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'Oh, of course. That's my good intention.'

Hearing these words from Brother Louis from the shadows, I couldn't help but hide my surprise.

'How could that brother be so kind to a slave?"

The brother I know would never be kind to a slave.

He was an aristocrat of the highest order who put his family's status first.

He was not very kind to me, his younger brother, and treated me as his half-brother, a mere subordinate.

At first, he would have treated Raina as a slave.

He was not the kind of brother who would show sympathy.

However, I was somewhat relieved to see him showing kindness.

I felt that my brother did not have a human heart.

He is a person who has the heart to help others, just as he helped me.

He is a person who puts his family first, and he is a person who helps a slave.

I once again realised that.

'I knew that my lord is the best!'

Ars muttered in a small voice.

'Brother Louis, I have finished checking.

A few moments later, I step out in front of my older brother

Originally, I had separated from my brother in order to gather important evidence to oust the Marquis.

When I was about to go and report it, I heard Raina and her brother talking in a corner of the large garden and approached them.

'Well, well done.'

He turned to me as if the conversation we had just had had had nothing to do with it.

Raina-san looked a little confused.

'What does that mean?'

'Oh, you spoke up voluntarily.'

The brother replies to Raina's question.


'Well, it doesn't matter. I'm ready to crush him for now. Let's go."


The brother interrupts his words and starts to walk away. I followed him.

"What does it really mean?!"

The two ignored it and returned to the guest room.

"Did you bring him back?"

The Marquess Wooden greeted them in a disgustingly sweet voice.

He clearly had the appearance of a fat, bloated pig, and I almost chuckled when I saw his fat, buxom belly.

'Hmm? Who's the squire over there?'

The Marquess Wooden asks the brother about a question

I don't know what happened before my arrival, but I greet him anyway.

"I am Louis-sama's escort and squire, Ars."

"The Marquis Wooden is a very good man. The duke's family is also short of staff, eh?"

I didn't dare to say that he was my half-brother.

It's not as if he's going to say anything about it anyway.

'Well, that's not important. Give me the girl quickly."

The Marquess Wooden turns to the frightened Raina and smiles wryly.

'Why does he want her?' I don't ask.

As my brother's squire, I have to understand to some extent without being told.

I think to myself that he probably claimed that he had no proof and told her to send Raina-san in exchange for the trouble she had caused him.

Something was said there and Ms Raina ran away.

He is an utterly obnoxious aristocrat.

Trying to blackmail my brother, for example.

"Before that, Marquis. Take this."

Then it's time to fight back.

First of all, bring out the documents we prepared for him.

The documents contain evidence of the wrongdoings he has committed so far, his links with the slavers, etc.

"What is this?"

This document is based on our own investigation of your wrongdoings, Marquis. Furthermore, testimony from other nobles who are alleged to have been involved in the downfall of the Counts of Alderys by you. Testimony from slavers who said that you asked them not to sell Raina for more than a year. Others, including forged letters of insulation."

All of which have been investigated independently by the dukes.

'Now, there is no excuse, Mister Wooden.'

The brother approaches with a wry smile.

"Ah, yes. Ars, did you get the worm's testimony?'"

"Yes, my lord."

"Hey, what testimony!"

The Marquis looks surprised.

'I caught three of the men who attacked Louis' room last night. I had them confess until just now.'

Hearing the words, his face gradually whitens.

'Well, Marquis. You cannot escape.'