Chapter 4 – Learning
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Anime is a passion, a medium that tons of people enjoy. Something that brings smiles to people's faces but is also something that can bring you to tears.

Watching the journey of those characters, a journey that can take you everywhere, you can't help but like them, even if they are supporting characters, even if they are villains.

Anime was once only known to a handful of people and in the past, it was something you were afraid to say out loud you enjoy. Thankfully nowadays watching anime become somewhat cool and it was never as popular as today.

Every season countless anime get made, countless stories get told, and it got to the point that even the most rigorous watchers can't catch up with every anime.

From all of this, you can guess that there is a big competition between anime studios. Studios are giving it their all to get the rights to animate the best stories or to simply create the best possible original anime.

Mentioning anime, one should know that a lot of anime are made by using source materials like manga. A lot of anime fans are also fans of manga and the studio needs to be familiar with that world too.

With manga, there are also light novels, visual novels and games as some of the sources that anime studios adapt to the anime form.

This is a big world that isn't easy to come into and it is especially hard to pull out when you fall inside. With that said, the only casual viewer in this story also known as Kira Rowe is trying to truly enter this rabbit hole…Poor soul.

Because of the influence of his father, Kira watched a couple of anime and he didn't finish most of them. He watched 'One Piece'(50 episodes), 'Bleach'(80 episodes), 'Naruto'(100 episodes), 'HunterxHunter'(finished it) and 'Attack of Titan'(finished first season).

As a kid when he wasn't aware of what anime was, he watched 'Digimon', 'Pokemon' and 'Yu-Gi-OH'. As you can see, he watched mostly famous shows and he liked them but still he wasn't obsessed with them like most otaku are.

With all that said, our main character is currently in his room, on his prized laptop, filling gaps in his knowledge about anime and the whole culture surrounding it.

"Hmm, hmmmm, I see, I see, so Isekai anime are the best…"

Though he is checking out some dubious sources.

"Yandere, Tsundere, Kuudere, wow there are some insane characters out there, oh this orange-haired girl looks cute, maybe this is a romance anime?"

Some things are better if they stay unknown for beginners.

Before taking the leadership position Kira used his free time to get familiar with the stuff he needed to know because he didn't want to be a hands-off boss. He is not like that.

He spent his time watching some famous anime, learning about the tropes and reading what the fans like. Kira didn't have much time but he likes to be prepared, it gives him more confidence.

After finishing watching 'One Punch Man', Kira decided that that's that for today, as tomorrow is the day he will meet the staff of Nexus Animation, so he needed to get a night of good sleep, it wouldn't be good for him to look like every other otaku after just being three days in the rabbit hole.

"Okay, I can see why this is popular, tomorrow is the day, not gonna lie I am kind of nervous but I know I can do this…"

And with that Kira Rowe was ready to take over the reins of Nexus Animation.