Chapter 17 – Discussion
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While Kira is in the middle of the negotiation, the rest of the people in the Nexus Animation HQ are in the middle of a discussion in the famed meeting room.

The topic of course is the anime they were making. As they all went through the whole manga, now is the time for them to line up ideas and thoughts about the anime.

This time Toma Yuu was sitting at the head of the table, with a pencil and a paper, clearly wanting to write all the good ideas and of course, he had his usually serious look on his face, it was time for business.

Like the senior scriptwriter, the rest of the cast was sitting around the table with the same serious expressions. They might look like they are oddballs and you would be right if you think so but when it comes to the job they love, they are 100% in it, with the desire to do the best job they could.

If they weren’t serious about this and they didn’t love making anime, all of these people wouldn’t be here, after all when it comes to pay, being a worker in this industry in Japan won't make you rich.

Even the always self-conceited Yamato Shoda didn’t make a comment about Toma Yuu sitting at the head of the table and acting as the leader. He Is someone that knows when is the best moment to act as an asshole.

Back to the discussion.

Toma Yuu after seeing the expressions of his colleagues began speaking, “I can see you are all ready for this project and I reckon you all read the manga from the first chapter to the last chapter.”

Nobody said a word to the opening statement from the seasoned scriptwriter, so, Toma Yuu continued.

“I will first start with my opinion about the anime and after that, we can all discuss it. The story is really simple – a couple that has been together for eight years is living together but they are still not married. Manga follows their story and life and how are they dealing with the constant questions and topics about their marriage…”

For a second he stopped talking, as he gathered his breath – “Huuh, it is a kind of story about growing up as adults and starting to seriously experience the bad and good parts about being an adult couple and just living as adults.”

After he said that, Toma Yuu looked around and asked if anyone had anything more to add, silence was the answer. So, he continued with his presentation. 

“I think this story is really simple and we should keep it as such, but keep this in mind, this is a slice of life about adults and characters are going to be key here. Mangaka already created a believable cast of characters, it is up to us to put them in situations in anime where they can flourish…Now, Yamato-san, give us your opinion about the story and then about character design.”

Hearing his name, Yamato Shoda with his finger accustomed his glasses like all the cool guys usually do and he gave his opinion.

“This one thinks that for once you said some good things, the story should be simple, though I do think these two characters need to mention the greatness of Japan more but this one can agree with you. As for the design of the characters, it would be great to make them look glamorous but I think that would destroy…”

“Ooo, this is a surprise, the most glamorous character designer in the history of this industry thinks simple is the answer here…”

Before our prince finished with his part, the always hyperactive fireball, Shiba Ryo interrupted him. Something that Yamato Shoda didn’t appreciate; you can tell that by him glaring at his young collage. 

“This one thinks you are too rude, one of these days the talk is going to be held about house rules…ANYWAY, character design is going to be simple, with a touch of a modern look, because with all due respect to the mangaka, the characters in these manga look…kind of out of touch to put it respectively.”

At this last sentence, the whole “round” table almost burst out laughing but there was a pair of strict eyes observing them, so they made a smart decision and controlled themselves.

“Thank you, Yamato-san, now let us hear from you three animators, anything to add.”

The first one to open his mouth was surprisingly the usually, quiet Croatian. In his broken Japanese, he said – “I agree with both of you, just want to ask a question, what is going to be the feel of this anime, will we make it darker or are we going to make it in the more Shoujo style, you know all the shining.”


Hearing this question, the leader in this situation gathered his thoughts.

“For the overall look of the anime, I want to make it look modern, that’s something I think we can all agree on and I don’t want to break from the manga too much, depending on the context of the episode we can make it look more serious and when it is time for comedy let’s make it fun and vibrant, what do you say?”


Just like that, questions and answers were thrown around. There were some agreements and disagreements but that is all normal in this kind of job. This world would be boring if everyone always had the same opinion

With already mentioned topics, animators discussed their roles and episodes they were going to be responsible for. Toma Yuu noted everything down, while Yamato Shoda unusually for him was quite positively active in this discussion. 

And just like that the first discussion about their upcoming anime continued for the next couple of hours. Everyone was getting even more excited about creating a new anime and new good news was soon going to reach them – their young boss managed to make a deal with the publisher and the mangaka.

And before all that came the sentence and evaluation from the leader.

“8 points for this discussion…”

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