the fire tornado.

The Raikage's body was emitting white smoke, with several burns visible. His face was very serious. He had to focus most of his attention on Funan. But Pakura didn't stop attacking him at that moment.

"Hoo!" Killer B, in the form of the eight-tails, let out a loud snort, exhaling two plumes of white smoke from his nose.

"Hahahaha!" Funan stared at his opponent, with an arrogant smile on his lips.

Funan was enjoying the fight. "Come on!"

"Roar!" Killer B let out a bestial roar, charging towards Funan.

"Tailed Beast Lariat!"

Even with the Mangekyo, Funan was barely able to capture its speed. "So fast!"


[Crack! Click! Crack!]

A gigantic blood-red skeleton appeared, protecting Funan.

"Incredible!" Killer Bee muttered.


A huge arm slammed down hard, knocking Killer Bee into the ground.


A fist wrapped in lightning appeared in front of Funan.

"Lightning Straight!"


Susanoo, which was already densely packed with cracks, was completely shattered by the Raikage's violent blow.

"Ha!" Funan laughed. About ten meters away, Funan appeared, quickly making hand seals.

"Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet!"

A gigantic, sinister dragon head appeared, launching a blood-colored fireball towards the Raikage.

At that moment, the temperature of the surroundings rose sharply.


The area became a sea of ​​fire.

As the fire began to subside, Funan gave a cold smile. "They ran away pretty quickly."

The Raikage and Killer Bee were no longer there.


Pakura appeared next to Funan.

"Did they flee?"

"Yes, they left."

"What are you going to do?" Pakura asked curiously. "Keep provoking them?"

How did this fight start?

Funan showed up at the gate of the Kumo camp and began to provoke them.

There was nothing more to say.

The Raikage and Killer Bee ran out and the fight began.

Sometimes Pakura thought that Funan should compete to be Raikage instead of Hokage.

This guy's temperament matched that of the Kumo people perfectly.

"No, something like that can only be done once. If I do it more times, they won't come out." Funan thought for a moment and said: "Anyway, this war is about to end."

"So fast?" Pakura was very surprised.

Funan turned his head and said meaningfully: "If it doesn't end soon, Sunagakure will start causing trouble."

Pakura frowned in displeasure. "What does Rasa plan to do now?"

After spending several days together, sleeping in the same place, Pakura's impression of Funan had changed.

Furthermore, Rasa's attitude was excessive. Despite being allies, after so many days, there is no sign of movement.

Not only were they not sending troops, but Konoha had to keep shinobi on the border with Suna, slowing everything down.

Pakura was frustrated.


"What?" Pakura raised her head, surprised to see Funan so serious.

"Chaos is about to begin, are you ready?"


"Yeah." Funan chuckled and said: "I hope that this time, Sarutobi Hiruzen and the others will not be beaten by me."

He knew very well how big his next move would be.


The battle between Kumo and Konoha attracted the attention of the entire shinobi world.

“We will attack here!” Funan pointed his hand at a location on the map.

Kakashi looked at the map for a few seconds and nodded slightly. "Who will go?"

"Shinnosuke?" Funan looked at Sarutobi Shinnosuke and said with a smile: "How about you go?"

Shinnosuke's heart sank. Staring at the points on the map, he fell into deep thought.

The command room instantly fell silent.

The four clans of the Konoha Corrupt Quartet and the Uchiha clan were at odds with each other.

Shinnosuke did not have to please Funan, and faced with his order, he had the option of refusing.

Shinnosuke said calmly: "Our unit has just returned from a mission and needs to rest."

"Okay!" Funan pointed at a few points casually and said: “Take a few days to rest and choose a place.”

Rest did not mean total inactivity, but rather moving from attack to defense. The positions would also be relatively safer, avoiding direct confrontations.

Shinnosuke watched for a moment and finally chose a point. However, this point was not one of the ones that Funan had selected.

Looking at that point, Funan was puzzled. Is it destiny? He knew that Shinnosuke wouldn't follow his suggestions. Any option he offered would be rejected. Therefore, the few areas he selected were the safe zones and the remaining spots were the most problematic.

But the point Shinnosuke chose was the biggest trap. Once inside, he couldn't get out alive.

Funan sighed quietly, feeling very sad in his heart. After getting along with each other these days, he felt that Shinnosuke was quite a good kid.

No wonder Hiruzen has pinned his hopes on Asuma. Shinnosuke is a bit stupid. Of course, this stupidity is only when compared to those intelligent people.

Among ordinary people, Shinnosuke is okay.

But as the son of the Third Hokage, his mediocrity was fatal.

As now, this would be his last meeting with Funan.

Funan felt very sorry. He wished Hiruzen was surrounded by people like him.

Of course, he felt sorrier for the woman next to Shinnosuke. That tall, slender woman was his companion.

What a pity.

Funan kicked the ground in frustration.

Everyone in the room was puzzled. Did you really set up a trap for Shinnosuke and he didn't fall for it?

Shinnosuke looked at Funan warily. Seeing Funan's appearance, he felt a little worried.

“Why don't I choose another place?” Shinnosuke hesitated and then whispered: "I think this place is good."

He pointed to another place. That place coincidentally coincided with the safe zone that Funan had left.

"Of course, you can go there!" Funan's eyes lit up. Not bad, kid. At least you have found a chance to survive.

Of course, in this case, haha...

Funan's eyes looked at Shinnosuke's wife without any trace.

"Haha, just kidding, don't be so nervous!" Shinnosuke smiled. He had been staring at Funan’s expression just now, so he understood.

There was no problem with the place he chose initially, but there was a problem with the place he chose later.

Apart from that, he really couldn't think of any other reason.

"I'm going here!" Shinnosuke pointed to the place of death in Funan's eyes and said: "Since it has been chosen, it cannot be changed casually, so I am going here."

After saying that, Shinnosuke turned around and left without waiting for Funan to speak. The woman next to him naturally left with him.

After all, they were at odds. Besides, it was the battlefield, courtesy was superficial.

As for trying something against him...

Shinnosuke was very confident.


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