Chapter 9 – Three Winners
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  • Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari
  • Tasogare Memorandum
  • Hinatama

After going through the crazy amount of different types of media, three names appeared on the blackboard in the meeting room. Before these three, there were hundreds of them, so you can imagine how long they spent looking through them to see if they fit their criteria.

The work they were looking for had to be of a slice-of-life genre like you already know, it had to be shorter because of the budget reasons. With all that said, other than that, the whole crew have different preferences in how they like their slice of life. Some were a little bit on the risqué side, some had sports in it, some had romance and some were more of a comedy.

All of that was good with Kira, who as a beginner didn’t have a preference, he was just being extra careful – the choice he was going to make needed to succeed and if it didn’t, an alarm would be heard, the one you hear when someone presses the red button.

Now to explain why these three stories were chosen. ‘Kuu Neru Futari Sumu’ is a sweet Slice-of-Life/Romance manga about a couple that has been together for eight years, they are living together but are still not married. This story is also special because it is told from both perspectives, so this story has two main characters. It deals with their daily problems and shenanigans while they are living with each other and thinking about when will they get married.

As you can probably guess, this story is cute, short and has enough elements in it for the NA crew to create a nice anime. This story was chosen by Kira, who randomly found it on some manga website…With that said our hero still hasn’t entered the manga world, that is something he is going to need to work on.

The second choice or to be precise – ‘Tasogare Memorandum’ was chosen by Joshua Renji. This manga is about a girl who wants to become a journalist and is while going to school constantly encountering some mysteries. A Slice-of-Life story with a nice touch of mystery, this can't go wrong. Also, it has 35 chapters, so if the group for once actually proves to be competent they can adapt the whole manga in one season.

The third choice was surprisingly selected by Shiba Ryo. The young pervert (as Kira calls him in his head) has selected 100 manga and most of them were some silly Ecchi manga that are mostly Slice-of-Life, so it is not like he missed the mark. The problem is his divine taste as he called it has some massive flaws but he proved everyone wrong when he said the name of this manga, ‘Hinatama’.

‘Hinatama’ is a manga about two high school students living in the countryside, dealing with their problems while they are taking care of three little siblings of one of the main characters. It is cute, it is funny, it is slow, it is a slice of life.

And with that, the three possible choices are on the desk of Kira and now it is time for the final decision, which one of these stories will be chosen as the first project…Of course, there is a chance that the mangaka and their publishers will not be interested in giving a chance to a not yet established anime studio. Well, this is where Kira will need to prove his diploma from Oxford is not just for show.


After working for a whole day, the main characters in Nexus Animation were like zombies lying across the room. The only one that had a normal posture was Noya Katsu but that is because he was sleeping the whole time, though he still somehow presented his selected manga, magical.

It was evening and Kira was ready to send his people home but he is someone who doesn’t like leaving stuff he can do today for tomorrow.

“Khm, khm”

Coughing lightly Kira tried to bring the attention of these zombies to him and he managed to do that, though they were all looking at him like they were ready to beat him up.

“I know that you are tired but I want to get the final name today…Let's choose.”

Saying that he turned to the director Toma Yuu.

“Director, what would you like to direct the most.”

“Hmm, asking me first, 10 points, if I had to choose it would be the first one, it just seemed to me like this story has the potential to bring some human-like characters to life, the story is simple but that simplicity can become its greatest selling point.”

“This day is really weird, this one agrees with this old man for another time, second and third-choice characters look so boring, at least the first one can bring me some challenge.

After the director, the most opinioned person in this company said his take.

“Okay, Nikola?”

“There is a lack of action but I find something endearing in the Taso…something manga, a girl chasing her dream and dealing with some mysteries, I don't see anything on this blackboard better than this.”

And like that, the voting continued. Every person said their opinion and there were a lot of vastly different stuff said, but that is something Kira likes, people that have their own opinion.

So let us jump to the conclusion.

With four votes, the manga ‘Kuu Neru Futari Sumu’ won. Kira didn’t vote as he as a boss will be dealing with the negotiation but not with creating this anime. He was thinking that he, an otaku beginner isn’t yet fit enough to vote for these kinds of things.

And lastly final words from the boss.

“Thank you all very much for today, we made a big, important step forward. Go home and get some rest, work will start at 10 am the next day. I will contact the publisher of the chosen story and hopefully, we will get the rights to adapt this manga. Okay, that is all, see you all tomorrow.”

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