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Feeling a bit uncomfortable. Beast released some mana and Jessica lost consciousness. 

Having made a mistake, he currently wasn't in a position to right the wrong. Slowly, Jessica's body started to float as Beast spoke, "Can one of you show me where her room is?"

In the end, the first to react was Joe, the person without mana. He showed the way with newfound respect.

While Timmy didn't know. He failed to notice Saleh was looking at empty air with shaking pupils.

Joe, without mana, was enough said. Timmy knew Beast's identity and understood from the beginning. The difference between the two was too large.

Saleh was left rooted, not because he didn't understand the gap. Nobody here could understand his shock.

Since everyone could gather mana, theoretically, everyone should be able to cast spells. Only, this wasn't the case.

Out of a thousand people, a single mage might be born. Of those, a rough estimate was done. 

Believing that only one in ten thousand of those would be qualified by Adventurer's Guild standards. Having the theoretical ability and making reasonable use of that ability were two measurements using different units.

Even worse, qualified mages were mainly stuck at lower grades because of the difficulty to solo a dungeon. Artificial cores were a death sentence to a mage.

One branch of mage that didn't have this problem were battlemages. They had a unique ability to concentrate and multitask, which allowed them to dominate the battlefield. 

It wasn't their monstrous ability to multitask and concentrate that made them so deadly. Saleh, for example, wasn't all that good at multitasking.

He, however, had a beyond monstrous level of mana sensitivity. This was the talent that allowed a battlemage to move, even fight while casting a spell. 

Saleh was partly so talented because of this ability. Using it, he could sense the mana usage of his opponent. He was even able to sense when Joana used mana.

He had no way to keep track of her movements, so his senses were like tiny mist trials across the entire battlefield. 

Yet, most importantly, he could sense when she used mana. Even with a gap of two grades. 

Beast had blatantly used mana to carry Jessica. And he couldn't feel anything. This caused a bit of fear to well up inside him. 

Downstairs, Saleh was having a spiral of crazy thoughts. Unaware, not likely to even care, even if he did know.

Beast had laid Jessica down on the bed. After looking around the room, he nodded his head slightly. Mercury City was both the best and worst place to be.

With power and skill, one could get away with a lot. Without it, one needed to hope mostly in vain for the opportunity to seize the chance to take it.

For this very reason, Mercury City housed not just the powerful. It housed the weak, trying a lot of desperate and dangerous things in order to take hold of these opportunities to grow.

Adventurer’s Guild was one of if not the largest power on the continent. Partly because it was a power made by Mercury Everblood. The other part being what Adventurer’s Guild was.

There was a reason there weren’t many Evers that had created their own title. Being an Ever meant having a part of the Will of the World’s authority. It gave one an insane amount of power and ability. Even the opportunity to basically live forever.

For such a monumental position, it required very strict limitations. So, it could be understood why the majority of Evers were race titles. Right now, Jessica a human, and Leo a spirit of a human. Both had become Evers pertaining to the elves.

Even though Everwood was the elf title. This only meant that in the very beginning, the first to hold the title was an elf. More importantly, it was obtained through the resources of the entire race.

Everblood and Everwater were two beings that didn’t use the resources of their race to create their own legends. The fact Everblood did it was already amazing enough. He completely solidified his position when Everwater was born.

Not only was Everblood able to become an Ever without help, he raised a second Ever. Now with that information, it might be easy to understand why Adventurer’s Guild was such a colossal beast.

Where most organization had social aspects. Adventurer’s Guild had time and time again shown that all that mattered was skill. They didn’t care about your background.

Mercury City wouldn’t protect criminals. However, numerous criminals lived in Mercury City. All because Mercury City was dangerous. There were rules, only these pertained to adventurers.

Even if they tried to get other adventurers to do it. Adventurer’s Guild wouldn’t allow a request going after one of their own members. Because of the restrictions, to live in the city. It made getting help from inside very difficult.

Mercury City became the safe haven to those that offended the higher-ups of various powers. So long as one didn’t break a rule in Mercury City or do something that would cause an Adventurer’s Guild higher-up to get involved. The official statement given to those that tried to shove their weight inside the city, “Tough shit.”

So for such a unique city, seeing such protective measures he was rather happy. Though he did frown, seeing that all these measures stopped at the door.

Joe seeing this tried to explain himself. Only to be cut off, “I can understand, I also have no right to intrude on your work. Even knowing I was someone that shouldn’t be offended, you still kept your mouth shut when involving your tenants. It is truly respectable.”

With a smile, Joe felt a bit giddy, “It isn’t like I don’t want to put protective measures on the door. With my strict screening, it is unlikely for anyone to do anything inside. Though just by taking the door protection off. Those that stay are forced to keep their guard up. This is good, as if the habit is formed. Once they leave…”

“That is true. Timmy did a good job on these devices. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had been to his workshop, I might have even been misled into thinking it was just a formation and not a device build into the building. I could only be able to find out if I closely inspected it. Truly a work of art.”