PROLOGUE: The beginning of the end P1
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School is boring, it is what the young man thought he did not like to attend, because he did not have much to learn because his memory was perfect, he does not forget even if he wanted to.

His name was Ryuu. He was very antisocial and handsome although he didn't care about his eyes and hair were obsidian blacks who seemed to absorb the light, which with his personality gave him a gloomy atmosphere. He didn't like interacting with others. He thought it was a waste of time.

but the girl who is her neighbor didn't care, he stayed with him quite often, the young man simply ignored her.

One day, Ryuu found the math class so boring that he fell asleep.

When he woke up, he noticed that he was in a different place perched on an altar, noticed the bodies of his unconscious companions around him like puppets thrown, decided to wait at the altar pretending to be unconscious.

Soon people came dressed in pure white with a hood covering their faces, in a few seconds their companions began to wake up in panic when they saw they were at an altar.


A deep and calm voice echoed in the altar chamber, which led the students to look, where that voice rose and they saw an old man in his 60s with a white robe embroidered in pure gold, his aura was solemn, That silenced the agitation.

(That old man at first sight looks like someone important)

Ryuu thought he watched the place closely while the old man continued his speech.

"Heroes, please calm their minds, we have called you because our world is threatened by the Demon King, I ask the brave heroes to help us defeat him so that peace in our kingdom."

(That's very cliché hahahaha)

Ryuu thought he was a big fan of the light novels of fantasy themed video games, which he thought was funny.

"Wait a moment please"

The voice that sounded belonged to a handsome young man named Hibiki, quite the opposite of Ryuu.

If Ryuu was dark, Hibiki was light, he was very sociable and participated in a class that led him to be very popular, and it always bothered Ryuu to participate and be sociable, so Ryuu detested him.

"We have nothing to do with this world, please return us to our world. We have families waiting for us."

The other students agreed with his words and exploded in words of approval, but Ryuu didn't care 10 years after his 16 years, he lost his parents in a fire that caused a scar on his back, his uncles adopted him, Although they did. They did not give him love, they did not get into his affairs that led him to have a certain degree of freedom.

"Sorry, young heroes, but that's impossible since there is no way to return them"

The old man's words made the faces of the students pale, so he continued speaking.

"First let me introduce myself, my name is Salomon and I am the POPE of the sacred kingdom Aura, one of the 5 kingdoms led by 5 of the 6 races"

 (5 of the 6 races? What are they? And why is one of them missing?)

Ryuu thought at all times, what seemed strange was the last race excluded

"So I promise you that when you defeat the demon king, you will raise the glory and treasures that surpass your imagination"

The silent students suddenly shouted with happiness upon hearing the rewards, Hibiki was no exception, his eyes were full of longing since he could not return, it would be better to make a profit.

The moment someone raised his hand, that someone was none other than Ryuu.

"Sorry, I don't want to help with your homework"

Those simple words left everyone in shock. No one believed anyone said those words.

Old Salomon was no exception

"W-Why young hero?

His words were shaking I didn't believe what he heard
"I have no interest in risking my life for people I don't even know, so excuse me, I'm leaving here"
Everyone in the room who looked at him with surprise, there was a different look when he found the root saw that it was his neighbor Himari did not know how to describe his look was something strange.
"Since this hero does not want to participate, he will not be forced, however, since we brought him here it would be rude not to give him any compensation."
Salomon said smiling in a pure way, but Ryuu could feel a bit of malice in her.
"Give him 100 gold coins !!"
Salomon shouted when a more secure servant of the church approached and handed him a bag with Ryuu coins when he received it, he turned around without looking at anyone and left the temple being led by the servants.