Chapter 3: Alexa. Wait, the mission failed?
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Chapter 3: Alexa. Wait, the mission failed?

The target of the mission, which must fall into Max's hands, appears in front of the bar's door. She stands at a height not exceeding 166 cm, with golden hair cascading down to her backside and large breasts that you can knead like two soft balls.

She entered with two robust elderly men, one towering over 196 cm, resembling some kind of human giant with a massive hammer behind his back. Undoubtedly, that hammer could crush you with a single blow into a human paste, and his hair was very long and white due to old age.

The other man is smaller, barely 110 cm tall, appearing to be of a dwarven race. He sports luxurious armor, short white hair, and muscular arms. Even though he is short, you definitely wouldn't want him to strike you with that hand he has, or you'd be sent to your funeral in one fell swoop.

The only thing Max is relieved about is that they are neither cultivators nor wizards. Otherwise, he would have no way to defeat these two monsters with only the training manual he will obtain from his mission reward for bringing down the girl guarded like a pearl by two hellhounds protecting the treasure.

Of course, the strength of the Green Flower Gang doesn't solely rest on these two alone, as they are not even the main fighters in the gang. They are considered blacksmiths in the gang and are undoubtedly among the strongest blacksmiths that can be found in this village.

If you're wondering why Max let Josh accidentally spill the diluted potion on the girl, it's definitely because he didn't want to get punched by one of those two hellhounds.

Even if Max could become a wizard, he would not approach these two for a fight. Magic is only useful for long-range attacks, using some magical techniques to increase strength for a short moment, or employing other techniques. But once you are far enough away, no one can pass you.

This is, of course, assuming that Max only entered the first level of the first circle. Assuming that at least a third-level wizard in the first circle is afraid to approach them would raise questions about how the wizards could control the village or why cultivators are not stronger than the wizards and witches.

Now we can see Max watching Josh as he approaches the feared group here with the drink that must be poured on Alexa.

When he got close enough and tried to play clumsy and drop the drink on Alexa, the human giant jumped to protect the girl from the drink he almost spilled on her, and it spilled on him instead.

"Careful, you idiot, don't you know how to walk?" After the drink and the entire potion fell on the old man, he raised his fist, lifting him upward like a grown man lifting a small child.

"I-I'm sorry, S-Sir I didn't..." The giant man scared him so much that he forgot that the potion was a control potion.


“Ahhh, this idiot, if you want to do something, do it yourself. Fortunately, I brought an extra one with me for special cases.”

Max took a small bottle containing another undiluted potion, pointed it above Alexa, then threw it, swiftly grabbed an arrow, and shot it directly at the top of the ceiling in their direction.

Of course, the arrow hit the bottle before it fell, precisely in the desired area. Despite the two men being strong and the gang having formidable monsters, did you forget his morning conversation with the butcher about him being one of the best hunters? Isn't it? While he might not be considered the strongest physically, his hunting techniques and the fact that he is an archer who rarely misses his targets easily give him the right to be among the strongest.

Since everyone was focused on the quarrel, even the girl and the dwarf, no one noticed that someone had thrown a bottle and hit it with an arrow in the ceiling until the sound of glass breaking in the ceiling was heard, and the liquid fell on the girl and the dwarf, who were sitting close to each other.

Then, with a mental command, 'Bring the bartender to the eastern area of the forest,' Max disappeared from the bar as if he had never been there before.

Without paying attention to the potion falling from above or the arrow that hit the ceiling, the three went out, dragging Josh, who almost wet himself, but he remembered that the diluted potion was for controlling people.

“Hey, I order you to put me in now. Hey, I, your master, order you to put me in now.” Josh started shouting at the giant, but there was no response.

“Is he scared to the point of becoming crazy?”

"He's screaming at the Green Flower Gang member as if he's the leader. Do you think he hasn't gone crazy yet?"

"Woah! What bad luck he has!"

"I don't wish to be in his place."

"He is dead already."

The crowd started muttering among themselves in the bar; it seemed that people had found news to talk about for the coming days.


In the dark forest, Max is sitting on a high branch in a tree while the moonlight is hitting the opposite side of his place, with the three members of the gang present with the other person who was considered Max's friend.

"Welcome; I've been waiting for you.” Max emerged from the darkness.

"Max, what's going on? You told me that the potion will control the person it's poured on. Nothing happens." Josh poured out everything he had at once. If these people weren't under Max's control, it would have been a problem.

“Now don’t be afraid, Joshi; it’s just that the potion wouldn’t have worked for you; instead, it will only work for me.”

"You!! You fooled me!"

“Ohhhh, come on, don't be like that buddy; it's just a little prank.” Max snapped his fingers, and with an idea, he was controlling the giant man.

A frightened Josh was placed in front of Max.

Josh arranged his clothes and regained a little of his calm. "What exactly do you want, that you deceived me like that?"

"Oh, is that how you talk to your friend? To be honest, if you had done your job the right way, none of this would have happened. I would have controlled the girl to ask them not to hurt you and then make her do anything you wanted as if she were under your control, but now I've changed my mind."

"What do you want?"

“I need a specific key. I think you always carry it with you.”

Josh stepped backward so fast that he almost fell.

“Do you want to eliminate me, Max? Think carefully. You will need me.”

"Oh, come on, that's a strong word to use like that. I'm not a murderer. I just want the key. I'll make you lose your memories of the day with this potion I have. You won't remember who you gave the key to. This way, nothing will happen, and you won't get hurt." Max said it with a devious smile. "Or would you rather?" Max continued, "I silence you another way and take the key from your corpse."

“Here's the key; just give me the fucking potion.” Josh handed him the key, gritting his teeth and clenching his left fist hard.

“Hmm, clever, but you forgot something,” Max said. “You already gave me the bar and transferred ownership to me. If something happens, you can be the lead that leads them to me.”

“What, wait, Max, what are you talking about? I gave you the key; stop joking.”

"Kill him," Max interrupted. The two old monsters grabbed Josh.

Max didn't focus on Josh but simply put the key in his pocket.

“This key is somewhat important; we will discuss it later.”

After saying that, he focused his gaze on Alexa.

“As for you, come here.”

Alexa moved towards Max as he instructed her. After getting closer to him, the height difference between Max and Alexa became apparent. Max is 181 cm tall with black hair that reaches his shoulders.

Max groped her big breasts and then hugged her, touching her bouncy butt.

“Feels great, as I thought, but we'll leave that to enjoy later; I have other things to focus on.”

“Hmm, system, the girl is at my disposal now. Now I think the reward should actually arrive.”



Name: Max

Age: 21

Race: Human

Profession: Hunter

Magic Aura Level: Circle 0

Qi Level: Qi Realm Step 0

Main Mission: The First Invasion Mission (Take down the Green Flower Gang and make them your henchmen)

Mission status: Incomplete

The reward: ???

[Sub-mission: Invasion sub-mission (turn target Alexa into a "puppet or slave" in any way possible)]

[Mission status: completed]

[Reward: First Circle Magic Teaching Handbook]

[Attention: The reward has been placed in system storage]

"Open the storage."

[Storage: Magical Handbook "First Circle"]

"Hmm, now let's see what's in this booklet. I hope it doesn't disappoint me and doesn't contain something that makes me use magic even though it's not in my body."

Max took the booklet, which looked like a small notebook, bringing some uncertainty due to its size.

After Max opened it with some anger in his eyes because of its small size,

"Well, doesn't that sound fun, hahaha?"

"Well, doesn't that sound fun? buhahahahahahaha"


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