Chapter 8 – Anime Discussion
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“Hentai, we should put all our resources into creating a Hentai masterpiece, it is going to be a hit.”

Because Kira believes in teamwork and he is open to listening to the ideas of people who are knowledgeable in this area, he decided to let every single one of them give their own ideas, but with how the thing started he is second-guessing his decision.

‘Haaah I should have guessed this is how things will be, they are all weird.’

“Hentai!! You want me to spend weeks writing a plot for some sex story, they mostly don’t even have a plot and if they do, it is a stupid one, lazy and doesn’t make sense, 2 points.”

“Hmph for once this great me agrees with the old man, you want me to draw characters for some hentai, that is humiliation, if forced to do that this one is going to commit seppuku, SEPPUKU.”

‘Haaaaah, let's intervene before this guy actually commits seppuku.’

Clap, clap

Before things got even more heated Kira clapped twice and with a neutral look on his face, he decided to take matters into his own hands, a wise move.

“Shiba-san as much as I understand that making a Hentai would make us some nice money, in the long run, this isn’t a good idea. Of course, there are some studios famous for their let’s just say over the top works like ‘Passion’, even though in my mind I pictured this studio as one that won’t be afraid of trying different genres, still let’s concentrate on normal anime, no Hentai…At least for now, I will write it down in case we get desperate for cash.”

“So, in the end, you will consider it…”

…Maybe Kira himself isn’t exactly the most normal boss out there.

And with that, the cast started throwing ideas around but nothing seemed to click with the people present. Joshua considered himself more of an outsider so he was just listening, Toma Yuu wanted to create an anime with an amazing story and plot no matter what the genre would be, Shiba Ryo was the one with the most ideas, though they were all crazy, oh yes, he was the one that wanted to create a Hentai and if not that he was really pulling for some really over the top Ecchi anime.

Yamato Shoda was interested in making an anime with Samurai as the main topic, in his own words they are the pride of Japan and he is the only one that is fit to remind people of their glory. As for Noya Katsu and Nikola, the former only said Slice-of-life and returned to sleep and the latter wanted to make an anime with a lot of fighting, gore and cool scenes.

Kira wasn’t just listening; on the contrary, he wrote down every single idea in his notebook. Even though he said in his mind that he was going to take over this matter in his own hands, he still let all of them shoot their ideas, making his final decision an easier task.

“Mr. Renji please tell me what kind of anime are already announced in the next two months, tell me only the big names. I want to know about our competition.”

“Yes, of course, so…”

And that’s how with already prepared documents in his hand Joshua Renji started talking.

The year is 2022, the Fall season, a really stacked anime-wise Fall season. One of the most anticipated anime ‘Chainsaw Man’ is about to air, there is ‘SpyxFamily’ second season and with that, a popular Isekai called ‘Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!’. These were just the most popular three, he didn’t even mention shows like ‘Blue Lock’ and ‘Reincarnated as a Sword’.

All in all, a truly stacked season.

With a look of interest on his face Kira was looking up every mentioned anime, as you might remember even with his big otaku father Kira was more of a casual watcher who was only just now starting to go deeper into this rabbit hole.

He plans to first watch all the older classics, so when it comes to these new gems, he doesn’t know anything about them. That’s why he had Renji prepare all the necessary details.

“Thank you, Mr. Renji. Now everyone, I listened to all of your ideas, it is time to make a decision, so I am going to go through all of them and give a final verdict.”

This made every pair of eyes in the room shine slightly, after all this was an important and decisive moment for Nexus Animation. Also, isn’t this kind of exciting, talking about what anime they will make, their hearts couldn’t help but pound even faster.

“Mr. Toma I am glad you are okay with every single genre…or at least not mentioning Hentai but I will tell you right now we don’t have the funding to create an anime with that kind of amazing story and plot lines you probably want to…With that said I am not planning on creating garbage, that’s why your job is going to be important, we need one strong plot point, in other words with a little you will need to create a lot, is that okay with you?”

“Oho, is that a challenge I hear, 9 points, don’t worry, the whole career I was asked to create a miracle from nothing.”

Toma Yuu didn’t even flinch at the challenging voice of his young boss, no, he felt even more excited.

“Great, Mr. Shiba, as much as I agree an Ecchi anime would probably sell well, I don’t want this kind of anime to be an introduction to our studio. With that said if you find some quality Ecchi work that is still to be animated, we can go for it as our third or fourth project.”

“AAAAAHH, I am so disappointed there will be no bobba physics but at the same time I am so EXITED by your promise boss, we have a deal right, RIGHT?”

Shiba Ryo was in his usual loud mode and for some reason, to Kira, it seemed like he was on fire.

Rubbing his eyes our hero continued.

“Mr. Yamato, I like your idea a lot but again our finances are too tight for us to create a good Samurai anime that has a lot of fight scenes and a lot of different characters. Mr. Nikola, you brought up a lot of nice possible choices for us but the same goes. In my opinion and with what Mr. Renji said we should concentrate on making something we won’t need to spend 90% of our budget on.”

“Tsk, tsk, this one is disappointed but this one understands, money is after all something that turns the world.”

“Ha, don’t worry boss, I hope there is going to be a next time for one of my ideas to win.”

Looking at Nikola flexing his muscles, Kira turned to the last one, the sleeping rabbit.

“Mr. Noya, congratulations, after some thinking and listening to all of you I decided we are going to make a Slice-of-life anime. The cost should be manageable but still, we need to search carefully, because buying the rights of the most popular light novels or manga is expensive. So, all of your next job is to look through all the lists and find some underground good Slice-of-life stories. We are going to choose three possible projects that are going to end up in finals and once we decide on the winner of this whole thing, I am going to send an e-mail to its author and publisher.”

With their first goal decided the folks in Nexus Animation went to look for the story that is going to mark the new beginning of this interesting anime studio.

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