Chapter 14 – New Beginning
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It was really quiet in the Nexus Animation HQ. Not knowing what they should do this batch of supporting characters decided to do whatever at their desks, while they were waiting for the news from their boss or Joshua Renji.

And before they knew it they heard tupping sounds coming outside the office and they all collectively turned their heads to the door, preparing their hearts for every possible situation.


With big momentum the young man with black hair in a suit opened the door, he looked sweaty like he had run a marathon. The man who had his hands on his legs, clearly tired lifted his head and with the biggest smile they had ever seen from him, Kira Rowe proclaimed, “We got the green light”…

An hour later in the meeting room, every single member of the cast was sitting around the table, even Joshua took his time off work to come here and he was also the one that was giving instructions, while Kira was trying to take pointers and learn from his uncle.

“Ok, now that we got the project, it is time for the main course, we lack people and resources, so we all will have to improvise and do everything to succeed.”

With a serious expression, he turned his head to Toma Yuu.

“Toma-san please write a script after carefully looking through the original work…”

Toma Yuu was of course the scriptwriter, his job is the most crucial one for this to work.

After looking through the room, Joshua continued, “The rest of you also go through the material and prepare yourself and visualize how you want this anime to look”.

This conversation went on for more than an hour and there was just one more thing Joshua wanted to say.

“Like I said in the beginning, we lack people, so you will need to help each other and give thoughts on the anime and how you want it to go, we can only do this by cooperation.”

Joshua said his last bits and then turned to Kira and nodded his head to him.

“Okay everyone, you heard him, do your preparation, in the meantime, I will negotiate all the details with the publisher and the author. Dismissed.”

Everyone got up and left the room, Toma Yuu being the oldest was last and before he left the room, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning his head he saw Joshua; it seemed not everything was said.

Confirming the thoughts in Toma Yuu's mind, Joshua said, “Please, Toma-san, can you talk to us in the CEO office for a minute and then you can return to doing your tasks”.

Toma Yuu before saying anything turned his head towards his young boss who looked calm like always, clearly showing he knew what was going on.

With a light sigh, the scriptwriter responded with a simple okay.

In Kira’s office, three men were sitting around the main desk. Kira with a solemn look on his face opened the discussion.

“Mr. Toma, how long will it take you to finish the script?”

A normal question as a start. Toma Yuu answered without thinking.

“Two days.”

Kira nodded his head with a satisfied expression and then with a cough Joshua Renji took over the conversation.

“That’s good to hear, I always trusted your ability but this is not why we called you…Let me get straight to the point, before you start writing I want you to discuss the whole premise and plot…”

Before Joshua finished his sentence, Toma with a tup got up and said with a serious face.

“No, my job is to write the script, I have been doing this my whole life and I won’t let myself be criticized by some kids.”

An unquestionable refusal but still this time Kira refuted that claim.

“Now, no need to get angry, listen till the end. This was one of my ideas, Nexus Animation is a small studio, with barely enough people to create a good anime…”

Seeing that Toma Yuu was listening to him, albeit still looking a little bit angry, Kira continued.

“With that, you as a group are not even close to being great colleagues, yes there is not much fighting between you but still you are not a close-knit bunch and for us to succeed you need to be on the same page.”

Taking a deep breath, Kira Rowe with conviction in his voice said all of his thoughts. 

“For you to create the best product, the story needs to be done right and I want you to cooperate in creating the story because if you are on the same page in how you want the final project to be, executing it will be so much easier.”

After Kira finished, Joshua took over, seemingly making them look like a tag team.

“Toma-san I know how much you like doing this and how good you are but for this to be perfect we need every piece of the puzzle, so please for me and for this animation studio I love, help us in creating the best work possible.”

And just like that after saying that both Kira and Joshua got up and bowed, asking for a favor from the seasoned scriptwriter.

Watching them for a couple of minutes and contemplating, Toma Yuu with a tired look responded.

“Usually after asking something so ridiculous, I would give you a 2…But you just reminded me a little bit about my past, when I functioned differently.”

All that was said with the biggest smile Kira saw from the scriptwriter but he was not done with the talking yet.

“Okay, I will consult with the guys for the sake of the animation studio, but still you are getting a 5, hmph, you took too much of the precious time of this old man.”

Hearing him say that Kira and Joshua looked at each other and they started laughing, that laughing like a virus affected even the serious Toma Yuu who also followed them in having a laughing competition.

And just like that a new page in the book of this small animation studio opened, this time looking a lot more colorful. 

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