Chapter 59: Mission: Blessed-Life
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The Lamp Province, ruled by the House of Lamp, was one of the ten most prosperous provinces in the Ivory Continent. That was because it was the closest province to the Pearl Continent, and merchants from the Pearl Continent would usually or always anchored in the province's ports. The sea region between the Pearl Continent in the north and the Ivory Continent in the east was extremely foggy, dark, dangerous, and cold.


The Dawn Sea had an anomalous ability that prevented anything from flying above the water, as if the natural law of flying was strictly prohibited by it. In truth, it greatly suppressed the use of magical power so only extremely powerful magi could possibly negate the effects. Combined with the natural harsh climate, the sea region was extremely hostile to anyone who dared traveled through it. However, the House of Lamp cultivated magics that involved light and heat to live in the harsh environment so the waters that directly led to the Lamp Province were easier and warmer to traverse through than the waterways to the other northern provinces. 


This monopolization of the waterway between the Pearl and Ivory Continents naturally made the Lamp Province incredibly rich, and one of the most populated locations in the region despite the temperature and conditions. It seemed obvious that the Hated Blood Curse would easily spread here, considering the density of people and the international transactions that occurred. The waterway between the Ivory Continent and the Pearl Continent had closed down, and the entire northern region was suffering greatly. 


Yang Yang stared at his message talisman and read through the information Chancellor Dugu gave him. The world-tier warship was currently warping through a spatial wormhole from two teleportation spell formations. If Yang Yang was just a regular legacy student taking up a golden-merit mission, access to teleportation spell formations would not have been given to him by the 108 Noble Houses in their respective province. However, he was an Life Magic magus. 


The 108 Noble Houses were all prepared for his arrival. He first traveled to the closest province to the Ivory Royal Institute, knocked on the gates of the Noble House, and then jumped into a teleportation spell formation to the closest province again. All of the 108 Noble Houses had teleportation spell formations in their capital that connected to adjacent provinces for emergency situations. 


So far, it had been a week since he left the royal institute and this would be the last wormhole he had to go through. The others had stayed in their cabins to cultivate their magical power while Yang Yang stayed in his cabin to theorize on a cure. Of course, until he actually witness the Hated Blood Curse up close again, there would be no way for him to tell if he would create an adequate cure with the materials he had purchased. 


Yang Yang felt the warship stopped and the fluctuation of space. He stood up and walked out to the deck. "Everyone, come out. It’s time to make our Blessed Life Church’s debut." 




In the capital of Lamp Province, the House of Lamp’s core members were all gathered around a massive teleportation spell formation. The group mainly consisted of talented youths, medical professionals, Wisdom King elders, and even the Heavenly Deva house lord, Deng Shihao.  


House Lord Deng was a miserly old man who wore a white fur coat with jewelries of pearls, crystals, and ivory that made him seem to shine in seven colors. His aura and demeanor would define him as a scholarly gentleman, but his flamboyant clothing showed off his affluence. Even though he was a Heavenly Deva, he was more of a merchant than a magus, more toward academia than fighting. 


Usually, the old man would be very peaceful and easygoing since business would go well most of the time for his House of Lamp. However, since the Hated Blood Curse outbreak six months ago, House Lord Deng had been ill-tempered and easily irritable. There were no small number of broken items and buildings caused by the house lord. Fortunately, House Lord Deng was much more jubilant today. 


Huddled in the back of the crowd were a group of youth from the House of Lamp. These young men and women represented the future generation of the House of Lamp’s upper echelon. 


“Aiyah! The old House Lord has been going back and forth in places lately. It’s good to see him back to slightly normal.” 


“Indeed. The House Lord has been going on an rampage everyday for six months now. I wonder who is coming for the House Lord to be so neat and proper today?” 


“Eldest Brother Shiyi, do you know?” 


Among the youth was a young man in white fur clothing, like House Lord Deng, but he did not wear any jewelry or ornament beside an interspatial ring. He was a head taller than the other youths, and had no hair, but was very proper looking and handsome as if he was a monk. As the target of the questions by the group, it was evident that this person had a very high status among the youth. 


“The day before yesterday,” Deng Shiyi said, “Grandfather told me that a Life Magic magus was coming from the royal province. More specifically, this person is a student from the Ivory Royal Institute.”


The group of youth let out voices of discontent. Deng Shiyi smiled. “The other Life Magic magi are occupied so this the best we can get. Moreover, although this person is a student, Grandfather told me that this person achieved the Manifest Aspect level at eighteen years old and is the youngest senior researcher at the Department of Medicine and Health. From what Grandfather was told by the royal institute’s chancellor, this person is extremely competent. All of you should be in your best behavior. He may be young, but this person is still a professional. At very least, he’s much better than any of us are right now.” 


Like a true elder brother, Deng Shiyi’s words of wisdom quelled the discontent of the group. They sighed or nodded, and then they returned their gaze to the teleportation spell formation that was glowing with intense, multi-colored lights. It was as if the star had descended from the sky and blasted its light right into their faces. 


A massive wormhole appeared and the light materialized into a giant warship, along with the chiming of bells and hymns of holiness. When the light faded, a jade-golden warship had appeared with two white wings flapping on the side. Like an angel, the warship gracefully landed and several people emerged from the deck. 


House Lord Deng floated upward and the core members followed him how ever they could. They all clasped their hands and greeted. “Welcome to the Lamp Province, friends from the royal province. We are honored by your arrival and grateful for your assistance.” 


On the deck, a young man with a dignified expression and magnificent green eyes scanned the crowd. “Hello, friends from the Lamp Province. It is our honor to be here as well. Now then, let's get down to business. Show me the first follo- uh, patient.” 


A wise person never let a serious crisis go to waste. Thus began the secret plan Yang Yang’s concocted while aiming to cure the Hated Blood Curse, Mission: Blessed-Life.