Chapter 58: Cicada and Ant
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Warning: adult content(+18)

"Let's continue in the bedroom, Darling..."

When Ethan heard these words, he lifted Aleria's thick legs and pulled her into his lap and walked towards the bedroom, continuing to kiss her lips. Aleria's one hand went down to her stomach to unbutton the garment Ethan was wearing and with the other hand she grabbed Ethan's neck. As the two of them continued to kiss lustfully, they finally reached the bedroom and Ethan laid Aleria down on the bed. Aleria's top was already undone and Ethan reached for her bottom garment. Aleria watched with excitement and embarrassment as Ethan quickly removed her clothes. Finally, Ethan undressed Aleria until all that was left on her was her underwear.

Ethan pulled out the last remaining piece and was greeted by a vagina with cute, slightly orange hair.Aleria was already wet from the hot foreplay with Ethan and her blush deepened when Ethan's gaze caught her embarrassment. 

"Stop looking like that!" Aleria said, covering her face with her hands.

"I'm sorry, but it's your fault you're so perfect," Ethan said with a grin.

"Don't say such embarrassing things," Aleria said, still with her hands on her face.

Ethan took Aleria's hands away from her face and held them tightly above her head, revealing her face. They looked at each other in silence and Ethan kissed Aleria's lips gently and then leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Are you ready?" "Yes..I am ready, go ahead," Aleria said.

Ethan took off the last few pieces of clothing he was wearing, revealing his hardened and enlarged penis. Aleria looked up in surprise, seeing a man's penis for the first time in her life. "Are men normally this big?" she blurted out. Ethan laughed when he heard those words and looked at Aleria's innocent face and said, "No, that's not normal." Ethan then put his penis on Aleria's wet vagina and slowly rubbed his penis. He then slowly inserted the head of his penis into Aleria's vagina.

"It might hurt a little at first, but trust me," Ethan said, even though this was her first experience of sex, she had read and researched a lot about sex in her previous life. Aleria's heart began to race, and she felt strange as Ethan slowly began to push his penis inside her. She could feel the hard, hot penis inside her and it was a new sensation she had never experienced before. As Ethan pushed his penis deeper and deeper, Aleria felt a great pain and a tear came to her eye because of the pain.

"ahhh! it hurts ethan stop!"

Ethan began to use his hands to caress Aleria's breasts and clitoris head. Aleria felt this new wave of pleasure in her body and when the pain subsided a little, Ethan started to move again, increasing the pain. Ethan's pleasure was too much because of Aleria's tight and wet vagina and Ethan was trying to adapt to Aleria's tight vagina while Aleria was trying to get used to Ethan's thick and hard penis. When Ethan saw Aleria getting used to the pain, He started to speed up a little more and kiss Aleria's lips.

Soon Aleria's erotic moans began to fill the room as she began to feel incredible pleasure instead of pain. Ethan increased his pace even more and thrust his entire penis inside her. Ethan continued to rhythmically penetrate Aleria while holding her slender waist with one hand, while the other hand caressed her large breasts, sending waves of pleasure through her. The sounds heard in the room were the erotic sounds of two bodies slamming together and the sounds of sensual kisses. Aleria bit hard on Ethan's lip to stifle her moans and Ethan's lip started to bleed but Ethan didn't care and kissed Aleria's lips again and pulled her head and said, "Relax and immerse yourself in the moment" Aleria obeyed Ethan's words and stopped suppressing. her sensual moans rose.

"Ahhhhh it feels so good ahhh, don't stop❤️ "

Ethan picked up the pace, ultiplying the pleasure Aleria was receiving, and continued to thrust his entire penis hard inside her while holding Aleria's hips. Aleria came a few minutes later, shuddering from the sheer pleasure, but Ethan did not slow down and brought Aleria to her second orgasm in a row. Ethan had to slow down when Aleria squirted fluid from her vagina during her second orgasm.

"Ahhhhhh, this mhmmmm is so good. I love you ahhhh ethan mhmmm I love you so much❤️"

When Aleria's orgasm was over, the ethan again thrust his penis hard into her vagina and began to thrust back and forth rapidly. He then began to caress Aleria's breasts with one hand while sucking on the other breast with his mouth and using his tongue to send waves of pleasure to her nipple. Aleria was still recovering from her new orgasm when these fresh waves of pleasure drove her crazy.

"Ahhhh yes yes yes don't stop ahhhhhh don't stop darling❤️"

Ethan continued to penetrate Aleria with all his might and continued to kiss her other breast and occasionally lightly bite her nipple. As Aleria was approaching her third orgasm from the pleasure she was feeling, Ethan picked up the pace even more and began to squeeze Aleria's buttocks with one hand. Finally, Aleria's eyes rolled back and her vision darkened as she experienced her third and hardest orgasm.  Ethan was about to cum, unable to endure the exquisite pleasure, but at the last moment he pulled out his penis and ejaculated on Aleria's belly and his body fell on top of hers.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mhmm ethan...❤️ "

The two of them waited for a minute for the orgazm to pass and then Ethan got up and started to kiss Aleria's lips gently and began to run his hands over her body. "Ethan, that was simply amazing, and I never imagined sex could be so wonderful. ethan I love you with all my heart. " Ethan heard these words and started to caress Aleria's breasts again. Aleria looked at Ethan in surprise when she saw that Ethan's penis was hard again.

"I love you too, Aleria, but I feel like this is just the beginning."



The unit that had been spying all over the Kingdom of Asina had returned after three years and was preparing to inform their noble king, Alpsar. As they entered, the leader of the spy unit, Carlos, stepped forward, bowed his head, and said, "Your Excellency, we have successfully completed the mission you entrusted to us, and I would like to present you with intelligence regarding Asina Kingdom" Alpshar stroked his beard and looked at Carlos. "Welcome, my loyal guards. Sit down, Carlos, and begin."he said.

Carlos sat down on a chair at the table and signaled to the man beside him. A few seconds later, several individuals placed numerous documents and two portraits on the table. One portrait depicted Ethan entering the Avarya capital with the Asina Kingdom's army, while the other was of Duchess Theodora. The documents laid out on the table were enough to cover its entirety.

"You've done well. You haven't disappointed my trust in you," said Alpshar, looking at the portraits. "So, who exactly are the individuals in these portraits?" he asked.

"With your permission, Your Majesty, these are portraits of people other than the king who could pose a threat to us, "said Carlos, taking Duchess Theodora's portrait in his hand.

"This woman you see is the duchess of one of the three duchies of the Asina Kingdom and the person responsible for espionage and intelligence activities for the Asina Kingdom. I must also mention that this woman has strategic and political intelligence. Duchess Theodora's another alarming characteristic, according to our observations, is her loyalty to King Richard. Because of being childhood friends with King Richard, their relationship is quite strong, and therefore, she's not someone you can easily influence," Carlos explained.

After gazing at Duchess Theodora's portrait for a while, Alpshar glanced at Ethan's portrait. "And who is this child?" he asked.

"The child you see in the portrait is Prince Ethan, the third prince. Unlike the other princes, he resembles his father more. He played the biggest role in the Asina Kingdom's capture of Avarya, and when I say the biggest role, I mean alongside King Richard. Moreover, he is particularly renowned as a genius in the field of magic and currently has control over the power of two of the three duchies of the Asina Kingdom. Clearly, he is the one who will be chosen as the next king, and if he becomes king, he will pose problems for us," Carlos said.

Alpshar looked more closely at Ethan's portrait with interest. The portrait depicted Ethan on a majestic horse, greeting the people. Undoubtedly, the artist who drew this portrait was quite talented.

"So, it seems someone worth fighting against has finally emerged," Alpshar thought to himself as he gazed at the portrait.

"In that case, Your Majesty, if you wish, let's delve into the details..."