Chapter 8 ** The Air Tribe **
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Yet, another month went by and Loralle could now feel closer to what she did with her other powers, before she had been approved by the elements.

It had become time to go elsewhere anyway, as the already scarce food in the barren, desolate earth, had now become even scarcer.

What Loralle intended to do, was continue gaining the air power inside of the tribe instead.

She was only slightly worried about how the Air Tribe would treat her, because they were different to that of the Water Tribe and Fire Tribe. It seems that the personalities of the Air Tribe went with the power they wielded. They came across as free and strong.

…They also didn’t speak…Loralle had not seen one-word uttered every time that she used the earth to peek on them.

They had a certain power that Loralle had not been able to use still though…That was to become the wind itself. Their bodies became invisible, but wind was seen flowing around instead. Loralle thought this type of power would be great! Oh, how she wanted it!

But for a whole week of focusing, she could not utilize it at all! It had made Loralle upset and she pouted for a whole hour!


So, after that...She decided to go into the tribe, so, she stood up and walked towards it on foot.

As before, when she went into the Fire Tribe, she also didn’t want to stand out…Yet, it doesn’t work out like she planned at all!

What she hadn’t thought of, was that this tribe knew of her already because of the air…

The earth power and air power had the same similar feature of using their power and looking out, beyond of where they were. The violent wind that surrounded their village in protection was like another pair of eyes…

So, if there was a tribe looking for a needle in a haystack, the Air Tribe would be able to find it! Well, if an Earth Tribe excited, that tribe would be able to find the needle too!

They had seen her appearance already and had watched her every move curiously.

Learning that she was able to use the power of air, they have let her be. Even as she got closer to the tribe, as a stranger, they just watched and stayed out of her way.

But this didn’t mean they weren’t curious! On the contrary, she finds just how curious they really are!




A few hours later, Loralle knew that she was somewhat surrounded by the Air Tribal members but didn’t take offence. After all, she was trespassing onto their land! But, neither did she worry.

Their defenses did slightly harm her, as the wind scratched at her tough skin, and now knowing that, she built a house and wanted to continue to learn the power. The wall of air had done the most damage, as she had to go through it to enter into the Tribe, but…It was all done now, and her house was made quickly…

But, first, she wanted to try their food!

What she found out in the coming months, kept her very busy!

The food they ate was probably the healthiest so far amongst the tribes…They ate dried meat from birds and fruits from trees.

Since fruit was scarce in the Fire Tribe, Loralle had not had much of it lately, so she had happily tried the fruits here and decided that the Water Tribe had better fruit then the Air Tribe.

It didn’t matter though, as the fruits were a little different, they were just a little dry…

On the other hand, dry meat was easy to do, when she figured out how it was done. All she needed to do was to catch the prey, get rid of the features and use her air and fire power and it was quickly ready to store and eat.

So good!

Getting carried away, Loralle ended up making dried meat that would last her a month! The problem was, she didn’t know how to store it properly and some of it went bad…


After some days, a child had come to her and searched her house. Loralle hadn’t taken offence and let her do as she pleased, as they had done to her.

But…Then more people came!

It had sort of scared her for a short moment, as she hadn't thought that the Air Tribe was this populated!

But what she hadn't realized prior and forgotten recently, was that they hadn't been seen by her, because they had been the wind...

So, from a much earlier thought of them being less populated then the Water and Fire Tribes, was wrong…The Air Tribe had a lot more people then she had ever thought possible!

And a lot of those Air Tribal members came freely and walked straight into her earth house, even if she was sleeping!

Loralle knew of their nature before she had arrived, but it did start to irritate her!

They would wake her up as they touched her house and attempt to use their powers!

Her earth friend was a very popular object too as they waved back to it silently in return, making Loralle a bit grumpy…That was her earth friend, not theirs!

But…The earth ‘person’ did not seem to mind, as Loralle saw it just sit there and not move…



Since the Air Tribal members hadn’t said anything to her, Loralle decided to build another house beside hers, to see if that would get them away from hers. She was also considerate and made another earth ‘person’ to be their friend, so that they would leave hers alone!

It...Sort of...Worked!

A family took residence in it straight away! But…Others weren’t quick enough!

Loralle thought it was quite funny then, as they had just stood there, looking at her expectantly!

She made another home and watched how they all flocked towards it, wanting to make it theirs!

They really looked cute to Loralle and she changed her mind, deciding instead that she liked it here very much!

It was much different to the lazy and fighting Fire Tribe and the dependent Water Tribe. Much different!

In fact, after Loralle thought about it, it was…Pleasant!

Laughing, Loralle made several more earth houses and watched them happily as they scurried into them.

So, in the end, they all got their own houses…But to Loralle’s dismay, they got over that new idea a few days later and started to irritate Loralle once again!




For a day, Loralle had wondered what to do with their curiosity, then she came up with a new idea! She made an earth ball and played with it with her air power. It would float from one hand to another, leaving the audience mystified!

Suddenly though, her earth ball was snatched from her as a youth ran away with it!

In shock, Loralle didn’t think that they were snatchers like that! That had been her earth ball! She was just showing them!

If they had wanted one, she would have made another one!

Before she could get too angry though, the others crowded her, and it became obvious that they wanted one too!

Her days became somewhat long after that. They always wanted something!

She felt like she had become a leader all over again, but at least…These people were cute!

They had made her laugh several times now and she really did appreciate it!

It was also really good to feel like these people weren’t like the others she had met. They didn’t want to fight, they didn’t want to chase her with powers…They just wanted to play!


She continuously made earth balls and even a waist length pool of warm water. In which they all loved!

The Tribal members played in it for days!

Loralle watched, as she was worried that they would drown, as she had become very protective of them over these last coming days!

But, after a few days, one of the elders took over from her, understanding what she was doing, to give her a much-needed rest.

They really were very different people! And she continued to like them even more!

...Probably the reason why she liked them so much though, was because they were similar to herself...

With not having to speak, as they didn’t, Loralle felt like she was closer to these people then any others. That she wouldn’t have to look bad, just because she spoke badly…Well, that was nothing because she didn’t speak!

She was also just as curious as they were!

…Being also able to learn a trick or two about the air power from them, it was like they were repaying her for what she had done for them!

She thought this type of relationship was really good!


Their bodies were different to hers though. They were skinny and tall, and their hair flowed nicely, as the wind itself was always brushing through it. All this, led to Loralle thinking of an answer as to why she couldn’t flow as the wind and become invisible...

Actually, the answer was quite obvious that she felt stupid for not coming up with it sooner! She literally hit her head over it!

These people only had the air power, their bodies probably helped also in being able to disappear and become the wind.

But, for Loralle, her body was tougher because of the earth, warmer because of fire and unexplainable better because of water. This, she was sure, would not let her achieve this one aspect of the air power. Which made her upset yet again! She really wanted this power! How cool would it have been!?

She was also opened to the idea that each power may have some kind of trick that only they could do…Making Loralle wonder if the water, earth and fire powers had something like that too. And, oh so much, did she want to do it too!

…She had yet to get the approval of the air power…So, she still might be able to do it!

Loralle could only wait to find out!


So, after an unknown amount of days, the only thing left now, was to go into the cyclone to gain approval. The wind didn’t hurt her anymore, which made her think she had gained immunity from it now. She had also gained the yearning that led towards the giant cyclone, making of what she knew of the process of gaining the powers nearly complete.

It’s just…

Now that she was up to this step…The cyclone finally looked terrifying!

It was so big and loud…So strong and looked violent…

When she had gone on top of the volcano, it was this same feeling…She was scared…

The water almost drowned her, the earth almost buried her alive and the fire almost burned her into nothing…So…What was this cyclone going to do?


Loralle became serious as she continued to look at the cyclone, what would she expect this time? How much will it hurt?

She walked towards it but didn’t enter. No, she was still quite a distance away, wanting and trying to get the courage to accomplish this last step!

The small child, that first entered her house a long time ago, had followed her and grabbed her hand and pointed at the giant cyclone. Bending down, to be at eye level with the little girl, Loralle nodded.

The child smiled and raced into the giant cyclone, totally stunning Loralle!

She watched intently, as the small child got swept up and flew around in a big, fast circle, then came back out and ran back to her, smiling.

All this time, she hadn’t spoken…But this time, she was actually speechless…

Does this mean that they all have the approval of the air power? Is that why they were so strong?

She remembered how often she had to make balls for some of them. That they must have used too much of their power and destroyed the earth ball that way!


She knew, that her power was powerful because of being approved and being a child of two nobles, and that it should only be destroyed by other approved powers!

…Of course! Their powers of air would be equal to her earth, fire and water powers! She, once again, hit her head in shame for not figuring this out earlier!

Loralle wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! No wonder they were so peaceful here! All of them didn’t hate other powers!

No wonder…No wonder that I felt like I could call this place my home! No wonder I felt great and happy and at ease!

She never felt so proud of a tribe ever in her life!

The Air Tribe was great indeed!

How could she not go into the giant cyclone now! Even a small child had overcome it so easily!

Determination came through her as she strolled forwards, towards the cyclone.

Courage went through her as she got closer and closer, feeling the sharpness of the cyclone already before even entering it…

The quietness disappeared as the wind got louder and louder in her ears but…Loralle kept going, she was ready!


Loralle was swept away shortly after, the wind had been so strong that she turned both upside down and sideways. Her clothes were ripped to shreds and the wind scratched her skin violently, like little knives all over her body.

There seemed to be no way she could get control over her body at all and she started to feel dizzy from the tossing and turning. What troubled Loralle was…The pain was getting worse and worse and what worried her even more was…How could she leave?

She can’t just jump out...There was only two ways to get out of this, and that was to either to die or to gain approval.

Trying to concentrate, Loralle remembered it was the same with every other trail that she had to overcome and that she was just being scared! She had already known this before she stepped in so now…There was no going back!

She felt blood slide down her body and decided to try using air to surround her whole body…But it didn’t work!

Why isn’t it working!?

Loralle panicked as she felt herself start to lose consciousness.

The rips and marks from the strong wind had made gashes all over her body now and being tossed and turned like this did not help her at all, in fact, Loralle felt worse and worse as the seconds ticked by!

…Suddenly, that small child from earlier, grabbed her hand and nodded at her in worry. Looking at this child, she saw that they were now travelling with the wind.

She watched as they put out their other hand and showed her, then put it towards their feet. Trying not to lose focus, Loralle looked at the child’s hands then feet. For a moment, she saw nothing! But, then, after blinking a few times and squinting, she saw fluctuations, showing something different!


Loralle’s eyes widened, the wind, the child was using air to push herself along with the wind!

Hope filled up inside her as she tried to not think of the pain and her consciousness slowly slipping away…She had to do this!

Now that she understood, Loralle did the same, flowing around the young girl whole heartedly.

Focusing air at her feet and the palm of her other hand, she flowed even faster, within the wind.

The child nodded and let go of her hand, turning in a happy circle.

Seeing this child so happy, Loralle wanted to do the same but she already had troubles focusing and keeping herself from blacking out!

"The element known as air accepts you. From now on, you will not know the air vengeance!"

Unable to stop herself from smiling, Loralle couldn’t believe her luck to having this child next to her. If she hadn’t had her help, she wouldn’t have known what she had to do…She was very thankful!

Watching the little girl shoot out of the cyclone, Loralle imitated her and found herself flying through normal air very quickly.

The wind blew past her differently now and Loralle suddenly became aware of how great it was to do something like this!

A few times she had wondered how a bird felt like, when they flew, now…Now she felt it!

It was magnificent! Spectacular! It was…


Opening her eyes, Loralle nearly fainted once again but knew that it wasn’t a good time to let go to her wants…As Loralle found herself falling and she desperately tried to halt her fall to the best of her capabilities!

Making an earth bowl, deep enough that it was as tall as a tree, and then filling it with water, she fell into it as it hit the ground.

Her limps felt like they weighed a lot and Loralle was fighting the urge to sleep.

Taking her time, she finally came out of the water and took a deep breath in…That was close!

Seeing another Air Tribal man fly around, Loralle was too tired to hit herself when she figured out that she could have used the air power to safely land instead…

No, right now, she felt really lethargic and just wanted to sleep!

Pushing herself to the limit, she used the newly doubled air power that she had and flew out of the large earth full of water and quickly made her way to were she can sleep, finding it difficult to stay awake…

She landed at her house but fell over straight away.

For a brief time, she was exhilarated but, suddenly, pain racked her entire body and she let out a groan.

With her eyesight blurry, all she could do was cover herself with an earth and water bound, before fainting into darkness.




While Loralle recuperated, she stayed in bed and decided to find out about the Fire and Water tribes. Since she didn’t have anything better to do and didn’t want to walk around while she was still tired and hurt…

At first, she didn’t find such a difference…Until, she saw the front lines in between the two tribes. It totally astonished her as she saw that they had begun to fight again!

Water had indeed filled in the huge, long line of empty earth, just as Daniel had mentioned, and several ‘magma bridges’ could be seen in random places that went over the water.

Even at this current moment, they were fighting, and the Water Tribe was being pushed back, even beyond their defences!

The Fire Tribe had indeed expanded a lot of effort to get this far…They also seemed very, very happy.

Had it been so long since I left? Could I not go faster at obtaining these powers?

Closing her eyes tightly, Loralle tried to think of how much time has passed since she had left the Fire Tribe, but she really didn’t know…

A whole year had gone by…She may have lost track of time...But others had not.

The reasons why the Fire Tribe were so happy, Loralle finally found out…

And all those reasons…Were connected to her!