7 – Inspection
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An enigmatic aura surrounds both parties, as Anne paces back and forth pondering, confused, also in a bit of awe.  The room engulfed in moonlight the portraits on the wall staring coldly at the human as if he should be put to death for being in this very room. Kosei, relieved from explaining his arrival contemplates and recounts all the events in his mind confused just as Anne. While the moonlight shines on his own face, frigid air seeps inwards in the building and into the room.


He's telling the truth... Anne ponders in a shocked expression.


"I'm sorry, I need a moment to think about this." Kosei nods as she continues pacing for a moment then stopping.


"Kosei." he sits up attentively. "I'd still like to proceed with the inspection... take off your clothes, now."


Kosei’s expression becomes dumbfounded "Eh?" he says blankly staring at her "w-wai-wait hold on! I can't do that!" 


"Why not? Are you hiding something from me?" She furrows her brow.


"No! I'm not! It's just that… it's embarrassing undressing in front of the girl I like" he says quietly flustered, twiddling his fingers. 


"You. are such an idiot…" she says "I just want you to take your shirt and pants off. So off with them already!" She says in an intimidating tone and so he does, a few minutes pass.


"Hmmm well I don't see anything weird on you…" She says poking his stomach.


way too close! Too close! I'm  going to lose my mind if she keeps this up! Kosei's face gets redder as his heart beats quickly. 


"Also stop making weird sounds when I touch you. It is unpleasant. for me." 


wait maybe I can... she'll get mad if I… but it's worth it. he thinks foolishly.


Kosei thinks as he grabs his phone then "A-Anne?" "huh wha-" as she looks up *Snap* sound echos and lingers in the room…


heh I did it... He smiles to himself uncaring of the consequences of his actions, as Anne clenches her fist against him and begins making a small flame and punches Kosei in the gut violently yelling some slang profanity, as he slumps to the floor writhing in pain he can only think one thing.




"Next time ask before you do it you idiot! Or next time I'll make sure you stay down there as a pile of ashes! I mean seriously, how bold can you be Kosei... Or maybe it's just stupidity... yeah it's the latter. huh what's this on his back?" 


Anne looks closer at his back as she kneels down and touches the faded imprints upon his back as Kosei flinches expecting another punch "Kosei what are these?" she says curiously. 


"huh what do you mean?"


"these imprints on your back they look faded and like... magic runes. wait a minute... You were hiding something from me you liar!" furrowing her brow she begins raising her hand.


"W-Wait I seriously don't know where they came from-" A loud slap echoes across the room and Kosei goes Flying to the wall hitting his head as he becomes unconscious.


"oops! I may have overdone it this time and it didn't look like he was lying. These are runes from our world... though why are they on his back? and who put them there? There’s definitely someone behind this..."


She grabs his phone off the ground. "Idiot..." Flustered, she takes a picture of the imprints on his back.


Since he showed how this works its pretty simple to understand how this works. It might be useful for him to see the imprints anyways. She thinks to herself. Anne sighs picking him up effortlessly like a twig and lays him on the seat and places his things next to him.


This is what you get for taking all those pictures of me. She thinks as she takes a picture of himself lying unconscious. she looks out the window briefly.


“It's already night... I guess I'll leave him a note for when he wakes up.” She spreads one of her cloaks over him and leaves. "hmm now what to do… my old acquaintances might know something about those runes i might contact them about this... no, actually knowing them they'll come over and end up dissecting Kosei’s body... I'll have to look somewhere else for answers or maybe a tome." She mutters to herself.


"Lady Anne! you're finally leaving for the day? you sure worked late today. did you need me to step into your office to clean up the ashes again?" Dianna says beaming with delight.


"No, Dianna from now on treat him as you would any guest in our town. I haven't decided what to do with him yet... that boy isn't from this world so as far as I'm concerned he's not associated with those bastards across the sea." Dianna has a shocked face.


 "b-but you know the townspeople won't treat him well you know and there's only so much I can do." Dianna says frantically.


"If it comes down to it I'll make a public statement as mayor but for now it should be okay. After all, this IS my town and all races of people are welcome here..." Anne responds.


"Well I don't know what you mean by from another world but if it is as the Mayor wishes I will follow them!" She smiles with a worried expression. "worry not Dianna he's harmless and an idiot, i don't feel he has an inkling of thought to harm us either." Anne says as she leads Dianna out of the entrance and locks up the building.


"get some rest now Dianna and I'll see you again tomorrow. Okay?" she says waving off Dianna. and Anne returns home taking off her clothes bathing herself thinking of the the events of a long day she goes to lie in her bed. "Idiot... don't say nice things like that to me. If you keep doing that I won't know what to do if I lose someone else I begin to care about..." She covers her eyes with her arm, blushing a bit, remembering all the things he said about her, unable to remember the last time she truly enjoyed herself, then suddenly her demeanor changes, thinking about how she lost the one she cared about the most in her entire life that she swore to protect. "Dear sister..." she lets out tears endlessly in a pained expression, curling up and slowly drifting to sleep.