Chapter 58: Earth, Wind, and Fire
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As the Scion of Life, Yang Yang had the authority to choose his apostles the moment he awakened his grimoire. Apostles would possess aspects of the Life God’s power, or obtained the powerful spells hidden in the Life Essence Grimoire, to act as the most staunched supporters to the Scion of Life on his journey to godhood. 


The Jade Emissary would be responsible for healing and support by using the Water of the Jade Spring. It was a position that meant being in the second-in-command of the Overworld, and only equaled by other godly scions or the Gold Emissary. To be the Jade Emissary required a heart of compassion and careful selection by the Scion of Life. 


“Yes. If not you right now, I don’t know who else could be the Jade Emissary.” Although Yang Yang was unsure on the depth of the compassion in Yu Fei’er’s heart, he was at least certain that she was a person with outstanding virtues. Ignoring her particularity and perversions, Yu Fei’er was as beautiful in her heart as she was beautiful in her appearance, according to Yang Yang’s current knowledge. 


The girl in front of him took some time to think. Yu Fei’er smiled strangely, but fixed her expression to be gentle, yet, determined. “Yu Fei’er solemnly vow to follow Scion of Life Yang Yang through Heaven and Earth, brace against legions of fiends, and help bring truth to the all life.” 


Yang Yang nodded and bit his finger. He muttered a few syllables and a spell circle appeared on the top of his bloodied finger. A drop of red blood floated out and changed into a jade color. It was not the Blood of the Immortal, but still dense with life force. The jade-colored blood entered Yu Fei’er’s forehead like a water droplet into a puddle, casting ripples across her glabella. 


She shuttered and beams of jade-colored light radiated from her body. Her skin cracked and black substances forced itself out of her body. When the black substances surfaced to the air, they dissolved into nothingness. The black substances were the impurities inside her body, and the more that was removed, the greater the purity of her body and the better her innate magical aptitude. 


“AHHHHH!!!” Yu Fei’er clutched her head and screamed. Her face twisted strangely. Yang Yang could not help, but be slightly anxious. He had never selected a Jade Emissary before, so he had no idea how the process would be. 


“Is it suppose to be that painful?” Yang Yang was not the only person to thought this as the Bone Squad stared at their imminent superior screaming at the top of her lungs. They shuttered as well and turned their gaze away. The trio repeated prayers in their heart. 


Although, they had no idea that Yu Fei’er wasn’t screaming with agony, but rather, pleasure. She thought to herself, “What the hell is going on with this body!? It hurts so much, but I’m feeling so good!” 


Half an hour had passed, but impurities were still being expelled from Yu Fei’er. By now, her screaming had stopped and she bit onto her sleeve to ease the painful pleasure. 


Yang Yang furrowed his brows. “Senior Sister Yu, this process had been going on for too long. I rather accelerate this process for you instead of letting you experience a slow torture.” 


A stream of life force, enhanced with faithful power, slithered toward her like a snake. Yu Fei’er had thought that she had kept her emotions in check, but when she heard Yang Yang’s words and saw the stream of energies rushing toward her, she let go of her sleeve and yelled out, “No, stop! I really don-”


Unfortunately, it was too late. When the stream of energies entered her, she unleashed a high-pitched scream as thousands of shocks traveled throughout her body and caused it to vibrate. Her legs spasmed and her eyes rolled back before she collapsed onto the floor. By now, every impurity had been cleansed from her body and a jade-colored lotus mark had appeared on her glabella, adding an extra nuance of charm to her beauty. 


Yu Fei’er fainted with a silly smile on her face and drool flowed out of her mouth. Yang Yang did not see the mess she was creating and took out a blanket to cover her instead. His expression was solemn, but relieved since he could tell that Yu Fei’er had successfully became the Jade Emissary with the appearance of the jade-colored lotus mark. 


He pointed at the Bone Squad and gestured them forward. They gulped, but complied. “We of the Bone Squad solemnly vow to follow Scion of Life Yang Yang through Heaven and Earth, brace against legions of fiends, and help bring truth to the world.” 


“Since all of you have necromantic grimoires, none of you qualify to be my right hand, the Gold Emissary, but you do qualify to take positions as my Three Guardian Kings, the lords of the legion of life angels.” Yang Yang opened his right palm, and three lights of earthen yellow, windy green, and fiery red. “These are elemental essences of earth, wind, and fire. Bone One, step forward!” 


“Yes, sir!” Bone One kneeled and bowed his head. The earthen yellow light entered his body, expelled his impurities, and a mountain-like mark appeared on his glabella. Yang Yang said, “As the leader of the Three Guardian Kings, you must be as a sturdy as a mountain and with a heart that reaches the sky while being connected to the world. You would make the most excellent of teachers or commanders, becoming the Earth-Walking Guardian King. Once you become a Wisdom King, your grimoire will evolve into something holier and obtain affinity with Earth Magic. Now, Bone Two, step forward.” 


“Yes, sir.” Bone Two copied Bone One’s actions. The windy green light entered his body, dissolved his impurities, and a cloud-like mark appeared on his glabella. Yang Yang then said, “You are silent and proud, but righteous. Your presence is as formless as the wind, and your heart is high as the clouds. You would make the perfect stealth specialist, becoming the Cloud-Calling Guardian King. Once you become a Wisdom King, your grimoire will also evolve into something holier and obtain affinity with Wind Magic. Lastly, Bone Three, step forward.” 


Bone Three repeated the same movements as his friends. Yang Yang nodded. “You are the youngest of the trio, and the most daring. I can see that you have neither a righteous heart or a wicked one, but you are passionate and fair. You would be a great magistrate, someone to enact judgement in my name, and become the Hell-Scorching Guardian King. For that, you will gain affinity to Fire Magic and evolve your grimoire when you become a Wisdom King.” 


The fiery red light entered Bone Three, but he did not immediately assimilate it. Rather, the fiery red light fixated on him as though it was unsure of actually wanting to merge with him. Extreme amounts of impurities were purged from him, but it flowed out excessively like with Yu Fei’er. Bone Three felt a burning sensation in his chest and hunched his back. Yang Yang, Bone One, and Bone Two watched with confusion. 


Unknown to them, a darkness emerged from an obsidian pendant on Bone Three’s neck. The fiery red light was suppressed and forcibly merged with Bone Three. When he raised his head, it was dripping with sweat, but a flame-like mark had appeared on his glabella like the mark of the other apostles. 


Yang Yang nodded his head again. Although being the Guardian Kings did not grant them as many benefits as being an emissary, it gave them a chance to reach far greater heights in magic. "All of you should prepare whatever you can in three days. I am unsure how long we will be going for. Be sure to accompany your family."


He picked up Yu Fei'er and brought her back to her mansion. Three days later, after saying his goodbyes to Princess Jasmine, Yang Yang and his apostles left the royal institute to the Lamp Province in the north. Unknown to them, a tiny humanoid figure with tiny wings covered in red light was flying behind them. 


Despite the numerous detection wards on the entire campus, none could even pick up on the fairy-like entity's presence. It was as if the red fairy did not exist in the same dimension. Of course, it would not even matter since the red fairy flew so fast that went beyond a hundred times the speed of sound. If the detection wards did pick up on it, they would detect the massive rage the red fairy carried, as if the full fury of hell was on its back.