Chapter 18 – Logo and social media
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“12 episodes?”

“Yes boss, after looking through the manga we have just about enough material to make a 12-episode anime and what is more important we should be able to tie all loose ends and deliver a nice ending to the story.”

In the office of Kira Rowe, two men, one young and one old were talking about business matters.

After having a first discussion about their new anime, Toma Yuu briefed his young boss about the discussion and some details. The squad decided to do a 12-episode anime.

That’s to be expected because as you all know ‘Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari’ isn’t exactly long and it should be enough for them to make 12 episodes. Other than that, they don’t have enough money to make it longer, and 12 episodes is already a stretch with their finances.

“What about the script?”

“It should be done in two days, getting the information and thoughts from the rest of the squad helped, 10 points for them.”

With a slight smile, the senior employee said his thoughts and then with a bow returned to his station, he is a busy bee after all, no one is happier than him that they finally have a project.

Looking at Toma Yuu’s back Kira chuckled and also returned his attention to his computer, or to be more precise to his e-mail.

Finally, the mail he was waiting for came. A couple of days ago he contacted a friend he got to know years ago and that friend just happens to be a graphic designer. Remember, there were three things Kira portrayed as the most important for them to do shortly – new project, branding and social media.

He asked his friend for a favour, he wanted to rebrand Nexus Animation and that also meant creating a new logo because as you all know a memorable logo can take you places. For you to lead a successive business you need to have all the puzzles in their places – that’s why Kira wanted to have a simple but modern and good-looking logo.

And his friend did a fantastic job. The black colour was prevalent in the logo, with some touches of silver. NA was two letters his friend had chosen to build around, the fantastic looking font, modern looking logo – this is the new look of Nexus Animation.

Of course, branding doesn’t only mean getting a new logo, animation style, stories, the type of anime – this all can be considered a brand for an animation studio. But, currently, a logo is the only thing Kira has the power and means to change, as the other stuff will take some time and he will need the help of all the members to completely rebrand their studio. Nevertheless, for now, this will do.

After getting the logo, Kira sent it to all the members and to his uncle, who is responsible for the papers and the documents of the NA, he is going to send the logo to all the right places so that it can become an official face of Nexus Animation.

Next on the schedule of Kira Rowe are social media, His father was a massive otaku and knew a lot about making anime but he was more of an artist than a businessman. So, Nexus Animation used social media in the classic old-school way or in other words a boring way, but Kira didn’t want that.

As a modern person and someone who understands business, he is aware of the importance of social media for them to grow their company.

Kira proceeded to open the Squirrel account where he changed the logo and description. The description that he wrote is a good indication of how he is going to run the social media of the new Nexus Animation.

“A bunch of crazies trying to make anime…”

If you want to be popular you need to be different, most of businesses run their social media more formally, while that is good enough if you have money and a history, for a new animation studio that is being run by a foreigner and that is almost broke, it is not right choice. 

So, Kira decided that their accounts need to be expressive, they need to interact with fans and they need to have fun.

That decision in the future is going to show as a smart piece of business that is going to bring Nexus Animation to higher places. But that is a story for the future.

Kira edited Squirrel and all the other accounts.

Being done with that he was ready to make a new post that was going to be a signal for the start of the promotional activities for their new anime.

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