Chapter 5 – Nexus Animation
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Meanwhile, in a secret location, a couple of suspicious characters were having an important discussion.

“24? Young, really young.”

“Wuhuu, we are finally going to make anime, LET’S GOOOO.”

“Yaaawn, can I go back to sleep?”

“If he turns up to be incompetent, this one is going to deal with him myself.”

“Ooooh his name is interesting; wait didn’t boss marry some English woman?”

“Well gentleman, be patient, tomorrow we are going to get all the answers…”

And just like that these couple of people were talking about their supposed new boss deep in the night. For a lot of people, this was bound to be a sleepless one.

--Next day—

HQ of Nexus Animation is situated close to the city centre of Kisato town, in a street that is populated by all kinds of weird shops. For example, there is one shop that only sells bath water, then there is one that sells their services, whatever you need we will do says on their website, and oh there is also a normal library where you can only borrow manga and light novels – makes sense that the studio is besides that building.

When it comes to the building of Nexus Animation. It is a square dark building with two floors. It has one silver door and above the door is a sign that says, “Nexus Animation”. To be honest if not for the sign most of the people would think this building belongs to some random secret service or maybe to some runaway mercenaries.

And in front of this building Kira and Joshua Renji met. Joshua is a sturdy, blonde and tall man in his forties. He is a man of many talents with an equally interesting past but that is a topic for another time, as they came here for Kira, as it was time for him to meet the staff of Nexus Animation.

“Uncle before we come in, can you tell me about the whole situation, I want to know as much as I can…”

“Huh my boy you are impatient, I will give you all the important documents inside, as for the people you are going to meet… let's just say they are an interesting bunch.”

Joshua was smiling as he said that but in contrast to him, Kira became worried.

“Um interesting you say, you do know that my father had a weird knack for collecting weirdos to work with.”

“Oi, you want to say I am a WEIRDO?”

With a laugh, Kira answered him – “I think that’s self-explanatory.”

Then they stared at each other and soon they both burst out laughing.

While they were having an uncle-nephew moment, passersbys were looking at them like they were a bunch of weirdos.

“Hah, let's go quickly inside they are waiting for us.”

With that said they entered the silver door.

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