Vol 1 Chapter 29
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XH 29


“We heard of Liu Chu Chu’s healing abilities. She had cured Long Shan’s soldiers?”


Panic slowly sneaked into the hero and the heroine’s heart. How did the emperor know about that? They had made sure the news of her healing abilities did not spread out!


The heroine would have started doubting that the hero had sold her out if she was sure the Second prince was sincere towards her. His gaze filled with cold anger also proved his innocence.


So they have a traitor in their camp? Liu Chu Chu’s gaze hardened. Anyone that dares to betray her will suffer from her retribution!


She was killed by her best friend in her original world, and so she was extremely unforgiving to those people that betrayed her.


“This son truly admires that Father Emperor is able to find out about it. Indeed, Chu Chu has some healing abilities, but it's not something to boast about.”


Since it was already known, the Second prince decided to admit it but… it would have been better if no one knows how strong Chu Chu is or else she would be in danger!


The Third prince pulled Xiao Hua towards the Second prince’s table with a bright smile on his face that could be compared to a deity! His expectation was clearly visible on his face, letting everyone know that he had high hopes for Liu Chu Chu’s skills.


“Miss Liu, my little maid’s eyes will be counting on you.”


“Third Brother is rather eager and this brother fears you might be disappointed. The information might not be accurate or miraculous as it described,” the Second prince said. He might not know what the information entails, but it might have exaggerated.


The crown prince chuckled in a mocking way. “Everyone here knows about your Miss Liu Chu Chu’s healing ability. This information was received by Eunuch Xiang. The informer would not have guts to lie, isn’t that right?”


Eunuch Xiang, the Emperor’s personal eunuch! No one would dare to give him fake or exaggerated information! There were others that tried their luck before, but Eunuch Xiang mercilessly stripped all their luck away as punishment. With his wide range of connection, it was easy to cut off their path of survival in Guilin Country.


Seeing the crown prince’s mocking expression, the Second prince knows that the information being leaked have something to do with him!


Another pit ended up carried by the eldest prince for the Third Prince.


What a good elder brother you are, crown prince~ (´• ω •`)ノ


Liu Chu Chu stood up gracefully. Her smile was polite as greeted the Third prince with a gentle voice. “Chu Chu greets the Third prince.”


The cat was out of the bag now. There was no way to put it back in when everyone already knows about it. If that was the case, Liu Chu Chu will just have to be bold! Show off her healing ability and have the royal family protect her, a valuable treasure!


Xiao Hua was very excited! To personally experience the heroine’s healing was a wish comes true for Le XiaoTing, a fangirl!


Le XiaoTing was not exactly a fan of Liu Chu Chu, but a fan of the cool transmigrated ladies in the novels she had read! So bold, so cruel, so decisive, and so cunning! They have the traits that Le XiaoTing does not have!


Of course, the real reason for Xiao Hua’s happiness was her eyes finally get to be cured!


Xiao Hua was getting sick of being half blind!


That blindness makes her feel as if she’s in a half-dreaming state, with her vulnerable side exposed as she was not touching the reality.


Liu Chu Chu smiled at the shorter girl. “It just happens that Chu Chu has some medicine that could cure your eyes. This could be considered as you being lucky.”


Hearing the word ‘lucky’, Xiao Hua’s face suddenly went dark, filled with resentment. Her smile was obviously forced, as she spat out, “Lucky? Yes, Xiao Hua is lucky.”


The poor heroine, who had stepped onto Xiao Hua’s landmine unknowing, already had Xiao Hua dislike her a little. Even if Xiao Hua knows that the heroine did not know what she had said wrongly, she had already triggered her terrible mood. 


Heroine, are you mocking my fortune for able to transmigrate here? Just because you are happy does not mean this young lady is! (╬ Ò﹏Ó)


Liu Chu Chu took out a transparent test tube shaped bottle with clear colored liquid in it from her small white pouch with embroidery of red flowers on it.


“With a few drops of this medicine into your eyes, it will heal after ten seconds,” Liu Chu Chu explained. Then she turned towards the direction of the Emperor and Empress. “This medicine is personally brewed by me and it had cured a lot of patients with eye problems.”


Heroine, should you not explain that to Xiao Hua, the patient? They are not her parents ah!


“Which master did you learn from?” The Empress inquired.


“My teacher is a humble doctor, traveling around the world to help those in need. He goes by the name of Bai.”


“Bai?” The Emperor was shocked, and so does everyone. “You mean the Miracle Doctor Bai?”


“Chu Chu is not certain, Your Majesty. My teacher did not divulge his true identity to this student.”


Le XiaoTing, the reader, was the only one that knows without a doubt that the heroine was lying. The ‘medicine’ in her hand was not brewed by her, and she was not a student of this Great Legendary Doctor Bai. The heroine knows that she will need to explain where she learned her skills from, so she picked the doctor that was mysterious with a good reputation yet hard to meet.


As for the ‘medicine’, it was actually the water from her cheat item, the bracelet she was currently wearing on her right wrist. That bracelet was actually a space dimension. Inside it consists of a very wide land with rich spiritual energy as well as a pool with spring water that could heal any injuries. The spring water will refill itself after it was used.


It's a miraculous yet illogical existence. It only happens in novels, and maybe some other world that people do not know about.


The Emperor laughed happily and pounds his fist on the table a few times. “Who would have thought we would get to meet miracle doctor Bai’s student.”


“Your Majesty, we do not know if Lady Liu speaks the truth. There isn’t proof that could be verified if she is miracle doctor Bai’s student,” Grand Tutor spoke up grimly. His hold on the cup was tight, and it let out some cracking sound.


“Grand Tutor is right.” Crown Prince was always the first one to help in throwing mud on anything that got to do with the Second prince. “There are many that claimed themselves as Lord Bai’s student. Yet they were all proven to be liars.”


A reliable sidekick indeed~


Hilariously, there were some fujoshi fans that write fan fictions of the crown prince secretly loved the Second prince but being tsundere over it.


Liu Chu Chu stared at everyone confidently. “My skills are enough as a proof of being a good doctor.”


To the heroine, it does not matter if she was found out to be a fake. She could always say her master did indeed go by the name ‘Bai’, but she did not know anything more than that. She says her skills were her proof, but it was a proof of being a doctor, not as that miracle doctor’s student.


“Actually… it does not matter if Lady Liu is miracle doctor Bai’s student or not,” the Third prince speaks up. “What really matters is whether she can heal my little maid’s eyes or not.”


Hmm? Why does that somehow make sense to them?


Liu Chu Chu, who was slowly improving her own value but was suddenly cut off, suddenly feels awkward.


It was the Second prince that comes to the heroine’s rescue. “That’s right. It does not matter if Chu Chu is Lord Bai’s student or not. If Chu Chu is a great healer, it would benefit our Guilin Country.”


The Third prince smiled at Liu Chu Chu. “Please, my little maid can’t wait any longer.”


Xiao Hua blinked. Since when did she say she can’t wait anymore? But since this was what the Third prince wanted, Xiao Hua can fulfill this small thing!


Xiao Hua stared at the heroine eagerly. “Miss Liu, this servant believes in your ability to fix her eyes!”


So give her the genuine water, okay? Or else Xiao Hua will drown the heroine with her tears of depression! (ಥ﹏ಥ)


Hmm? Why does that sound evil somehow?


Liu Chu Chu stepped closer to Xiao Hua and removes the stopper of the test tube bottle. Xiao Hua inhaled with nervousness and something smells sweet.


Oh, the smell comes from the heroine!


“Tilt your head upwards and don’t blink your eyes.”


Xiao Hua obediently raises her head up before she notices there’s a problem. Le XiaoTing could hardly open her eyes to use eye drops! Even the contact lens would need almost an hour to put in! That’s why spectacles were her best friend, accompanying her for twenty-four hours a day!


As expected, Xiao Hua’s eyes keep blinking, already afraid of the impact before it could hit.


Sorry heroine, this is my mental problem!


It was after a few trial and errors that the Third prince decided to help after he secretly finishes laughing inwardly. With her eyes that could not be closed after the Third prince lightly tapped a spot on her face, the water easily dropped on her eyeballs.


“Leave it for 10 seconds,” Liu Chu Chu advised and keeps the test tube bottle away.


It’s nerve-wracking that she could not blink her eyes and not allowed to move. Luckily ten seconds passed quickly and the Third prince finally lets her eyes blink again. Xiao Hua gasped when she notices her vision slowly turning clearer.


“It succeeds?”


Xiao Hua turned to the Third prince with a joyful smile but it was quick to turn into an expression that’s similar to one that was stabbed unexpectedly.


So...so beautiful!!! This is the true high definition resolution! That smooth, soft and pearl white skin! The sexy phoenix eyes! The luscious and silky long black hair that lightly dance around the wind!


Xiao Hua wants to touch everything!


A charming laugh broke into Xiao Hua’s fog of desires. “Chu Chu is happy to cure this little maid’s eyes.”


Xiao Hua turned, with high expectation to see another ravishing beauty.


“Eh? Two-timer?”