Chapter 10 – Contact
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“This manga is really good.”

When he returned home, Kira went online first to read the manga that was soon to become their first project. At first, he had some problems getting used to reading manga because the last time he read this medium was when he was a kid.

So, he again had to learn to move his head from right to left correctly. After that, he read the first couple of chapters and got hooked.

“This manga is so calming, I got used to watching all that chaos in Shonen anime…We can work with this and now that I mentioned work…”

Kira opened the work e-mail of Nexus Animation, as he was about to send his first e-mail as a CEO.

Usually, when you send a business e-mail, you need to use polite speech, need to be precise in what you want and don’t forget to sign your name at the end.

“Okay, how should we do this.”

He knew all the tricks in how to speak and what to write but this industry is special and he needs to get the rights for this IP.

Thinking a bit Kira decided what to write. He is going to first contact the publisher, as he should because, without their permission, they can’t animate the manga in question.

“Okay first, “Allow me to introduce myself…”

With the opening written, you know how the rest goes. He said who he was, wrote the name of the studio and then said they were interested in adapting the manga they published.

“”Thank you in advance, Kira Rowe – CEO of Nexus Animation”, that should do it and send, uf, now we wait…”

Kira clicked send, sighed, stretched for a bit, took a shower and then went to bed, hoping he was going to get an answer soon. This was one long and productive day.

--Day after—

In a tall silver building, on a certain computer, a certain e-mail flashed on the screen.

Just like every day, the publisher of various games, manga and anime Saisho+Hakosha had a busy day. Lots of people could be seen walking around with papers in their hands, seemingly busy.

One of the editors in Saisho+Hakosha, Azuma Hisashi started his day as usual. He drank his coffee, had a nice breakfast and went to work. When he came to his office, the first thing he did was to check the mail that might have come.

That’s when he saw an email that was forwarded to him.

With a confused look on his face, he read the mail.

“Nexus Animation? Who the hell are they, is this a scam?”

This time, with a sullen look on his face he did what everyone does when they think they are about to get scammed, he turned to Google.

“Ooooh, they actually exist but what a stupid name.”

He printed the information that he found and went to look for his boss. The meeting with his boss lasted for about 45 seconds and this is the answer he got.

“Ask Higurashi-sensei if she is interested in this, these guys are a small studio it seems but for a manga that finished in 2014, it can still generate some extra profit, but if the Sensei doesn’t want it just reject it.”

And that was the concise answer of the boss. The next move of Azuma Hisashi was simple, call the author.

“Hello, Higurashi-Sensei? Editor Hisashi here.”

“Yes, yes, I am good, thank you, what about you, how is your health recently?”

With normal pleasantries out of the way, the work talk continued.

“Yes, you heard it right, the name is Nexus Animation…”

“No, they worked on some small projects but with not much success.”

“I don’t have information on who is going to work on it but I did find out they recently got the new CEO.”

“I understand we know nothing but still they might surprise us.”

“So, your answer is?”

“Okay, I got it, I will reply to them…”

The next morning Kira Rowe was glued in front of his laptop with his eyes rapidly reading a certain e-mail he got.

“Thank you for reaching out to us…”

“In discussion with the author our stance on this matter is that we currently aren’t interested in accepting your proposal…”

When he read this sentence the whole world in Kira’s head became blank and with a frustrated look on his face he put his hands on his head.

“What do I do now…How should I tell them that we didn’t even get the chance to talk to the author.”

Kira was frustrated and he felt lost. This was the first move he made and it seems it is going to end up disastrous.

And again, he asked a question, while he was looking at the picture of his father.

“What should I do?”

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