Chapter 16 – Negotiation
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Most of the time anime studios are paid to create an anime that was adapted from manga, games, etc. They don’t hold rights for an IP, rather they are just one part of a big puzzle that is a factor in creating an anime.

When it comes to publishers of either manga, light novels or other parts of this world, they are the ones that hold the rights to the IP and if they feel their product is worth taking a risk on, they are prepared to turn it into anime.

To do that they come into cooperation with a lot of different entities who all invest in this product. The more popular the original work is, the more companies join. One of the main reasons why the publisher would do that is to decrease the risk if the project ended up failing. So, they basically spread the risk. That cooperation gets turned into something that is in Japan called a production committee. There are many examples of production committees making anime and one of them is the famous movie Akira which was also one of the first projects that was done by the production committee. It was done in cooperation of Kodansha, MBS, Bandai, Hakuhodo, Toho, Laserdisc, Sumimoto Corporation, and Tokyo Movie.

That is an example of how this is usually done. But the boss of Nexus Animation, Kira Rowe is planning on buying the rights to be the one solely in charge of animating this IP from the publisher. It is not something you never see but still, it is a brave move and as you know it is also a move that he has to make.

His studio isn’t famous enough for a publisher to give him the job of adapting a famous work, so, they could only opt for a solid manga that was finished ages ago.

That has its pros, but it also has cons. The main pros are that it is going to be easier to buy the rights, as the manga has almost been forgotten and there is no interest from other studios or the public to adapt it to anime. And the main con is that it going to be extra hard getting people to be interested in a long-forgotten story. In conclusion, marketing is going to be crucial.

Nevertheless, with all these hard topics out of the way, Kira is currently negotiating with the publisher and author about the rights and all the other details.

As he was living in Kisato and other parties in Tokyo, the meeting is being held via Zoom. Kira with a serious look on his face, wearing a dark blue suit and a black tie is carefully listening to Azuma Hisashi, an editor at Saisho+Hakosha. For this meeting, Saisho+Hakosha had chosen to send an editor who is responsible for Higurashi-Sensei, someone who knows everything about every manga Higurashi-Sensei made.

“We have no problems selling the rights for the animation of this IP to you Rowe-san, after all, we never thought this work would get an anime, and your offer was also in line with our demands…”

It wasn’t that hard to reach a deal with Saisho+Hakosha, after all, they can’t lose with this deal, no matter how good or bad the end product would be, all the pressure and risk will be shouldered by Nexus Animation.

Kira showed a little smile but he wasn’t done, there was still one single topic for negotiation he wanted to bring up.

“Mr. Hisashi, tell me would Saisho+Hakosha be willing to help with promoting the anime, of course, if you accept you will get a part of the revenue.”

Kira knew the answer to this question but he still asked it, with a certain goal in his mind.

And like he thought…

“Thank you for the offer Rowe-san but our company is only willing to sell the rights, the rest of it is on you, once again thank you for thinking kindly of us and our abilities.”

A gentle rejection. Our hero didn’t let that stop him from continuing on this topic.

“I see, and how about you Higurashi-sensei.”


With a slight jolt Higurashi-sensei with a surprised look on her face, first glanced at Azuma Hisahi and then with a probing look, asked a question.

“What do you mean.”

“It is really simple, really, as an author of this story it would help us a lot if you could help us in promoting this soon-to-be-made anime, with your help we will reach our goal for sure.”

With the most handsome smile he could muster, Kira calmly answered the question.

At this point conversation stopped and the other party could be seen whispering to each other.

On the other hand, Kira was patiently waiting, knowing that he was close to accomplishing everything he put before him before the start of the negotiation.

After five minutes, Higurashi-sensei with a slight smile answered Kira with a nod and then they ironed up some details, the revenue for the rights, the amount of money that was going to be paid to Mangaka for marketing and they were done.

The meeting ended two hours ago and Kira was still in the same position, sitting in his office, while pondering. This whole project is a big risk, they will spend every single penny they have or in this case yen, it was a risk but not a single company struck gold without taking risks, this is all a part of this profession. 

A part that Kira really liked.

“Heh, after all this studying, it is here.”

Just like that, with a big grin, the CEO turned on his phone and went through his contacts and he clicked on the name that said – Joshua Renji.

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